Never Mind The Buzzcocks Series 26 Episode 7 to 13

It’s over 😦

I can’t believe the 26th series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks is finally over!! I have to wait till September 2013. I won’t expect it to be anytime sooner because Noel is going to be very busy with his sketch show, Luxury Comedy, early 2013.

Although I am really sad that my favorite TVShow, which I impatiently waited every Tuesday morning (Monday night in England), is over and I have nothing to wait for every week now…BUT I had great fun watching the whole series. Hilarious show.

Compared to the first half, I have shared it before (NMTB Series 26 Episode 01-06), this second half is far funnier than the first half. Most of my favorite episodes of the 26th series are in this second half. I said in my previous review that out of 6 episodes, I only have 2 favorite episodes (episode 4 and 6)…meanwhile in this second half, I like all the episodes! Each episode has its own level of craziness. I’d love to put all the videos here but it’ll make this post too long…So, I will only share 4 videos which I think better than the two I left behind.

Once again, a big shouts out to Rikki Sixx who has uploaded the videos…she is an angel and a dedicated Fieldmouse. All the videos I put here and all the links belong to her.

Here are what I think of episode 7 to episode 13.

Episode 7

Host : Richard Ayoade
Noel’s Team: Ed Sheeran and Caroline Flack
Phill’s Team : Shingai Soniwa and Mathew Crosby

RICHARD AYOADE!!!!!! His appearance alone has made me impatiently waiting for this episode. I love Richard (he is in my honorable mention of 5 favorite British Entertainers). The way Richard makes jokes with a very serious face always cracks me up. In this episode, he seems so serious but keeps saying things that make people laugh (including me). It’s always a blast seeing Noel and Richard in one show…both of them are amazing. I also read that Dave Brown came to the show, well with 2 of his friends in the quiz, no surprise he also shows up there 😉 . The funniest panelist in this is clearly Ed Sheeran!! He becomes the object of people’s joke after he said something about his sexual life. I love how Noel seems affectionate toward him and says “I slightly love you” and the hug between them is just too adorable.

Click on the image to see it larger 🙂

Here’s the video:

Episode 8

Host : Richard Madeley
Noel’s Team: Heidi Range and Seann Walsh
Phill’s Team : Andrew O’Neill and Maverick Sabre.

I have no idea who Richard Madeley is…but man, he is handsome and charming! I look him up in wikipedia and it turns out that he is a serious presenter…he has amazing charm for a man over 50. This episode is the 250th episode of Buzzcocks (its first show was back 15 years ago). The line-ups are special from the first episode. The one that stands up the most in this episode is Seann Walsh…he is Crazy with a capital C!! Unfortunately, the other two panelists don’t contribute much in the jokes.
Youtube Link

S26 E08

Episode 9

Host : Alex Horne (And the Horne Section)
Noel’s Team: Paloma Faith and Tony Law
Phill’s Team : Louis Smith  and Josh Widdecome

I love Paloma and Noel ever since I saw them together for the first time in Series 23, they were on difference teams but still there’s chemistry between them. They were in the same team in series 24. When I know Noel is going to team up again with Paloma and Tony Law…I feel so excited (although truth be told, I prefer the old abstract team with Tony and Stacey). There are so many gimmicks in this episode. I like Alex Horne and his Section, they play all the songs in this episode and also sing songs with funny lyric. Everyone contributes in the jokes (I always like episode where everyone trying to be funny). And I absolutely adore Noel’s Mousecat outfit. Definitely one of my favorite episodes in the series.

Click on the image to see it better

Here’s the video:

Episode 10

Host : Stephen Mangan
Noel’s Team: Sway and Katherine Ryan
Phill’s Team : Michelle Heaton  and Kayvan Novak

It’s a World Music Appreciation Special. Again, this is one of my favorite episodes. Funny thing is, the comedian Kayvan Novak is the least funny of all!! Sway is not funny either but he can still make me smile. The one that stands up the most is Katherine Ryan…I really like her style. She is a gossip girl with attitude! She is my favorite in this episode. The intro round is the funniest part in this episode, especially the second song in Noel’s team…everyone ruins the song which is really funny.
Youtube Link

S26 E10

Side Note: My screencap of this episode is the most popular post I have ever posted in tumblr 😉 > I titled it Stop Being So Cute!

Episode 11

Host : Liza tarbuck
Noel’s Team: Jason Manford and Rita Ora
Phill’s Team : Jameela Jamil and Labrinth

I love this episode!!! If you REALLY read my review of the Buzzcocks, you’ll notice the pattern that I often like the one where everyone in the show is going mental…this episode is one of those. Everybody is just freakin crazy…can I just say that the British are insane in a good way! The jokes are so simple and yet really hit the nail .I have no idea who Rita Ora is but she is very funny and I like how she and Noel interact. I even did this special post on my tumblr, I called it There’s Something Going On Between Them 😉 Jameela Jamil and Labrinth are also funny in their own way. Jason Manford is a comedian, so we can expect him to be funny. And the team captains…well Noel is hilarious as well as Phill. Liza Tarbuck should host the Buzzcocks again, I really like her. My favorite part is at 12.54 when we find out that Noel Fielding is also fluent in underwater language 😉

S26 E11

Here’s the video:

Episode 12

Because hey wanted the Christmas special episode to be shown near Christmas, they put the summary of the whole series (excluding the last one) before the series ends. Usually, the summary was aired in the end. This 12th episode is quite fun for people who only want to see the jokes. I like it BUT I like the way they did summary of series 25 more, because at that time they shared the outtakes…this time, it’s simply cutting the already aired episodes…nothing new.
Youtube Link

Episode 13

Host : Bob Mortimer
Noel’s Team: Joey Page and DJ Fresh
Phill’s Team: Mel C and Russell Tovey

BEST EPISODE OF THE SERIES!!! Not everyone is being funny here but man do I laugh like crazy! Seriously, Bob Mortimer should be the host of Buzzcocks more often. He is a natural comic. It’s really nice to see Bob, Noel and Joey at the same show…Bob is one of Noel’s influences, we can see clearly that Noel sort of like a fangirl in this episode. The three of them (Bob, Noel and Joey) are surreal comedians…you can see that Noel and Joey laugh the hardest on Bob’s jokes as they have the comedy genre. Phill also gets the jokes…but I sense that Russel, DJ Fresh and Mel C are sometimes a bit off and couldn’t understand the jokes. Fortunately, I get the jokes and I laugh all the time…crazy show!!

S26 E13

Bob twitted about Noel…and I bet Noel is very happy with the twit 🙂

Bob on Noel

Here’s the video:


I am so lucky to have found this crazy comedy panel show…a big thank you to Doctor Who because the first show I saw was of Doctor Who Special. Thanks to Buzzcocks, I finally know an amazing British Comedian, Noel Fielding whom then led me to the best comedy ever, The Mighty Boosh.

Now, just like before, I want to close this post with my favorite Noel’s outfit. And…(drum rolls)…it’s definitely his dress in the last episode! Just look at how amazing that is!! From top to bottom…PERFECT!! Reminds me so much of the flamboyant Vince Noir (Noel’s character in The Mighty Boosh)


Can’t wait for September/October 2013 to come 🙂

10 thoughts on “Never Mind The Buzzcocks Series 26 Episode 7 to 13

  1. I’m also excited for September 2013 but for a different reason. I hope to be in New York city for the US Open to watch some of the tennis. I hope it arrives quickly for both of us.

  2. That Christmas dress! Priceless. 🙂
    Whe I have to stop a series for some reason or other it’s not exactly the same again. Don’t you mind it? Maybe it’s different because it’s comedy and not a story as such?
    September will be here sooner than you know.

    1. Hear hear!! The second I saw him in that dress (I saw the picture of him wearing it before I saw the show) I knew he would look great in it!! His androgyny shines out.

      No, I never mind it. I have been in situation where I have to wait for another year to see the next series (or season as American call it) so often. I had waited impatiently year after year when The X Files was still on air. And remember Sherlock? I am still waiting for the third series.

      I know 😉 at least before September, I have Noel’s sketch show to wait every week.

  3. At least you can look forward to September.

    OMG, Noel in a dress is too funny! I love it.

    I’m listening to the embedded videos and giggling when I’m supposed to be getting ready to go out to dinner.

    1. Yeah…that’s true 😉 although it’s still far away but it’s nice to have a TV show I can wait for.

      I like it when he dresses in the most unusual way possible. And he loves wearing dresses 😉

      Horaay…I am glad you listen to them and find it funny too.

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