Doctor Who – Series 5 (2010)

Doctor Who series 5
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I finally have time to write and share about the latest Doctor…the eleventh Doctor. I have actually watched the series almost two months ago but something else always came up and made me published those posts before this one. I think there is a reason why I publish it a bit later, unlike what I did before. The main reason is, I am not that keen with the latest Doctor.

All Matt Smith fans…please don’t hate me for saying this but out of all three Doctors I have seen, the Eleventh Doctor is clearly my least favorite. I think this new version of The Doctor is rather uncharismatic. When the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) said something like “I am The Doctor and I will stop you!!” or “I am the Doctor and you must fear me!!” or something similar like that…both Doctors have great charisma that can make the baddies think twice before attacking. In my eyes, when the Eleventh Doctor says that kind of statement…I see no charisma coming out of him.

The 9th Doctor, The 10th Doctor, the 11th Doctor
The 9th Doctor, The 10th Doctor, the 11th Doctor

However, I am not going to say that I dislike him…I quite like him but not as much as the previous two Doctors. I like his quirky mind and movement. The way he rejects woman is also interesting. When I saw his pictures before I watched the series, I thought he has a very unusual face structure but when I finally saw the series…I admit that he isn’t as bad as I thought he was, he is rather cute in his own way.

Anyway, there’s a slight changes in the people behind the scenes. The talented Steven Moffat took over as head writer and executive producer after Russell T Davies stepped down. I like Moffat, he has proven himself as one of the best TV series writers, and to be honest I have never paid much attention toward writers before I found Moffat. I was amazed with what he had done with Sherlock and that opened my eyes to writers. Moffat also wrote most of my favorite series in Doctor Who, like The Empty Child (Series 1 ) and Blink (Series 3 ). But the weirdest thing is, my favorite from this series was not written by Moffat.

How about the companion? I still vote Donna (Catherine Tate) as the best companion. Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) is an interesting strong will woman…however, I don’t feel the chemistry between her and The Doctor. It’s like they are nothing more than traveling companions, not a real close friends.

Let’s talk a bit about the story now 🙂

The Eleventh Hour. The new regenerated Doctor found himself in the garden with the TARDIS crashing on a hut. He met the young Amy Pond. Amy showed him the crack in her room. The Doctor had to go somewhere and promised to be back in five minutes…but he didn’t return till years later and met the grown up Amy. A fugitive alien had been hiding in Amy’s house and another alien fleet wanted the fugitive to be handed in or earth would be destroyed.

This episode is where I first saw how less charismatic the Doctor was when he told the Alien to leave earth alone.

The Beast Below. The Doctor took Amy to England centuries away in the future. He immediately noticed something was wrong with the ship. The people on the ship were afraid of something. It’s nice to see a coloured woman as the Queen of England 😉

Victory of The Daleks. Doctor Who series without involving the Daleks is impossible 😉 Here, Daleks helped the war against Nazi. Winston Churchill was quite pleased with it…but the Doctor knew well that Daleks couldn’t be that nice.

The Time of Angels & Flesh and Stone. These two series brought back the Weeping Angels…but the angels were no longer sending people to the past…they killed people. The Doctor once again Met River Song. The three of them tried to figure out a way to escape the planet full of the angels.

The Vampires of Venice was quite interesting. I like how the alien was misinterpreted as vampire. The Doctor and Amy when to Venice and found out that something was wrong there. This time, The Doctor took another companion, Amy’s boyfriend, Rory (Arthur Darvill)

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Amy’s Choice is one of my favorite episodes because it took us back and forth into two realities and it was quite funny to see them fell asleep and woke up in different reality. Amy must make a choice which reality was the real one.

The Hungry Earth & Cold Blood. These two episodes were about being who lived on earth before human, they were homo reptilians or something like that. I found these episodes a bit boring.

Vincent and the Doctor is my most favorite episode in the series simply because it has a wonderful ending. It’s a bit of a spoiler…but what the heck! The part when The Doctor took Vincent van Gogh to Louvre to see the gallery of his paintings was really beautiful…the music that accompanied that moment was perfect. I really love that scene.

The Lodger was quite funny…not an extraordinary story but quite funny. It was fun seeing the quirky eleventh Doctor to try act like normal people. He was investigating something that lived above someone’s flat. To do that, he had to share flat with another man.

The Pandorica Opens & The Big Bang were my least favorite ending of Doctor Who series…My most favorite is still the ending in series 4. I know that time is a like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… timey wimey… stuff but these two episodes took it too far, it felt so fake and not wondrous anymore. I feel like they were pushing too hard to try making an interesting ending and failed in doing so.

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Although I am a bit disappointed as this 5th series as it was not as wonderful as Doctor Who’s previous series…but I am still intrigued to see the next series…I sure hope it’s better than this one 🙂


    1. Totally agree!!
      I feel a bit terrible that I couldn’t like this series as much as when David Tennant was the Doctor. He played a very charismatic Doctor.

        1. I haven’t reached that point yet…Thank God!
          I still like Doctor Who and even though I know I won’t like the eleventh Doctor as much as the Tenth, but I can still accept him

          1. As long as they still have great stories…I am still a fan 😉
            But I have a wish for the next Doctor and companion (as if that’ll ever happen…but I can still wish 😉 )
            Here’s my wish 😉

            they are Richard Ayoade as the Doctor and Noel Fielding as the companion 🙂

  1. Gosh darnit, I keep forgetting to watch this series. It’s on the telly all of the time, but never the first season. Might have to get the dvds.

  2. Ah, I’ve kind of fallen out of love with Doctor Who after the last series. Moffat might be a good writer but he needs to be sharpen up his showrunner skills since the scripts from the other writers were weak! I’ve met Matt Smith… nice chap.

    1. Fallen out of love? meaning you don’t like Doctor Who anymore?
      I have just finished Spaced and planning to see series 6 soon…I hope I can have better feeling toward The Eleventh Doctor by then 🙂

      That’s cool! how did you meet him? I love to met Tennant tho 😉

  3. Excellent review, Novia! I love the images too. It took a long time for me to warm up to Matt Smith as the doctor. He definitely has a quirky man-child kind of charm, but I didn’t find him nearly as compelling #9 & #10. He did eventually grow on me though. My favorite is, and always will be, David Tennant. ❤

    1. Thank You Steph 🙂
      I am glad you also think the same…I felt a bit guilty as I have seen many who love the eleventh Doctor and even mentioned that he is their fav Doctor whereas I am having difficulty to like him. I didn’t twit as much as I used to when watching this series…I remember my nonstop twits when watching The Tenth Doctor.

      Me too…my favorite is David Tennant…a very interesting Doctor and very charismatic. However, I know I will warm up to Matt Smith eventually. I will start series 6 sometime this week 🙂

  4. Hmmmm… I’m surprised you didn’t warm to Matt Smith as much as I had thought you might. Although I too agree that David Tennant was wonderful, I really liked the weird and quirky version of the Doctor we’ve gotten with Matt Smith. Of all the recent “Doctors”… since the series got it’s “re-boot”… he reminds me the most of the downright crazy elements of some of the earlier ones, particularly Tom Baker (the fourth doctor).

    Mind you… Tom Baker was the one that was playing the Doctor waaaaay back when those old shows were run on our local Public Broadcasting network and I first was introduced to them as a girl, so I’m probably catching that goofy vibe particularly strongly.

    Given that I took to Matt almost immediately… and that first episode where he was sooooo manic, trying to decide all over again what his favorite foods were to be hilariously endearing, especially his interactions with the young Amy. Oh well….. you are a true “Who Fangirl”… so here’s to hoping he grows on you as you catch more episodes. 😉

    1. Well…it’s quite difficult to replace the charismatic Tenth Doctor. I did warm up a bit with eleventh Doctor’s weirdness. It was like seeing a powerful man turned into a childish man…it was a bit difficult to adjust. There were times when I wish Tennant is back…but, oh well that will never happen (I hope he will show up in the 50th anniversary)

      Maybe if I have seen Tom Bakee, I could like Matt Smith’s Doctor easily too 😉

      Well you got that right!! I am not going to stop watching Doctor Who and I have already liked The Eleventh Doctor more (but doubtful it’ll be more than the tenth Doctor)

    1. Not at all 🙂
      In fact, I am the only one I know around me who watch Dictor Who. Not many Indnesian know about Doctor Who because British series are RARELY shown here.

  5. He looks less charismatic, I agree but I suppose he grows on you after a while. I’m not very keen on David Tennant, not sure why. I find him creepy. I will watch Dr Who some day I’m sure.

    1. Really?? Well I guess he does have that creepy aura around him and that’s what makes him a charismatic Doctor.
      I know he (Matt Smith) will grow on me but doubtful he will replace Tennant as my fav Doctor.

      I hope the one episode you’ll watch in the future can make you like Doctor Who 😉

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