FTP: Teacher

The three hour test was almost over. The test that had been keeping the students in constant nightmare had also made the teachers in constant worry. One student left the room, he was in shocked and so sure he had failed the test. Another one came out, she was crying and unable to walk by herself, she was so sure she had let her parents down. One by one the students came out looking so depressed. When they announced the result, half of them didn’t pass the test. The cry and the frustration and no grownup’s there to hold them but her. She tried her best to calm them down, to let them know there’s still another chance.

For the first time in her life as a teacher, it amazed her how little did she know about being a teacher.

Total: 140

Word: Amazed

This is my second flash for FTP’s third quarter. Flash In The Pan is hosted by Red @ Momma’s Money Matter I am not very active this quarter. I have so many things to do and deal with. This current flash is actually a real life event.


A couple of days ago, my students did their final test. It was a three hour laboratory test. They had to make four drug prescriptions in 3 hours. If they failed, they will not get the certificate to be a pharmacist assistant. I went to a usual High School and never did that scary test my students (they are studying at Pharmaceutical Vocational High school) were facing back then. Little did I know how stressful it was inside the laboratory. There were only 2 teachers there waiting for them, me and a male teacher who teaches drug prescription.

When the tiring test had finished, each of them came out looking so horrified, more than half of them were crying even before they knew the result. Apparently the male teacher didn’t know what to do as this year is his first year working as teacher. I had to move from one student to another to calm them down and be their shoulder to cry on. Things got more stressful when they announced that some of them failed the test and must take a remedial test, about three hours later. The students went hysterical. I have to try harder calming them down and put them back in focus because they have to study for their remedial.

I have been teaching for years and I love my job but that day will always be the most unforgettable day in my teaching life as I finally see that there’s a time when I have to do more than teaching them knowledge.

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  3. Useless Argument
  4. Ripples on Rose
  5. Fire
  6. For Better or Worse
  7. Little Black Book (Part 1) ; Disturbed Memory (part 2); Reality or Imagination (Part 3); Dilemma (Part 4); Weekend With a killer (part 5); Martha’s Decision (part 6)

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Alice Audrey says:

    What a nightmare for both you and the students. It’s enough to put you off teaching.

    1. Novroz says:

      I never though final test would be THAT scary.Fortunately, it didn’t put me off teaching…in fact, that moment made me want to be teacher even more. They need teacher who can be there with them. They might not remember me after they graduated but that day is a lifetime memory for me.

      1. Alice Audrey says:

        I doubt they’d forget you after crying on your shoulder.

  2. Binky says:

    I guess you know a little about that, don’t you?

    1. Novroz says:

      Yeah…I have been teaching for over 10 years, I never expected something like that but I know there’ll be a time like that.Fortunately I am closed with them and it made it easier to calm them down.

  3. Donna says:

    Mbak ngajar farmasi ya? Ato cuman ngawas?
    Kr2 remed pada lulus ga?

    1. Novroz says:

      Ngajarlah…kl cuma ngawas sy ga pduli2 amat ma anak2 yg ga lulus 😉

      Walaupun dah diremed ga da jaminan bakal lulus

  4. Gray Dawster says:

    It is always a bit scary doing exams, but there is always another time to take the test again, and hopefully pass 🙂 Great FTP Miss. Novia 🙂 xxxx

    1. Novroz says:

      I am glad to know that they all pass their remedial test 🙂

      Thank you for the compliment, Andro 🙂 xx

  5. Caroline says:

    This is very different from your other stories.
    It’s more like a mini-memoir, right?
    When I read things like that I’m glad I’m not a student any more. It could be sooo bad.

    1. Novroz says:

      Yes it is 🙂
      I have many things or problems to think about lately and somehow it got into my flash. I have another flash which also connecys to real life but I am not sure wether I want to share it or not as it is very personal.

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