Flash In The Pan : Alive

Blood splattered.
Heads cut off and fell to the ground one by one.
Everyone around me had been killed.
I am the only one alive against this pitiless army.
Suddenly, one of them swung its sword and cut my head off .


I threw my joystick angrily as I once again lost in this game.

Total : 55 words

I am back!!!! \(^_^)/

I am a bit late getting into the new set of words on Flash in The Pan, better late than never right 😉

This third edition of Flash In the Pan (once again hosted by Red @ M3 Blog) consist of 13 words with the deadline till March 31.

  1. Listless (75)
  2. Paranoid (75)
  3. Frightened (75)
  4. Ecstatic (75)
  5. Lonely (150)
  6. Happiness (150)
  7. Contemplative (150)
  8. Amazed (150)
  9. Intoxicated (100)
  10. Aroused (100)
  11. Satisfied (100)
  12. Ashamed (100)
  13. Alive (100) > done!

and so far, one hot flashes:

  1. Brokenhearted (50)

Check out all the participants’ flashes at M3 Flash in The Pan

I am happy to announce that this flash also qualified as Flash 55 hosted by G-Man @ Mr. Knowitall (this is my second time sharing my flash at Flash 55)


Now…off to a great news 🙂

I have shared a book where my baby turtle, Kroten, makes an appearance in a book called Mischief Master Class.


It seems that MMC is not the only book that has something from me 😉 Red made a book out of all our flashes. The book is a collection of Flash In The Pan : Fall 2012. You can download the kindle and epub edition for free by clicking on the cover 🙂


I haven’t downloaded it because I am too stupid to figure out how to download it 😦

Anyway…my stories for FTP Fall 2012 were:

  1. Perfect Company
  2. Secret Door
  3. Unrequited Desire

I didn’t share much at that time because I joined in a bit late…but I really like Perfect Company and Secret Door (is not a crime to like my own story, right?)

I hope I can write more stories this time (I wrote quite a lot for FTP Winter 2012 – The book will be ready sometime this month).

Have a good weekend everyone 🙂

24 thoughts on “Flash In The Pan : Alive

  1. Nov, I tried to download the epub but failed. Already made an account and put the book in my cart but when I checked out it said there was an error. Seems like there’s something wrong with the plugin. Or maybe it’s just my tablet screwing up, I don’t know.

  2. They say that after you get decapitated, you have a 5-8 second, window of conciousness untill the blood leaves your head. I thought this was real, that PLENTY of time to write a 55…hehehehe
    Welcome to the Friday Funfest, I hope that you found this to be creative, challenging, and FUN!
    Please join us again.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

    1. That’s a great info G-Man…tho I am not sure it’s true, I mean who can share the truth of that 5-8 seconds 😉

      Thank you…I will try to join again, 55 words is not easy

  3. LOL. I’ve thrown my controller any number of times because of that. It’s been a while since I’ve played anything, though. I’m still on a PS2, and they no longer make games for them.

  4. Hiyaa.. that means two of my friend have their stories published in a book. Waa… Congrats. 🙂 Flash seems fun. I had a short story which contains the word alive too (wrote it on January). Is it eligible as my entry to participate in Red’s flash event?

    1. Thank you Dhitz … I think it’s a start. An internet non-profit book first and real book in the future 😉

      Red’s flash has some rules, you have to use the words she provided and also in the number if words she has set. Go check the link to know more about it. Hope you can join in too 🙂

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