Saturday Story: Her Homey Cafe (For FTP & Writing Prompt)

Creative Writing Prompt Image
Creative Writing Prompt Image

Karen loved her café. Her grandma had made it so comfy, it felt like a warm old kitchen. Her modern mom wanted to change this place into a fancy restaurant where people can buy expensive small dishes. She fought hard to keep it as her grandma had left it.

“You see how empty this place looks like,” she used to say, “What people want to eat in a place without a single Tablecloth”. Karen thought that the marble pattern looked better than any tablecloths. And it was not always empty, the regular always came back with smile on their face.

Total: 100 words for Tablecloth (100)

This is my third Flash for for Flash in The Pan hosted by Red @ M3~Where Everything Matters

This is also my first story (in ages) for Creative Writing Prompt at Creative Writing Ink. (See the image above)

Any given corrections on grammar and critics on the story are more than welcome. Do share them in the comment :)

I have great news to share 🙂

The third book of Flash In The Pan collection is now up for grab. Redmund Pro has published it and it’s available in kindle, epub and pdf. And I really love the cover 😉

Click on the cover to buy it :)
Click on the cover to buy it 🙂



  1. I like this. I can see the place. Interesting that she feels closer to the grandma than the mum.
    It feesl more like the beginning of a story than a story though.

    1. Thank you 🙂
      I am closer to my mom but i often see people who are closer to their grandma and I think that’s also a cool thing.

      I know…I was going to write something else but the words limit stopped me 😦

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