Saturday Story : A Bet (For FTP)

“Here you go!”

“What the …?”

“You lost, remember?”

“I know! But, Come on, Hon!”

“It’s your bet. Here’s the wine to help you swallow it.”

“Fine! Give me that!” The crunching sound of the fried grasshopper in his mouth makes him want to puke. He regrets challenging his wife.

Total: 50 words.

The Flash In The Pan hosted by Red @ M3 has started again 🙂

The word I am using is Wine for 50 words…and I got it exactly 50 😉


Did you notice the word Saturday Story on the tittle? Well, it seems that I have been lacking in writing and my creative side has gone rather dull…so I make a pledge to write something every Saturday.

My writing will be:

It’s been a while since I wrote my short based on pictures on Creative Writing Ink and I have been meaning to write my series of Aqeela and Me (the draft is in my head) and I only wrote 3 flashes last quarter.

I hope by doing this, the lazy me will be gone 😉

Quote for Death Note:


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