Books I Read in 2012 and My Top 5 Favorite Books

Click this button to see my other top-5 list
Click this button to see my other top-5 list

Can’t believe 2012 is about to end. It’s time for my top 5 favorite books I read in 2012 (I feel like I have just done this few months ago).

This year, I didn’t read as much as I used to. The reason is because early this year I was in grief and grief made me unable to imagine things (it even made me stop writing my short stories/flash). I spent more time in watching TVseries and movies because they could make me forget things. Beside that, 2012 has been the year with the most unfinished books….I think it was more than 5 books.

You can see the list of all the books I have read plus the links at PAGE 2 (Only 14 books, 67 graphic novels and 8 short stories)

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Let’s move on to my favorite books in 2012 (I am excluding One Piece because I re-read that manga every year…it’s a routine and it doesn’t seem fair to put it in the list)…Remember, these are my favorite books, it doesn’t mean they are the best books I read in 2012, they are simply the books I enjoy the most.

20th century

#5 20th Century Ghost by Joe Hill

20th Century Ghost is a collection of short stories by Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King. This book shows that even though Joe also writes horror and thriller but he manages to do it differently to his father. I can’t quite explain what’s the different, you’ll know it if you have read as much King’s book as I am. One thing I can say is Joe has tendency to write surreal stories.

Although the title has ‘ghost’ word in it but the stories aren’t all scary. Some are surreal and bizarre, some are heart warming, and some are scary. I look forward to read more by him.

You can read my full review HERE.

Meetamorphosis Read by Benedict Cumberbatch

#4 The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

This is my first non-Stephen King Audio Book. It was narrated by the sexy voice Benedict Cumberbatch.

I listened to this without expecting anything…it was just because of Benny (he is one of my favorite actors), fortunately I ended up loving the story so much. In a way, I despised most of the characters here but I sympathized the main character so much. And since I have seen the things symbolized by the book in real life, it makes me like the book even more.

Read my full review HERE.


#3 Moribito – The Guradian of The Darkness by Nahoko Uehashi

I love the fantasy world that Uehashi-sensei has created for Moribito. The world is so original and still has strong elements of Japanese traditional values. Reading this book is not a hard work at all…she doesn’t need to make incredibly long description ion difficult words for us to imagine her beautiful imaginary world. It was like reading a manga rather than a novel.

The story is also more complex than the first book. The female warrior, Balsa, had to face her past and help her homeland at the same time.

I’d love to read the nest series but unfortunately there are only 2 series which have been translated to English 😦

Read my full review HERE.


#2 Carrie by Stephen King

Stephen King’s first book is amazing! I can see why he became famous afterward. The story itself is not something new (but I don’t know how it was back in the 70s, this theme might be new), it’s about girl being bullied and has the perfect weapon to gets back at her bullies.

Stephen King had clearly told the reader how the story would end but that doesn’t mean there are no surprises in the book. King keeps the suspense till the last page. I also like the way he wrote the story by including interviews and articles from newspapers. He was clearly influenced by Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Read My full review HERE.

#1 The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

There’s nothing much I can tell about this book. It’s clearly not as good and as complicated as The Lord of The Rings, but I still find the middle earth amazingly beautiful. Tolkien creating such incredible creature in the most beautiful land amongst all fantasy books itself has won me over.

I have read The Hobbit more than three times but still loving it. It’s a really fun book. I love everything about it.

Read my full review HERE.

There you have it… 5 Books I like the most in 2012 🙂

I really hope I can read more in 2013. So far I have one Stephen King’s book (will definitely add up to at least 3), one John Grisham’s book, Kesey’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest,  one Indian book, two Dean Koontz’s books, still waiting for 2 books to arrive on my mailbox, and planning to buy (and of course read) Noel Fielding’s The Scrimblings of a Madcap Shambelton.

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Mischief Master Class

Last but not least…do share your version of top 5 favorite books in 2012 🙂


  1. Three books I like a lot are on your list, The Hobbit, the Metamorphosis and Carrie. I’m very good at finishing books but this year I have a huge pile of unfinished books. Some of them are really good but something came up I stopped and didn’t get back in.

    1. I guess 2012 is not a good year to finish books 😉

      Some of my unfinished books have good story but they lingered too long and I am very easy to get bored.

  2. WOW, you’re such a bookworm, I envy you. I couldn’t even finish Anna Karenina and I barely got into Restless which I was hoping I’d finish during my vacation, ahah. Oh well, better luck next year 🙂

    1. I am not as book worm as last year because I read less than a half of last year’s book 😦 I will try to read more in 2013.

      Don’t worry Ruth…many has failed to finnish Anna Karerina because of its thickness.

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