Indonesia Banget #29: The Toilets and The Water

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I have been meaning to write about this since last year but I have a lot of second thought because it might sounds a bit dirty or inappropriate to talk about this…but the more I think about the idea the more I feel like it’s an okay idea to share it.

Anyway…If you are feeling uncomfortable with talking about Toilets, please close the page 😉

A year a go, I saw Starter For 10 and there is a scene of a college boy was saying that in Asia, he used his hand instead of tissue to clean up after pooping. Ever since that day, I wanted to share a bit about Indonesian toilets and the manner we have inside it.

The Toilets

Photo doesn't belong to me, I found it through Google
Photo doesn’t belong to me, I found it through Google

Most Indonesian still use squat Toilet instead of flush toilet in their home.

Back then on my school days, I still remember that flush toilet was a rarity, nowadays I see it everywhere, in the mall and houses…however Malls use it the most. Only few Indonesian uses flush toilet in their home. To be honest, I prefer finding squat toilet when I am in the malls unless the malls provide tissue.

Most Indonesian are like me, we don’t trust flush toilet in public that much because the toilet is used by so many people with their thighs touching the toiletwhen using squat toilet, only their feet (which also cover with sandals or shoes) touching the toilet, so it’s much safer and cleaner that way.

When using flush toilet, we will try to find tissue and then put it all around the toilet where our thighs supposed to be. When their isn’t any tissue, some will try to squat on the toilet even though it is quite dangerous…but the idea of using flush toilet without tissue is just scary.

I, myself, will use flush toilet ONLY when tissue is also available no matter how clean the toilet is. If there’s no tissue…look for the squat one.

The Water

I shared about how many Indonesian are using their hands to eat…and we eat with out RIGHT hand because LEFT hand is used to clean up.

The movie (Starter for ten) was correct! Here in Asia, many use hands to clean up in toilet. I don’t know much about other Asian countries, I will talk only about Indonesia.

When we pee or poo, we use water to clean up. The first time I saw a western movie, I remembered how shocked I was…I was just a little kid and mentioned it to my parents that that man is dirty, he didn’t wash up properly, and he only used paper…eeuch. We wash our genital and buttock with water right after we pee or poo. In case of pooping, we also use our hand to clean all the leftover, with our right hand pouring the water. I live my whole life doing that and the idea of cleaning up without water is just unbearable. I don’t find using hand as something eeuch because we wash it with soap afterward.

Almost ALL the malls in Jakarta provide water in their toilets, the water source either uses a hose or comes from under the flush-box (I read it somewhere that the idea of this kind of toilet comes from Japan.). However, there are few places with dry toilet…no water is provided. I have been to one of these places and I find it hellish. I am not used to using toilet without water to clean up and it was impossible to hold it any longer. My friend told me that she had that moment once and taught me how to do it, we took A LOT of tissue and wet it with water, and take another tissue for drying up. We used that wet tissue to clean…but still, it was NOT comfortable at all!!

(Both photos are taken from google)

Most people I know who have ever gone abroad said that they carry a plastic bottle to keep the water for cleaning up.

I know some of you might think…what a weird topic to talk about!! Well, I did tell you in the beginning to close the page 😉

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