Monthly Murphy: Bits on Broken and Red Lights DVD

I – sometime – wonder how long I can keep doing this, I mean there’ll be time where I ran out of things to say about Cillian Murphy…tho I hope it won’t be anytime soon 🙂

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Last month when I wrote about Cillian’s lover on Screen, I only shared half of them and promised to continue this month…however, I have something else to share, something more important and decided to postpone the rest on Cillian’s lady on screen to next year, it will be another Valentine special 😉

This month, I have bits of news on him 🙂

Broken was premiered in UK on March 8, 2013.

Daniel Clay, the author of Broken, twitted about it on early March. Well, he twitted the poster 😉 since it is an independent movie, I am quite sure that not many knows about it 😦

My only hope is to see it on DVD because I am 100% sure that it will not be played in Indonesian Cinema 😦


What Tim Roth says about Cillian.

The 51-year-old Reservoir Dogs star explained that while he was surprised by Cillian’s nerves on set, he admired Murphy’s way of thinking.

Roth said: “Cillian is a hard-working and dedicated fellow. Unfortunately he’s ugly which is a problem for him in life,” he joked.

I’ll tell you what’s really interesting about Cillian which I hadn’t suspected. I never thought not just in relation to him but to anyone. He’s a serious stage actor. I have incredible stage fright. It’s awful. Filming holds no fear for me. It’s just where I live.

“But he [Cillian] is the absolute polar opposite. He’s really nervous about film. I really like that. I actually admire it. Every film is a battle which I think is very useful.”

Source: RTE

I think that’s a sweet thing to say. Cillian did say that (more or less like this) he thinks theatre is like a drug to him, he has to return to theatre every five to six years to feel the fun of acting again. I forgot which article and the exact words but it was something like that.

More on WHY Cillian prefers to jump around big budget movie, independent movie and theatre

No, man, there’s no career plan,” says Cillian Murphy. “At least, not one that anyone has told me about.”

Murphy says with a grin, but he adds that his eclectic filmography isn’t a conscious attempt to avoid being typecast. “Actors who are able to choose sometimes talk about doing big -budget films to pay the bills and doing smaller scale stuff for the love of it, but the more I go on in my career, the more the big studio pictures seem to be the exception, rather than the rule.

He might have starred in some of the biggest studio films of the last decade, but the actor isn’t tempted by the lure of Los Angeles. “I’ve been told again and again that LA would be the right move for my career, but it’s just too far away,” he says. “Can you imagine telling a Hollywood agent that you can’t take a part because you’ve signed on to do a play in a small theatre in Galway with your pals? I want the freedom to be able to make those choices for myself.”

For me, the film is about love, pure and simple, and how it has that overwhelming effect that leaves the people changed. Broken had that for me in the script and, when I saw the finished film, I thought Rufus had gotten it bang on.”

Source: Controlyourface  original: Business Post

I Have Bought RED LIGHTS 🙂

I spotted the DVD late February and dying to buy it straight away…but it wasn’t a good time to start buying things, I had to wait till my salary day comes. A day after I received my salary, I went to DiscTara straight away. To my surprise, I couldn’t find the DVD anywhere. I was so shocked and hated myself for not buying it the moment I saw it. I was so sure no one would buy it as I am sure no one else in Indonesia loves Cillian as much as I do 😉

The shopkeeper saw my distress face and came to me, she asked what I was looking for. She checked on her computer and it said they don’t have it. WHAT??? I told her I saw it 5 days ago. She helped me look around by asking what kind of movie is it and who are the casts…and suddenly “is it this one?” she was holding the DVD

Yaaaaiiiii!!!!!! \(^_^)/

I love the DVD! The casing is beautiful and full of pictures of the most gorgeous man on earth!

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It consists of one DVD for the movie and one for Extra. Unfortunately, the extra has parts using Spanish and no translation 😦 The extra isn’t something as wonderful as the extra on The Mighty Boosh DVD I bought on December, but it was good enough because we got to know more about the movie. Cillian appeared quite a lot 😉


This has been a fun post…well at least for me 🙂

Here’s something I found on tumblr (so sorry I forgot to copy the original link), I really like it, even though it’s abstract or something like that, the painter keeps his beautiful blue eyes.


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