Simon Pegg’s Factor: Spaced & A Fantastic Fear of Everything

As I have said in my top 5 British Entertainers (although I cheated a bit because I included a group of people 😉 ), one of them are the hilarious trio Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright. I love those three British and always try to watch everything by them. Related to them, I recently watched a TVSeries and Movie staring Simon Pegg.

SPACED (1999 & 2001)

From left to right (front row): Daisy, Tim (Back row): Marsha, Mike, Brian, Twist
From left to right (front row): Daisy, Tim (Back row): Marsha, Mike, Brian, Twist

Director : Edgar Wright
Writers : Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson
Staring: Simon Pegg, Jessica Stevenson, Nick Frost, Mark Heap, Katy Carmichael, Julia Deakin
Rating: 4 stars

This 2 series of sitcom is freakin hilarious!! Unlike most sitcoms where they include laughter, Spaced has no laughter at all (I am grateful for that). After enjoying The Mighty Boosh (a little too much), I kinda enjoy comedy without laughter, it gives freedom for us watchers to decide for ourselves which part we considered hilarious.

Spaced is about people living in a building in Meteor Street. Daisy Steiner (Jessica Stevenson) and Tim Beasley (Simon Pegg) meet in a coffee house, both are looking for a cheap flat. They find one but it says that the flat is only rented to professional couple…so, they pretend to be a couple.

Tim is a cartoonist who works at comic shop. He has a childhood friend name Mike Watt (Nick Frost) who is more like a son. Tim always takes care of Mike. Mike always wears army suit…he is an Army freak. Daisy is a writer wannabe but she rarely writes. Her best friend, Twist Morgan (Katy Carmichael) works in a laundry but they keep saying that she works in fashion. The landlady, Marsha Klein (Julia Deakin) is a eccentric woman but she really likes the new couple in her building. The other character in the series is Brian Topp, he is an artist…more like a loser artist…he is the weirdest person in the whole gang, doesn’t talk much and a little bit off. The six of them made Spaced as wonderful comedy. The recurring character, Tyres, is also interesting, he always hears clubbing music just from simple sounds around him.

Although the series were written by Pegg and Stevenson, but I couldn’t shake of the feeling that it has that exaggerated moment that Shaun of The Dead has. Maybe because it becomes Pegg’s signature in writing even though he no longer write with Stevenson. I really like the comic aspect of this series. It is VERY exaggerate and yet feels so right and fit the story well. The most often comic is when they say something but it isn’t correct, an image flashed by to see what really happened. The chemistry of the six of them is brilliant. Have I mentioned exaggerate? One of the example of exaggerate moments was when they tried to rescue Collin (their dog), they all look like a swat team.

If you haven’t watched Spaced, do watch it…it’s bloody hilarious!

There were talked about making an American remake of Spaced…Thank God it didn’t happen!!!

Ps: It would be a comedy heaven if both my favorite duos work together, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost with Julian Barratt & Noel Fielding and directed by Edgar Wright 😉

A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012)


Director: Crispian Mills
Based on: Paranoia in Launderette by Brice Robinson
Staring: Simon Pegg, Clair Higgins, Amara Karan, Paul Freeman and Bernard Cribbins as narrator.
Rating: 4 stars

This movie is another proof that my movie taste, or my comedy taste in this case, has slightly gone weirder 😉 it has 41% rating on Rotten Tomatoes but I love it. I think the story is great and it’s freakin  hilarious.

A Fantastic Fear is a very odd dark comedy. Jack is a children writer who decides to write a screenplay called ‘A Decade of Death’ which focuses on serial murder in Victoria era. His research makes him imagine that there’s a killer trying to kill him. He becomes a paranoid, he jumps off with fright every time the door creaks, he carries knife every where and he doesn’t answer his phone. He has been inside the house for five weeks.

Clair, her agent, finds someone who is interested with his Decade of Death…and that forces him to leave the house and goes to the launderette, a place he dreads the most. He has a phobia toward launderette. His therapy tells him to face his demon. Meanwhile, there is a serial killer on the loose near his area…things about to collide.

In the first forty minutes, we get to see how Jack (Simon Pegg) is scared of his own shadow. We see how paranoid he is and what causes it. It’s so nice to see Pegg trying to do a one man act although it reminds me a bit of Bunny and The Bull in a extremer way. My favorite part is when he tries to encourage himself to go to the launderette by singing rap…imagine Simon Pegg with towel and a knife on his hand singing rap with rapper style! It was hilarious. Things get funnier when jack arrives in the launderette.

I like how the story evolved from paranoia toward nonexistence serial killer toward a phobia of launderette and the reason behind the phobia. When I watched it, I honestly couldn’t tell where the story is heading for…I am totally blank and that creates a nice surprise. The music in this movie is great and support the story pretty well. The use of animation adds greatness to this comedy.

It might just be me, but with all the music, the animations and the unusual storyline…a fantastic reminds me so much of The Boosh, it has similar aura. I asked my fellow Bosshlr, they haven’t seen it yet but when they saw the trailer they straight away understand what I was talking about. One of them even said it’s a bit like a mix of The Boosh and Terry Gilliam’s movie.

Have you seen this movie? did you like it?



  1. I’m just not that big a fan of Simon Pegg. Granted, I enjoy him in Star Trek, and while I don’t let him keep me from seeing any movie, I don’t jump at the chance to watch one just because he may be in it.

    Glad to see his work is appreciated by such a dedicated fan as yourself though, Nov! 🙂

    • Hi T … long time no see and that reminds me I haven’t checked your Tuesday’s vote since a couple of months ago! Sorry.

      Funny thing is, I haven’t even seen startrek yet…I like him a lot in comedy, especially ones he wrote himself. Haven’t you seen Shaun of The Dead which I think is the best zombie comedy ever? I am looking forward to the last part if the trilogy that will come out soon this year.

  2. I haven’t heard of either of these. They both look interesting. Spaced because I like that kind of situational humorous romance type thing and A Fantastic Fear of Everything – the trailer alone made me laught.

    • SPACED is quite famous, so I think you can track it easily. It’s a fun sitcom and I kbow I will watch it again.

      Horay…glad to know you’re laughing even only from seeing the trailer 🙂

    • I bet you find it easily 😉
      I read in wikipedia that they had released their DVD and since it was big in UK, I am pretty sure it’s easy to find it there.

  3. Yes, yes, yes, I want to watch tme both. I saw a trailer of A Fantastic Fear of Everything and thought it looks soo funny. The series looks funny too. I never understood this artificial laughter. It even puts me off some series where it’s just constant and doesn’t amke me laugh more at all.
    Is it not rather an American sitcom thing?

    • Hope it’ll fulfill your expectation, A fear has mixed review.
      I read that the series has become a kind of cult. Many fans still expect to see series three but it never happens.
      I don’t thing it’s American sitcom thing. I am now watching Monty Python and they used laughter too. I remember that The Boosh used live audience too for their pilot and they didn’t like it and decided they didn’t want it in their series.

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