5 Super Addictive Slow Music

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I didn’t do Top 5 post last month because I didn’t have time to do it…I almost didn’t make it this month as well. But there are still few days before March is over…so here’s this month top 5 🙂

Once in a while, there are music that somehow becomes very addictive. Have you ever had that experience?

This month’s Top 5 is about addictive slow music…it can be pop or rock (and because I am not in to pop that much, my list consist of songs from Rock bands…mostly Britpop)

These five songs have some kind of magic that I can’t quite explain, one thing I do know is that these songs enchanted me and made me listen to them over and over and over and over again.

These five songs are in no particular order.

Yuki no ashiato by L’Arc~en~Ciel

It’s hard to describe how I felt the first time I heard this song. It’s the 11th track in KISS (Laruku’s 11th album). When Hyde started singing with his beautiful voice, so slow and so deep…his voice went straight to my heart and then the violin added the beauty of this song. as he started singing in a high and low tone, it captured my heart wholly. I repeated the song so often that I might grew bored at it…but It never made me bored. When I  saw the live video of this song, I literally shed a small tear because the song is really beautiful. It felt so sad but the lyric is not sad at all.

Street spirit by Radiohead

When people said the fell in love with Radiohead because of Creep…then I told them, Street Spirit was the song that made me fell in love with Radiohead (I have mentioned it in my top 5 Radiohead songs) The song is so mysterious and Yorke’s voice is mesmerizing. Everything in the song is perfect. I have lost count of how many time I have repeated this song. I have heard the acoustic version and it was amazing.

La Fee Verte by Kasabian

Just like Street Spirit, La Fee Verte is the song that makes me Kasabian’s fans. It stand up to its title, La Fee Verte (green fairy) is an alcoholic beverage…though I never drink alcoholic beverage but I have heard of the addiction, and La Fee Verte is highly addictive. Even till this day, I can’t listen to it only once….I always repeat the song. Serge’s voice is beautiful and the music is captivating. I played this song when my students were doing Chemistry practice and voila, some of them became addictive too.

Tender by BLUR

I remembered it as clear as daylight. I was still in college when Tender was released. I was so excited to hear new song by BLUR…and the moment I listen to Tender, the song sips inside my heart deeper than any slow songs by BLUR. I can’t really put my finger why Tender is so addictive. Every time the radio played it, I instantly turned the volume higher than before. My friends often said, what’s so good about this song? I can’t say what, something in the way Damon sings and the simple music behind it had captured me.

Everything Will Flow by Suede

Suede always sings beautiful songs but when I heard Everything Will Flow, I couldn’t just listen to it once. Brett’s voice with the violin mixed really well. The way the song flow is so beautiful and makes my hear sing. It feels like every problem will just flow away when listening to this song.

Well…those are 5 songs that I considered as highly addictive because the first time I heard them, I couldn’t listen to them just once. I repeat it more than 10 times in a day…I am sure it was close to 50 times a day. At that time, I fell like other songs weren’t that interesting to hear, I just wanted to hear those songs. Even till this day, when my mp3 shuffle plays one of these songs, I would repeat it at least once before I let the player plays the next song.

Do you have slow songs (be it pop or rock) that you consider as addictive? do share it with me in the comment :)

ps. Don’t forgot to stop by on April 3rd for my Top 5 with Tim @ Tim’s Film Review as we both are going to do Alien based top 5 🙂

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