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Last week, I mentioned that I am going to see Collective Soul this Saturday…Yaiii \(^_^)/ and I also mentioned that I have an old post about their Live DVD called Home, I wrote it 7 years ago (Yes, I have been blogging for ages) but it was in my Native Language, Bahasa Indonesia. I am going to translate it with some additional words and share it again as a warm up for the upcoming concert review…one I will see with my own two eyes 🙂

Collective Soul are Ed Rolland on Vocal, Joel Kosche on lead guitar, Dean Rolland (Ed’s little brother) on rhytm guitar, Will Turpin on bass and backing vocal and Ryan Hoyle on drum (but it seem that the drummer had been changed)

Collective Soul is a band from the early 90s. Not many people know them now, but back them many teenagers loved them…I was one of them. However, I don’t know much about this band, I like their music but I don’t really follow their career. Back in 2006, I saw their live DVD and I bought it straight away.

Here’s my review of the concert in that DVD 🙂

The DVD was released on February 2006, it was a concert held in their home town, Atlanta, on April 2005. It was a sold out 2 day concert. They asked Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra which is an orchestra of high school students. They practiced for the concert for about a month but they rehearsed with the band two days before the concert. There were over 120 kids with a conductor named Jere Flynt.

Mixing rock music with orchestra is always a great thing. It adds the depth of rock music. The kids were brilliant. However, I sort of wish that the band played acoustic, it will sound much deeper with the string.

Fortunately, someone had uploaded the video, so I don’t have to write much…you just watch them here or on the link I put next to the songs 🙂

They played 20 songs. They began their LIVE performance with Counting The Days. They continued with Listen (video), one of my favorite songs from CS. “Why can’t you listen, why can’t you hear, why can’t you listen…love speaks everywhere“. Ed picked up his guitar to play the next two songs, December (video) and Compliment (video). Precious Declaration (video) came next, I like seeing Ed moved around following the beat. he was so energetic.

Their sixth song was a ballad called Needs (video) Ed did a lot of falsetto here. The stage was once again heated with Heavy(video), I really like the way Ed moved around and the lighting seemed to agree with him. I also like the string…it fit well with the song…it made an already great song sounds better. And then they played the song I REALLY REALLY want to see them play it in Jakarta on June 22 🙂 .. it was RUN. The string made the song even more beautiful.

From one ballad to another ballad…I love it! They sang The World I Know (video)…I love this song. I also hope they will play it in Jakarta. A beautiful song with beautiful lyric

Has our conscience shown?
Has the sweet breeze blown?
Has all the kindness gone?
Hope still lingers on.
I drink myself of new found pity
Sitting alone in New York City
And I don’t know why.

After they finished The World I know, the band went back stage and four kids which consist of three violist and one cellist moved to the middle of the stage and played Pretty Donna (video) beautifully. Ed, without the rest of the band, walked back to the stage and sang a song called Youth with only the cellist. Ed said that he never thought that that song would sound so beautiful, the kids made the song beautiful.

The next song was a song dedicated to Ed and Dean’s father, Eddie Rolland who had passed away in 2004. The song was called Crown (video). I like the lyric, it reminded me of my father every time I hear the song. We could see deep emotion from Ed’s face.

Who’s gonna be my partner
Now that I stand here alone?
And who’s gonna be the shepherd
To lead this poor boy back home?
Well I hope I’m not lost
But I think that hope is now distancing
And the words that secure a cause
Are now faint whisperings

Next songs were Under Heavens Skies (video) and She Said. Home (video) which became the title of the DVD was next and it was delivered in a very energetic performance. Gel (video) and How Do You Love (video) came next. Gel was one of their big hit in my teen.

Their new song (well new at that time) called Better Now was a very fun song. The kids were clapping and singing along. I love seeing the atmosphere of this song. It showed that they were having such a great time.

A song for Ed’s son called Satellite (video) was sang before they closed the concert with one of their big hits, Shine (video).

Overall…it was an great concert (and I have seen it countless time)


I can’t wait to see what they will sing on June 22, 2013…I get all excited just rewriting this review…three more days and I will sing along with them in the biggest rock festival in Indonesia 🙂

Note: Thank you kabc4 for the upload.


    1. They did…I was also amazed when I first saw it. There’s also behind the stage extra…some of those kids missed their senior prom just to be there and they said the concert worth more than the prom.

    1. Same here 🙂
      I am also not a fan but I love their music. I didn’t even know that one of the member had changed till recently.

    1. I had marvelous time 🙂
      The concert made me want to see them again. I am going to sleep now and then write about their wonderful performance 🙂

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