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Across the world in search for amazing movies

Last year, Caroline @ Beauty is a Sleeping cat hosted World Cinema Series, sort of like a blog challenge. I often joined book challenge and never done any movie challenge till last year. There are so many movie blogathon but a movie challenge is quite rare. So, I jumped in on the challenge straight away.

I had great time watching movies from several countries, they were:

  1. Låt den rätte komma in – Let The Right One In (Sweden)
  2. 十三人の刺客 – 13 Assassins (Japan)
  3. Amazing Grace  (England)
  4. The Wind That Shakes The Barley & Perrier’s Bounty (Ireland)
  5. The Raid : Redemption (Indonesia)
  6. Prometheus (US)
  7. Pintu Terlarang (Indonesia)
  8. Napola – Elite für den Führer (Germany)

This year, Caroline hosted the same event again…yaaiiii \(^_^)/

I hope I have more countries to cover now. And unlike last year, this year I will do a lot of double review (not only for World Cinema Series…you’ll find most my movie review this year as double review which means two movies in one post).

I have begun my first movies last week, they were from England (the second country I would love to visit if lady luck visited me one day). I actually have tons of British movies ready to be watched…if only I can share them all 😉

Just like last year, I will use my map to show where the country is (with a bit of editing)

Here are the movies I have watched:

Movies I will watch:

  • From Indonesia: Not yet decided.
  • From Iran: Separation (I have to watch it this year!!)
  • From Ireland : When Harry Becomes a Tree (part of my Monthly Murphy)
  • From Sweden: The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet Nest & The Girl Who Played With fire
  • From Thailand: Chocolate & Raging Phoenix
  • From USA: Warrior & The Perk Of Being A Wallflower

Note: Some of them might end one as a one movie review if I think the movie is TOO amazing to be reviewed alongside another movie 😉

Go Check Caroline’s page to read more about World Cinema Series and come and join us 🙂 Caroline promises to give a DVD or a voucher to everyone who reviewed the most country.

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