Saturday Story: Satsuma Battleship (For FTP)

When Jack came home, he saw a basket full of satsumas. His mother was busy preparing for dinner. He took three satsumas and some forks. He jabbed three forks to each satsuma.

Suddenly, Three alien machines were circling around him, he had no way to run. He tried to shoot them with his conventional weapon. The big machine easily dodged the bullet and started firing him with laser beam. He hid behind a rock and started shooting again. One of his bullets hit one of the smaller machines. He tried to open it and thinking he could use it to fight back.

“What are you doing? Stop turning everything to alienship from that book! You’re too obsessed with that War World alien book!” His mom ruined his imagination, “Now eat that Satsuma!”

“Yes, Mom,” He peeled the Satsuma and grumbled, “It’s The War of the Worlds not War World Alien.”

Total: 150; Word: Fork (150 words)

Another flash for Flash in The Pan hosted by Red @ M3~Where Everything Matters

The inspiration came from this image on deviantart:


Any given corrections on grammar and critics on the story are more than welcome. Do share them in the comment 🙂

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