3 Comedies From 3 Countries: Unubore Deka, The Big Bang Theory and Hunderby

While all Movie bloggers around me are busy with one movie after another…I am busy with TV Series 🙂

I have finished watching 3 TV series in the past 2 months. There are reasons behind why I choose to watch each series. And the reasons are very different…but two of them are because of the people involved in it while the other one is because it’s a very well-known series and I am a bit curious.

These three comedies come from 3 different countries (as I have mentioned in the title of this post). I am quite proud with my viewing diversity … I don’t limit myself in one particular country, even though I have tendency to watch more from 2 countries, Japan and England, but I keep my eyes open for other countries.

Let’s just talk about each of them individually 🙂


Unubore Deka – From Japan

Unubore Deka is the latest Dorama by Tomaya Nagase and I really like his dorama because they are always very funny. Unfortunately, Unubore Deka is not as funny as his previous doramas…the idea is actually funny and might work as a miniseries with 3 episodes. Maintaining the same pattern for 11 episodes is the reason why this dorama turns from funny to boring.

Synopsis from Drama-wiki

A 30-year-old single detective (Nagase Tomoya), who is under the illusion that he is popular with females is called ‘Unubore’ by friends. He is an ultra romantic and susceptible to conceitedness. He has such a strong desire to marry to the extent that he has bought an apartment for his newlywed life. He falls in love with female criminals at first sight each time. While the sheer desire to meet wraps around him, he will get proof that the female is the culprit. And so, he will thrust both the arrest warrant and marriage papers at her, proposing with the words, “If you marry me, I won’t arrest you.” If that still does not work, he will hold out an engagement ring and his handcuffs. In the end, the criminal will choose to be arrested and his heart will be broken. He will cry as he puts the handcuffs on her…

He kept repeating the same thing over and over again…falling for the culprit and willing to let her go if she chose to marry him. It was really funny…at first! But repetition is really a BIG NO NO in a series. I got tired after few episodes.

I usually finished my dorama in less than 3 days…but it took almost a month to finish Unubore Deka because its similar story on each episode.

Cast: Nagase Tomoya, Ikuta Toma, Kaname Jun, Yahagi Ken, Bando Mitsugoro, Shoji Yusuke, Morishita Aiko, Arakawa Yoshiyoshi as Saeki Masaru, Nakashima Mika
Rating: 2 stars


The Big Bang Theory – From US

I have heard so much about this Sitcom…so much that it made me curious. A friend told me that my favorite series, Sherlock reminds her of Sheldon in TBBT. My curiosity got the better of me and I borrowed the series from my friend.

Synopsis from wikipedia

The show is centered on five characters: roommates Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, two physicists employed at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech); Penny, a waitress and aspiring actress who lives across the hall; and Leonard and Sheldon’s equally geeky and socially awkward friends and co-workers, aerospace engineer Howard Wolowitz and astrophysicist Rajesh Koothrappali. The geekiness and intellect of the four guys is contrasted for comic effect with Penny’s social skills and common sense.

The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) is a fun series but not as hilarious as I thought…maybe it’s because I have seen another more hilarious smart people sitcom, which is The IT Crowd. Some of the jokes in TBBT are a bit dry for me. Often I found myself not smiling at all throughout one episode. And somehow, the idea of very smart people attracted to a sexy no brain woman is too old and cliché for me. Nothing new there. But, I admit that Sheldon is a very intriguing character, his way to annoy people is very fun to watch. I think Sheldon is the only character that kept me watching the whole first season.

Will I continue to second season? I think not! It was fun but not that appealing for me.

Cast: Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Sara Gilbert, Melissa Rauch, Mayim Bialik, Kevin Sussman
Rating: 3 stars

Hunderby Cover

Hunderby – From UK

I am going to really honest here! The reason why I knew about Hunderby and then watched is because of Julia Davis! I have never seen her before but she is Julian Barratt’s life partner. They have a twin together but as far as I know they aren’t married yet. Julian Barratt is one half of The Mighty Boosh (Noel Fielding’s comedy partner).

Hunderby has an amazing achievement, it won Best New Comedy Programme and Best Sitcom Categories at British Comedy Awards 2012.

Synopsis from Comedy.co.uk

A black comedy set in the 1830s, which focuses on Helene, a shipwreck survivor washed ashore near a small English village. There, she is swept off her feet by widowed pastor Edmund and the two soon marry, the puritanical Edmund believing his bride to be untouched by another man. But she has a history, a dark past that she cannot escape. As Helene moves into Edmund’s home, she falls under the watchful eye of housekeeper Dorothy (played by Julia Davis) who is more than a little involved in her master’s life, and quite obsessed with his dead first wife, Arabelle – to whom Helene simply does not compare. While Helene battles to keep her past a secret, she must navigate Dorothy’s devious scheming, her husband’s harsh critique and a potential new love interest.

Hunderby is NOT HILARIOUS AT ALL! It has its smiley parts (I smiled in some parts but didn’t laugh at all). Compared to the other 2 series above, Hunderby is the least funny of all…maybe because it’s a Dark Comedy. However, I am not going to say that it’s a bad series…it’s actually really good and quite addictive. I finished all 7 episodes in one day. The story is really intriguing, only by watching one episode already made me curious with what will happen to everyone in Hunderby. All the characters were complex and none of them were 100% good or evil. Watching the whole series was like watching a long period drama. I think the funniest episode is the last episode, where every secret finally unraveled.

Julian Barratt sure knows how to pick a girl 😉 Julia Davis is amazing!! Her acting really amazed me, I hate her character so much but her character is also the one I miss when she wasn’t around. Not only she was brilliant as Dorothy, she was also the writer of the show (together with other Mighty Boosh’s guest star, Barunka O’ Shaughneesy). The rest of the casts are also amazing.

The amazing Julia Davis
The amazing Julia Davis

The Guardian said: “isn’t quite like anything else on television… original, bold and brilliant”
The Times said:  “intelligent and beautifully made”.

Cast: Julia Davis, Alexandra Roach, Alex MacQueen, Rufus Jones, Rosie Cavaliero, Jane Stanness, Rosalind Knight, Rebekah Staton, Ben Bishop, Alexander Armstrong, Daniel Lawrence Taylor
Rating: 4 stars


Those are 3 TV series I watched lately. Have you seen any of them? What do you think? Do you have TV Series you can recommend to me?


  1. The Big Bang Theory is one of those comedies which does not make me laugh. My sense of humour is fine but the humour is so trite. I find that with a lot of US comedies. I prefer the early seasons of The Thick of It. Unubore Deka sounds more up my street but your review has killed it! That written, I did watch and enjoy Kill Me Baby and that is repetitive.

    1. Me too! I only smile while watching it…TBBT couldn’t make me laugh out loud like when I was watching The IT Crowd. The only US comedy that can make me laugh so loud was Friends…the rest were only smile.

      Japanese comedy always make me laugh…and now I know that British comedy also make me laugh.

      Ah…maybe you’ll like Unubore. I am the kind of person who can’t stand repeated story in one series.

  2. I think I’d enjoy Hunderby the most. I hadn’t head of it but I might try to find it. Thanks.
    I’m watching The Mentalist at the moment. I just like the main character.

  3. I’ve seen bits and pieces of The Big Bang Theory a few times. It kind of reminds me of some people I knew years and years ago. I was never entirely comfortable with them, but liked them. They tend to make references there was no reason to think I’d get.

    1. Which one remind you of them? the whole characters?
      I think it’s not a problem if I met one like Leonard but it sure will be something close to annoying if I ever met someone like Sheldon. I like smart people, in fact I never fell in love with a man who I find less smarter than me 😉 I like knowing new things from smart people.

      1. The whole cast. The friends I’m thinking of started a Science Fiction convention locally that is still going over twenty years later. Even back then the field of SF was diverse enough that no one person could be expected to know everything in it. I was on the reading and writing end of things and most of them were gamers.

        1. I wonder what is the correlation of those people with games!

          I guess it’s a different custom, here (from what I saw on my students) the smartest ones submerge themselves in books and study and rarely play video games like shown in TBBT

  4. I have not seen any of these but you have written a very good posting about them Miss. Novia 🙂 I hope that you are enjoying your weekend, I will be watching The Hitcher again later, the modern version with Sean Bean in the casting 🙂 Be well my lovely friend 🙂

      1. Thank you Gray xx
        I think I have quite a good weekend…hope your better than me 🙂

        You know, when I read that you will watch The Hitcher…I immediately thought about The Mighty Boosh’s The Hitcher 😉

        Then I realized I was wrong when you drop Sean Bean’s name 😉

        1. I like the picture, very green
          and a bit scary for some I think 🙂
          The weekend has been nice but
          a bit too chilly 🙂 lol

          I didn’t watch The Hitcher and
          instead I watched a TV film 🙂

          Have a lovely rest of
          evening Miss. Novia 🙂 xx

  5. Greeting Novia! I’ve been stalking your blog for a while (mainly because l’arc en ciel). I love Nagase’s comedy too! I agree with you, this series is just too long. BTW, have you watched Tiger & Dragon?

    As fo TBBT, the first season is kind of OK, but then I suspect the writers don’t know the life of scientist and its community. It becomes unbearable to watch because too many inaccuracy.

    1. Hi Felis 🙂
      Well…thank you for Stalking and finally showing up 🙂 … Ah, I haven’t posted anything new on my most favorite band in the whole wide world 😦 I must write something about them next month!

      No I haven’t watched Tiger and Dragon, I couldn’t find it. Dorama is very hard to find lately, everyone been selling K-drama instead of dorama 😦 I heard it was one of his best doramas.

      As I have said in my post…not planning on watching more TBBT and your info makes me even more sure about not planning to watch it anymore.

  6. Great post highlighting different style of comedies from various countries Nov. I’ve only heard of Big Bang Theory but as you know I prefer the UK show it’s inspired by, The IT Crowd of course 🙂

    1. I didn’t know big bang theory is inspired by IT crowd. Well the IT Crowd wins big time there 😉 it’s still hilarious even thought I have watched it several times.

      1. Someone mentioned that to me when I blogged about IT Crowd. Not at all surprised as US shows often copied British ones, House of Cards was apparently inspired by a British show as well.

  7. I’m curious about Hunderby–I like dark comedies. I still haven’t gotten into The Big Bang theory even though many people have told me that they love it. One day.

    1. I guess you missed Hunderby, the rerun was just quite recent on Sky. I think it’s very easy for you to find it there as the series wins 2 comedy awards.

      I enjoy watching big bang theory but not as much as till the level I want to see it again…none of joke stuck in my mind.

  8. Hmmm too bad that you didn’t like TBBT, Miss, cause I really like the show. I agree with you on one thing, though; Sheldon is the only (or the main) reason I watch the show until now :p he’s just really really fun to watch! I’ve heard so much about IT Crowd, but had never managed to find it 😦

    1. I like TBBT but not until the level of continue watching it. I can understand why many people like it…but I have seen one way better, so it’s hard to like it more than than I am one…and you know I am talking about The IT Crowd 😉

      My God!! what are you talking about? The IT Crowd is all over youtube and torrentz. NEVER try to search British series in DVD shops….Indonesia is SO not nice to British movies/series lover.

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