Saturday Story : A Bet (For FTP)

“Here you go!”

“What the …?”

“You lost, remember?”

“I know! But, Come on, Hon!”

“It’s your bet. Here’s the wine to help you swallow it.”

“Fine! Give me that!” The crunching sound of the fried grasshopper in his mouth makes him want to puke. He regrets challenging his wife.

Total: 50 words.

The Flash In The Pan hosted by Red @ M3 has started again 🙂

The word I am using is Wine for 50 words…and I got it exactly 50 😉


Did you notice the word Saturday Story on the tittle? Well, it seems that I have been lacking in writing and my creative side has gone rather dull…so I make a pledge to write something every Saturday.

My writing will be:

It’s been a while since I wrote my short based on pictures on Creative Writing Ink and I have been meaning to write my series of Aqeela and Me (the draft is in my head) and I only wrote 3 flashes last quarter.

I hope by doing this, the lazy me will be gone 😉

Quote for Death Note:



  1. I’m looking forward to your monthly serial.

    I’ve heard fried grasshopper is pretty tasty. I haven’t tried it myself, but I liked chocolate covered ants back in the day.

    Now you’ve got me thinking about Deathnote, LIght and L.

    1. I have actually written the first part about a year ago…but I left it hanging there. I am going to change the format a bit. I already have the story till the end (how I am going to finish it) in my note book now. I hope I can learn how to make long story from doing a serial…wish me luck 🙂

      Well, I think it’s a matter of food preferences, I haven’t tasted grasshopper yet (at first I want to write cockroach but it felt too disgusting) but I can imagine some like it while other don’t. Chocolate covered ants??? I can’t imagine it.

      One of the best Manga I have ever read 🙂 That one is Kira, I like him the most.

      1. Seriously, you like the bad guy the most?

        Ants taste kind of peppery. I have no intention of even considering cockroach. Unless I’m starting to death and will die immediately if I don’t have one that’s already been cooked up like a gourmet meal. And what are the odds of that?

        1. Oh yes! I like both of them but Kira is more interesting, as I have written in my review two years ago:

          The characters are also interesting ad well built. Readers are divided into two, some love L while other love Kira. I admit that L is a unique character, an investigator like I have never seen before. However, Kira is the one that attracted me the most. He is a murderer that cannot be hated. There are parts of his mind that we can all agree with. Killing is bad but a world free of criminals sounds great. In my eyes, Kira is more unique than L.

          I think I will never try ANY insect unless there is no other food….if there’s still something else, I’ll chose the something else 😉

          1. I’m not about to go out of my way to eat bugs. Not unless I’m starving, or am planning on trying it just once to see what it’s like. 🙂

            I’ll admit Kira does have some attractive elements, but his refusal to seriously consider the possibility that he’s wrong about anything right to the end puts him firmly in the evil camp in my mind. I think a lot of what I like about L is the feeling that there is more to him. I was so disappointed when he died because I felt like it was cheating to get rid of him just as I was beginning to think I had him figured out.

          2. Well…I am always drawn to evil characters because I think they are more interesting to read 😉

            I admit that after L died, it wasn’t as fun as when he was still alive

  2. Hahahaha yep, don’t bet with women! We don’t make bets unless we know we’re going to wine 😛 , well at least I do anyway!

      1. Oh yessss never get on a woman’s bad side, literally lol!!! Go Girls!!!
        Hehehe well it was good! Oh and I just realised my typo lol, I mean “win” not “wine” haha.

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