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Before finding The Mighty Boosh, I never thought that a TV Show can have a national tour and I never know that a comedian can be like a pop/rock star.

The Mighty Boosh Live started from 1 February 2006 to 18 April 2006. The five guys of The Mighty Boosh, Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding, Rich Fulcher, Mike Fielding and Dave Brown toured across the country to do 55 shows in total.

Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding had been doing small stage since they found each other…their double act always showed a kind of story, not simply a stand up piece. I remembered an interview saying that they often warmed the audience up by doing normal stand up and once the audience was pumped up, they began their piece which often made people confused. Anyone who had seen the Mighty Boosh knows perfectly well how odd their comedy is…but just like the TV Show that came after that small stage, they slowly gaining fans and even TV People.

Julian said that when the TV people saw their live stage-show, they said how can they turn such good stage performance into a TV show? They look great live. But when they had made it into TV Show and proposed a live tour, the TV people said how can they turn such good TV show into a live stage? … Silly question, don’t you think? The Mighty Boosh rooted from live stage-show, it was easy for them to do it again.

Julian and Noel were quite surprised in a pleasant way when they realized that they have been loved by many people. The show was a huge success. The fans were insane, a lot of them came in costume as one of The Mighty Boosh characters.

They recorded their Live Stage-show and released it as DVD on 13 November 2006. It was a show at Brixton Academy. The show was as hilarious as the TV Show. I couldn’t stop laughing and wishing I was there seeing them live.

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The show began with Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding welcoming the audience and introducing themselves ad Vince Noir and Howard Moon. They began talking with each other and we can see how well they work together…they are such a great double act. They know their timing well. They did a small comic theatrical act called Pie…which was very silly.

After the silly pie act, they introduce the rest of The Mighty Boosh: Naboo the enigma played by Mike Fielding, Bollo the gorilla played by Dave Brown, and Bob Fossil played by Rich Fulcher. Each character has their own moment to be comic…my favorite is when they introduced Bollo, it was the funniest out of three…in my opinion.

…and finally, the first half of the show began!

It’s a little piece we’ve written for you, I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s simply called “The Ruby of Kokundo”

The story was basically a mix of their well-known “TUNDRA” from their Radio Show, TV Show and their Edinburg show Arctic Boosh…with some addition.

Noel changed his shirt into his famous Mirrorball Suit (looking extremely sexy) and Julian changed his formal suit into his trade-mark shirt. They were both playing as shop keepers. Naboo owned the shop. An archeologist left a box for Naboo but Howard opened the box and found it empty. But the box was not empty at all, once Howard left the room, The Piper Twin and The Hitcher came out of the box…and of course, it’s impossible to have The Hitcher without his song (you can see and hear it HERE). I love the song so much, I have it as my ring tone for months. The Hitcher is supposed to be a green man but since they didn’t have time to put color on Noel’s face, so he only wore hat and white wig.

It was fun seeing how Noel changed so much from him being Vince Noir (who is so similar to his real personality) to him being The Hitcher. His way of telling story was also different, no more ‘yeah’ and ‘right’ on the end of his sentences when he became The Hitcher.

The Hitcher stabbed Naboo and Bollo told Vince and Howard that to save Naboo, they have to find the scared Ruby of Kokundo in either Spain or Arctic Tundra.

And that’s the end of first half. Vince went to Spain and Howard to Arctic Tundra.

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The second half was opened by The Moon.

I am not going to talk much about the second half as it will give too many spoilers…even though I know for sure you knowing the whole story will not spoiled the comic effect as I didn’t give any spoiler on the jokes 😉

Anyway, Howard went to the Arctic and Vince to Spain to retrieve the Ruby.


What I like the most about this Live Show is how carefree they were! They danced and sang and did silly things as if they were children when they were actually men in their thirties. I also like the double act moment, Julian and Noel are clearly made for each other.

I also like the back stage part in the extra. We can see their rehearsal, what’s going on behind the show and the people involved in the back stage. We can also see how the five of them tried to switch their costume as fast as they can because the whole show is only filled with the five of them as many characters. There are also some interviews with the fans.

In short…I totally ENJOY the stage show. I have seen it three times and it gets funnier every time I rewatch it.

Live Stage Show Details:

Director: Paul King
Cast and Characters:

Julian Barratt : Howard moon, Rudy, Yeti.
Noel Fielding: Vince Noir, The Hitcher, The Moon, The Arctic Man, Old Gregg.
Rich Fulcher: Bob Fossil, the ancient Yeti, Archeologist, The Piper Twin, a Spanish man, the Forest, the Big Leg Detective.
Mike Fielding: Naboo, the ancient Yeti, a Spanish man, Black Rider.
Dave Brown: Bollo, the ancient Yeti, The Piper Twin, a Spanish man.
Matt Berry: special guest.

 Rating: 5 stars

The Mighty Boosh Live



    • Aaaahhh… I forgot to mention that!! Yes they came dressed up as the characters…Noel also mentioned in of the interviews that he even saw a man dressed as Bollo the gorilla…imagine that! Even the small part character like a sport calender has been made into costume. The Boosh fans are amazing.

      Me too…I don’t know any other tv show that has a tour. They even have 2 national tours. Their second tour filledvup the massive O2 arena. I’ll review the second one next month.

  1. I watched the first season of their TV show, and have seen some of the second season. It is pretty funny. I probably wouldn’t have heard about them if you hadn’t mentioned them.

    • Yaaaiii…you have just made every second I spent to write EVERYthing about The Boosh worthed!!
      When I started writing it, I know for sure it’ll be a post with least reader because many would think what is she talking about? Despite the fact I spent long time to write it.
      BUT….knowing someone actually watch it and like it (doesn’t have to love it as much as I do) has totally paid it all off. Thank you , Peter.

      I suggest you watch this live after season 2…this is also fun and not as sureal as their tv show. The music is also better live than in TV.

      • You’re welcome, Novroz! It was fun to see something that I had never heard of before. And since I really like British humor, I figured it was worth a try. I’m borrowing the Boosh DVDs from the library. They have the three seasons of it, but not the live version. Maybe it’s on Youtube.

        To second Novroz’s opinion, if you like British humor, or wacky humor, I’d recommend giving The Mighty Boosh a try.

          • I kind of liked their TV show better. Of all the episodes, I think I liked the desert isle one the best.

          • Me too!! But I think for people who can’t enjoy surreal comedy…the tour is a good choice. I like both in a different way.
            Desert Isle? do you mean The Nightmare of Milky Joe? if so, that’s one of my favorites too…so hilarious.

          • Even the interview about that episode was funny.

            Noel: We started making friend with the coconut
            Julian: …and then we made the show

            They said it was inspired by Cast Away.

  2. So it’s not just a comedy routine. It’s an entire story. Seriously cool. I’m going to have to come back later and watch the whole thing. What little I watched has so many language differences. “Shelf” instead of balcony or main floor, stuff like that.

    • The story begins at minute 40, before that they just chatted around and introduced themselves…but even so, that kind of opening is still funny.

      I think you’ll find quite many differences there…I really like their swearing word like ‘twat’ . Oh I forgot to mention, there is quite a lot of swearing here.

        • Me too 🙂 as long as the swearing is not overdone, I don’t mind at all.

          Oh…I didn’t know that because I have never heard it in any American movies/series before but heard it a lot in the British ones.

  3. Given how wacky Noel & his partner is, I could see this doing well as a stage play. I bet you’re dying to see Noel live right Nov? 😉

    • Oh…I am!!! If they finally decide to come back together again (they still love each other and hang out together but they are on break when it comes to comedy) …well when they do come back and visit Aussie, I will try to find a way to see their tour there….I am crossing my fingers 😉

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