Mischief Master Class by Snoppy and Annette Vivian


Mischief is for life.
Mischief has no boundaries.
Mischief knows no border either.
Mischief also crosses species. True, most of my examples are from us Dogs, however, I’ve also got some examples from Mischievous Cats and even a Mischievous Turtle!

Quoted from Mischief Master class

First of all, I have to keep Kroten away from the computer as she is so eager to write the review for Mischief Master Class. I wouldn’t let her do it because I am sure she would brag about her appearance in the book and forgot to write the most important thing…which is reviewing the  book!

If you never come to Kroten, Papoe and Kurome’s blog…you most likely don’t know that they are mischievous little turtles and I have been sharing their mischief on a blog hop hosted by Snoopy at Snoopy’s Dogblog.

When Snoppy asked us to share a bit of our loved one’s mischief, I immediately shared about my dear Kroten. Snoopy and his mom, Annette Vivian, made a book out of so many mischief shared by many pet-parents. The book was finally published on Amazon on December 2012. Snoopy and Annette kindly sent us a copy, they are angels in disguise…not only they let me share a turtle mischief in a book originally meant for dogs, they also sent it all the way from US to Indonesia. Thank you Snoopy and Annette ((hug))

Snoopy and Annette
Snoopy and Annette (Photo belongs to Snoopy’s Dogblog)

I honestly think that Annette is a great writer. When I sent my Kroten’s story, I thought how is she going to put all stories into one book? I know for sure everyone has different story to tell and it wouldn’t be fun if the stories are only put without connecting sentences. When I started reading the book, I marveled at the brilliant way Annette had done to connect the stories.

Mischief Master Class consists of rules to be as mischievous as Snoopy. There are 20 rules all pets need to master (my Kroten is in rule #11: The Art of Negotiation). Through the rules, Annette connected all the stories together. A brief story of Snoopy’s mischief was shared in every rule and then she inserted the stories from other pets as an example. I really enjoy her smooth way to twine all the stories into a book and make it feels like one story. Oh…almost forgot, the book is written by Snoopy, Annette was only helping 😉

I like all the mischievous stories shared in Mischief Master Class…they all make me laugh. However, if I have to pick a favorite, I would say The Denial Cat Katie and The Ice Bucket Lover Bert. As for Snoopy’s mischief…I really like the way he kept stealing the Christmas socks.

My final word for this book is that it’s a perfect book for pet-lovers with mischievous pets. It’s funny and full of cute photos that can easily melt your heart. The book shows how we love out pet so much despite all the naughty things they have done. There’s also links to each pet-blog so that you can continue reading about their little mischief.

Here are the pet-blogs participated in Mischief Master Class:

Mischief Maker: Find them on the Web:
Snoopy http://snoopysdogblog.com/
Nola http://dachshundnola.blogspot.com
Peanuts and Buchi http://www.mydogslove.me
Leroy and Sherman http://mybrownnewfies.com
Vanilla Bean http://www.pinkpixie786.wordpress.com
Freddie http://janet-bassetmomma.blogspot.com
Katie http://glogirly.com
Alfie http://alfiesblog.com
Jet http://heyitsjethere.wordpress.com
Luna http://lunadogslife.blogspot.com
Bert http://fourleggedviews.blogspot.com
Bert http://fourleggedviews.blogspot.com
Kaiyah www.SweetKeeps.Etsy.com
Kroten http://kamekroten.wordpress.com
Roxy http://roxythetravelingdog.com
Daisy http://raisingdaisy.wordpress.com
Bongo http://bongodogblog.com
Dakota http://dakotasden.wordpress.com
Gunnar https://www.facebook.com/DeepThoughtsWithTheGMan
Bailey http://baileybegood.com
Kelly http://peggyfrezon.blogspot.com
Brooks http://peggyfrezon.blogspot.com
Sampson http://www.heartlikeadog.com
Delilah http://www.heartlikeadog.com
Milo n/a
Jasmine and Bruin http://dawgbusiness.blogspot.com
Sugar http://goldenwoofs.com
Emma http://mygbgvlife.com
Allred http://fourleggedviews.blogspot.com
Colby’s pups http://puppyintraining.com
Tootsie http://bicontinental-dachshund.blogspot.com

Please pass your copy (or better yet purchase another copy) along with your experiences on to the younger generation. Think of all those Pups, Kittens, Children and other creatures, who have untapped Mischief potentials!

Quoted from Mischief Master class

You can purchase the book on Amazon as an ebook and paperback: (click on the image)

Paper back Ebook

Book Details:

Title: Mischief Master Class
Author: Snoopy and Annette Vivian (Read more about them @ Snoopy’s Dogblog)
Language: English
Pages: 100 pages
Rating: 4 books

You can read how happy Kroten was when the book finally came to our home at Underneath The Shell.

This review is posted at 2 blogs at the same time 🙂 at Underneath The Shell and Polychrome Interest.


  1. It sounds like a fun book. I think just about every pet does something mischievous. Better not let your pets get a hold of it though, as there might be an epidemic of mischievousness!

        1. Auch…that’s a worse problem than mine. At least Kroten hasn’t taught my other turtles to pee all over the house (yup, Kroten often pee as she pleases.)

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