2 Final Flashes – Martha’s Decision

Previous story: Little Black Book, Disturbed Memory, Reality or Imagination, Dilemma, Weekend With a Killer.

This flash is the ending 🙂

The word I use is CORNER:

Martha’s Decision

Martha dropped her Saturday newspaper, another woman was missing. John was still sleeping on his room. She couldn’t live with the guilt of ever raising a murderer, but she loved him dearly. Her mind was fighting a difficult battle.

A decision had been made.

She put sleeping pills on John’s tea. She dragged the unconscious John to a small room in the corner of her basement. She locked him inside.

Dear John, you will never hurt another woman again from now on. And no police will come to take you away from me. You will be here with me forever and I will take good care of you.” whispered Marta.

She sat in front of the door, waiting for John to wake up.

Total: 123 words

Flash in The Pan is hosted by Red at Mommy’s Money Matter.

You can see all the flashes at Red’s Blog.

Yaaaiii…can’t believe I ended up writing 11 flashes!! The bold ones are the ones I have written and you click on the words if you missed them.

  1. Pepper (75)
  2. Squeak (75)
  3. Ripple (75)
  4. Drug (75)
  5. Wake (125)
  6. Corner (125)
  7. Book (125)
  8. Fire (125)
  9. Ring (100)
  10. Fish (100)
  11. Mark (100)
  12. Flash (100)

Hot Flash

  1. Trace (50)
  2. Dance (50)
  3. Stock (50)

Looking forward to write another flash and maybe I can start my short story again.  I am also hoping I can write a Novella before 2013 ends….wish me luck 🙂


  1. That would be a weird feeling. I often wonder when I watch movies or documentaries how the loved ones of the killer took the news.

  2. That’s an ending I didn’t anticipate! It better be a strong, soundproof basement.
    And then one day something happens to the mother and John is still locked in the basement. . .

    1. I didn’t want it to end in anyone’s advantage. Sending John to prison break Martha’s heart but keeping him loose will only add more girls on his list.

      What happen next is up to you to imagine 😉 it’s an open ending.

    1. I know 🙂
      I was thnking of sharing it in The Serialist after I posted the last 3 flashes…but I have second thought because my series ends today.

      I am thinking of making another series which aren’t flash fiction….then I will definitely share it on The Serialist 🙂

      John wil say nothing because the story ends open like this.

  3. That’s how it ends?
    I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a son like this.
    I also really wonder whether these people are really born like that. What do you think?

    1. Yup…that’s how it ends 😉 I am a bit lazy to make it longer. I am a bad writer!

      That’s a very difficult question. Maybe it comes from birth but it can also be from something he saw when he as a kid. I am not really sure tho.

  4. Ooohhh!! Nice ending Novia…. but you leave room for more, 😉

    This wee Catgirl has seen lots of movies like this… the killer always manages to escape just in time for the sequel. Yep. Always happens, Hehehe!!

    1. Thank you Miyuki 🙂
      Hahaha I guess there’s room for more, but a sequel always depends on the writer and this writer is not a big fan of sequel ;p

  5. Wow, now you’ve got yourself your own completed serial. Yay!
    Have you watch Kokuhaku (Confessions)? It’s also display how disturbing it is to deal with crime committed by the one that is close to you: even more, related by blood. Wew. Good luck for your upcoming novella, Nov. 🙂

    1. Thank you Dhitz 🙂
      No I haven’t even heard of it yet. Someone should make a book of that Ryan guy, do you remember? the serial killer in Indonesia. The first body was found not far from my old house.

      Thank you…I hope I can accomplish that 😉 …gambare!!

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