Doctor Who Series 6 (2011)

Time for another Doctor Who review 😉

I have mentioned in my Doctor Who series 5 review that Matt Smith is my least favorite Doctor and I am not that keen of his impersonation of the Doctor…however, I am glad I stay with him (meaning I didn’t ditch Doctor Who because the new Doctor was less interesting than the previous one)…I am glad because Matt Smith’s version of The Doctor has finally got into me 😉

I think one of the reasons I couldn’t warm up to Smith in series 5 was because series 5 was a bit of a letdown. After the amazing series 4, series 5 felt so plain. FORTUNATELY, series 6 was a knock out! I love all the episodes and it’s far more interesting than series 5. Each episode made me accept the quirky Doctor more and more.

Although I am still going to say that Tennant is my favorite Doctor, but I am beginning to enjoy Smith’s version of The Doctor 🙂 I am also warming up to the Doctor’s companions, Amy and Rory…mostly Rory. River Song also pops up occasionally.

Series 6 had 13 fascinating stories that completely glued me to the television set. I finished them all in 3 days, I could have finished them all in one day if I had a 13 hour free time. They were a series of amazing journey. I was all pumped up again 🙂 The feeling was just like when I enjoyed all the episodes from series 1 with the ninth Doctor to series 4 with the tenth Doctor.

The Impossible Astronaut and Day of The Moon. The series began with a double episode which reminded me so much of The X Files (yippi). The Doctor invited Amy, Rory and River Song to a certain place in USA. An astronaut suddenly showed up from the lake and shot the Doctor…yes, the series began with the death of the Doctor. Quite an opening, don’t you think?

But then the Doctor, 2000 years from the past, came because the Doctor from the future invited him too. Together they went to 1969 where President Nixon kept getting a phone call from a little asking for help. They must fight against the creature that had lived on earth far longer than us – human. They must fight The Silence, an alien breed who could make people forget their existence the second they look away. They had to play serious trick to beat the silence.

…and may say, I finally see charisma coming from the quirky Doctor 😉

The Curse of The Black Spot. The three of them landed on a pirate ship, a cursed one. When a crew got injured, even a small cut, the crew would be marked by a black spot on his palm. A green woman suddenly rose up from the sea and took the marked person. They called her The Siren. Unfortunately, Rory was marked too.

The Doctor’s Wife. This is a special episode as it is written by the famous Neil Gaiman. I have heard so much about him and had been meaning to read his book, and seeing this episode made me more eager to read his book (unfortunately, I went to a bookstore yesterday and it didn’t sell any Gaiman’s books…I will look it up again next month). They arrived on strange planet because the TARDIS suddenly turned off. The TARDIS had moved to a human body and something else took over the TARDIS.

The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People. This time, they landed on an island full of acid. A group of human is mining the acid. Because of the dangerous acid, they created doppelgangers to mine the acid. The gangers were made of material called Flesh. A solar wave storm caused the gangers to rebel against the real human. It even duplicated the Doctor. It turned into a small war of existence between the flesh and the human.

A Good Man Goes To War. I can’t summarize this episode because it would give TOO much spoilers. But I can say that this is the episode where the Doctor used all his acquaintances to help him save someone and this is where the mystery of Professor River Song was finally revealed.

Let’s Kill Hitler. This is another episode I can’t say much…as Professor River Song would say “Spoilers!

Night Terrors. This is another episode with X Files vibes. A little boy was terrible scared with a monster in his room, his fright was strong enough to send a message to the Doctor.

The Girl Who Waited. This is the first time I realized that the Doctor has longer coat now…I honestly think he looks better in his new coat 😉 This episode is the sweetest in the series. It showed how much Amy loved Rory. All this time we had seen how Rory loved Amy so much, it’s nice to finally see Amy’s feeling. Amy was trapped in a different time line and when Rory and the Doctor came to save her, they came decades later and Amy had turned old.

All those boys chasing me, there was only ever Rory…Rory is the most beautiful man I’ve ever met.”

The God Complex. Nice to see an intelligent Muslim woman in a western series 🙂 They came to a hotel looked exactly like a human hotel…but something was wrong with the hotel. People were seeing their worst nightmare in certain room. They ran into 4 other people in the hotel, one of them was a female doctor who instantly captured the Doctor’s attention for her smart deduction…I sort of wish she becomes a temporary companion, too bad it didn’t happen. Anyway, creature in the hotel was killing them one by one.

Closing Time. The Doctor has left Amy and Rory and now traveling alone. He stopped at Craig’s house (Greg was the Doctor’s flat mate in series 5). Together with Craig they tried to solve the cause of the missing people in the mall and the unstable electricity because something was stealing the power. The funny part of this episode is when someone thought that the Doctor and Craig were partners with a baby.

The Wedding of River Song. And another episode better left unshared. This episode has strong connection with the first episode of the series. Remember, the Doctor died in the first episode!

Series 6 is brilliant!! Enough said! I really love this wonderful come back from the weak series 5. Can’t wait for series 7 to finish so I can start watching it within 3 days 😉


I am so thrilled that my favorite Doctor…the tenth Doctor will be in Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special … yaaaaiiii \(^_^)/

BBC is planning to play the special in theatres across the world!! Unfortunately I suspected the across the world term is not for my country as no TV channel shows Doctor Who 😦

…but, I still keep my hope because if somehow the British Council decides to advertise their greatest TV series to the people of Indonesia who had been blinded for so long, about the existence of this amazing sci-fi series, then maybe there will be at least one theatre playing it…and if so, I will hunt it down no matter what!!

This Doctor Who special is by far my most anticipated viewing of 2013!!! The tenth and Rose are coming back fighting alien alongside the eleventhhow can I NOT be excited?

I wish Captain Jack can be in it too…but at least there will be the Tenth and Rose 🙂

They have started filming !

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  1. Out of the new doctors Nine was my favorite, closely followed by Ten. The Eleventh doctor is okay (and Amy and Rory are two of my favorite companions ever), but he still just seems so … very … YOUNG! 😀

    1. I also like nine, my second favorite after tenth. My favorite companion is still Donna.
      You know, even though eleventh is younger than tenth, somehow his face doesn’t match…it seems that tenth is younger than eleventh 😉

  2. Seriously, season 6. I still haven’t watched the 1st one. I need three more days a week to catch up on reading, tv shows, and movies.

    1. Series 7 is on air every Saturday night if you are planning to see it. There will be another episode written by Neil Gaiman. I look forward to that one 🙂

      1. I have a feeling I should watch them from the beginning. That’s one of my problems, I like to do things in order and I hear about a series when they are in the midst of the 2 or 3 season. I do love Gaiman. Just finished his novel Stardust.

        1. You can at least check whether you will like it or not through one of the episode. Doctor Who doesn’t require us to watch it from the beginning….I mean the beginning is after all in 1963 😉
          There are a line connecting all the episodes in one series but the line doesn’t always appear, so it’s pretty safe to watch it from any episode. Gaiman’s episode was the second last, last Saturday was the 9th episode, Gaiman’s will be on 11 or 12.

          I tried looking up for his book last week and didn’t find it 😦 so I bought Stephen King’s 11/22/62. Will look for Gaiman’s book again next month.

  3. Hahaha!! I knew that Matt Smith would grow on you Novia, he isn’t like David Tennant, but he does have a charm all his own. 😉
    I’m excited too that the 50th anniversary special is coming too, although we here in the US haven’t heard any of the official details yet. Soon though, I hope….

    1. He sure isn’t like Tennant 😉 I don’t want any next Doctor to be like Tennant because I want it to be his signature. Matt and his quirkiness is quite fun too (tho I still like nine a bit more than him)

      It would make me incredibly happy if Jack is also in it 😉 I really love his character. I think after series 7 is over, I am going to write my top 5 nuDoctor companion.

  4. This was a really good series. The quality can swing between good and bad so much but a lot of the episodes were good in this series. My favourites were The Doctor’s Wife, The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People. They had great concepts and were executed brilliantly. There were great monsters in this series as well.

    The episode screened this Saturday was a really good one.

    I think they were filming that 50th anniversary episode at my work place last week Monday. I was busy in an office and so I missed seeing Matt Smith.

    1. Agree! This is a great come back, I mean series 5 was not that good and series 6 make it all better again. I didn’t mention my favorite episode because I like almost all of them. The Doctor’s wife was really interesting.

      I haven’t seen any episode from series 7 because I don’t want to wait in agony for the next week to watch it 😉
      I will wait patiently till the series is over and then watch them all like 3 0r 4 episodes in one day.

      What??? lucky you! I would have made excuse if I were you 😉 … of course I want to see Tennant more.

    1. I guess I will stick with Doctor Who for a long time 😉
      They have amazing writers. So far, I have seen six series and still craving for more, even my number one favorite TV series, The X Files, had gone stale after 7 series (especially when they changed Mulder)

  5. Guess what Nov, this weekend I actually watched a couple of eps of Doctor Who!! My hubby has been curious about it for a while and so have I. We actually saw one episode with Christopher Eccleston but I’m not too fond of him. I must say Tennant is my favorite Doctor too, even though I haven’t seen the new guy yet, only from commercials. He’s just sooo funny and cute. I don’t mind watching more, I’m especially curious to see Timothy Dalton in the final eps with Tennant, he..he.. Btw, the episode I saw was The Girl in the Fireplace and it happens to star Sophia Myles whom I like very much. I wish she had a recurring role in that show.

    1. Yaaaaiiii \(^_^)/

      I watched my first Doctor Who also because of curiosity and I loved it straight away, maybe because I love sci-fi and witty TVseries.
      I like Eccleston because he is a cool Doctor…but yeah, Tennant is the best. He still has hos bad side that needs to be controlled…not all around good guy.
      That’s the Madam Pompadour episode, I don’t think she will ever show up again as she is a figure in history and when the Doctor came again, she was already dead. You should watch Blink, Carey Mulligan was in it and it was a great episode.

      1. Oh yeah I will watch more of Tennant’s episodes of Dr Who, though we’re not watching ’em in order, ahah. Oooh I LOVE Carey Mulligan, will definitely watch that one. Btw, Tennant is Scottish I think, I guess I’ve always had a thing for Scots 😉

        1. Be careful…some episodes link to each other, kinda like the big theme of the series.
          Blink has a very interesting story, Mulligan plays bigger part than the Doctor himself.

          Yup! He is Scottish 🙂 love his real accent. His latest TV series, he uses his real accent. This week is the final episode, will watch it once it is over and of course will review it too 😉

          1. What’s his latest series? I’ve been wondering what else he’s been in. If it’s on Netflix I might give it a shot.

            Yeah the accent is part of the appeal for Scots 😉

          2. Broadchurch, it’s a 7 episode detective series. He has a thin beard there…looks very sexy 😉
            But I haven’t seen it yet because I hate waiting for a week to see what happen next…I collect them all first.

          3. Oooh, I like the sound of that. I think he’s too boyish looking so a bit of rugged beard will help. I’ll see if it’s available on Netflix or online somewhere. Thanks Nov!

  6. This is a wonderful review of Doctor Who Miss. Novia, you know, it is really interesting how the current Doctor Who actually enjoys the part he plays and wishes to carry on with it, I think that some of the earlier ones were glad to get away from the character, but no idea why as it is an iconic role for sure 🙂 Have a very nice rest of Tuesday and an even better Wednesday 🙂 xxxx

    1. Thank you Andro 🙂 I just have to say that your country has soooo many amazing TVseries both the comedy and the serious one.
      I didn’t know Matt likes the character so much, this is the first time I ever heard it. Maybe he will be the next Tom Baker. I read that Baker played it for 7 years. Smith is still young so he can play the Doctor for a long time, I don’t mind s I am beginning to like him more and more through each series.
      Have a nice week to you too dear friend 🙂

  7. Love this post, Novia! Great stuff here. The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People were among my favorite episodes. I also loved A Good Man Goes to War and The Girl Who Waited, but they were so heartbreaking!

    As you may know, I am also a huge Tennant fan, and Rory is — and always will be — my all-time favorite companion. It took me a while to warm up to Matt Smith and his quirky man-child persona, but I finally did. I always liked Eccleston’s somewhat more mature, edgy portrayal, and I think he’s vastly underrated. I mean he’s not David Tennant, but he’s still awesome.

    I am not Muslim, but I was also very pleased at the portrayal of a strong, intelligent Muslim woman in a Western series. Sadly, in my part of the world, people’s understanding of Islamic culture (particularly Muslim women) is so narrow. My husband and I really liked her character and were disappointed that they let her die right away. We’d hoped she’d be a recurring character and be developed further. We both thought she would’ve made a great companion.

    1. Thank you Steph 🙂
      There are just too many episodes I like here, they all have special kind of something, perhaps the one that I least like is Let’s Kill Hitler.

      I completely agree with you! Eccleston is so underrated, maybe because he was only there for 1 series, I wonder why he left after just 1 series…I really like his style.

      I know…I wish they show more intelligent Muslim women, they often assumed that the way we dressed made us unable to learn as high as we can. I think it’s also because of the media often shared women in countries like Afghanistan where they don’t allow women to study.
      I am so glad you think the same, when I saw her and how the Doctor likes her so much, I thought ‘oh, she could be a good companion’…I was a bit disappointed that that didn’t happen.

      1. Let’s Kill Hitler was my least favorite too. After the heartbreak of losing their baby, having Amy and Rory reunited with Mels (“you got to raise me after all”) seemed so inadequate. And the story was so unfocused, as if the scriptwriter just jumped from one thought to another without tying it all together. I was really disappointed. It was a great season, though! And there were some great moments in that episode. The flashback where Amy assumed Rory was gay cracked me up.

        You made some very perceptive points about Western attitudes toward Muslim women. To make matters worse, I find it heartbreaking that there is so much prejudice toward Muslim people here in the U.S. right now. I do believe things will get better. With all the technology available today, I am very hopeful that people will become more knowledgeable about beliefs and cultures different from their own.

        1. Yeah, it’s like the writer was trying to force things up, trying to make them feel like they weren’t separated after all but it didn’t feel right. And I also think that Mels character was too made up, she didn’t feel real at all. However, I also love that Rory is a gay scene 🙂

          Thank you for being so open minded, Steph 🙂
          I think the prejudice comes from the fact that the middle east countries are always having so much problems and people start judging that the religion IS the problem…and we all know that media loves reporting war than peace, so most people only know the Muslim at war and neglect the fact that there are still many Muslim countries living at peace (like Indonesia, we’re not Muslim country but the majority is Muslim). Same as you, I also hope technology will help people to understand more about other cultures and beliefs, so far I am glad that no one in blogosphere showing any prejudice at me 🙂

    1. Oh…I LOVE IT!! Everytime I see Doctor Who, I always thought ‘where have I been all this time’ I wish I have seen the show since I was a kid.

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