A Letter to Mama

Dear Mama,

 How are you?

It’s been a year now since you left us. I hope you have a nice and comfortable sleep. And I hope Kame is keeping you company there. It’ll be thousands of years till we meet again. I hope you’ll still remember me by then.

Dear Mama,
It’s been a hard year for me but I am trying to move on everyday. Did you know that I often felt deep jealousy every time I see a mother and her daughter in a mall? We used to be like that. Walking around together, having a laugh and doing a bit of shopping. I miss those days, I miss you a lot. Thank you for being my best friend.

Dear Mama,
I hope you no longer feel pain. I hope you only feel peace now. I hope every pray I sent to you reached you.

I miss you so much.


It’s been a year now…I lost the person I can talk to every time I come home from work. How I wish I can have the same talk again even for just an hour. Even though when she was already really ill, she still listened to me. I have many friends and some very close friends, but she will always be the best-est friend I ever have. What I miss the most about her is talking to her…gossiping small things…laughing…and other things the two of us ever did together.

I know I shouldn’t be too sentimental or emotional or whatever you call it in a blog open for public…but I can’t help it. I should have written Indonesia Banget every 17 of each month, but I am not sure I can do that every December. Somehow December 17 now belongs to my mom.


My Mom (on the right) and my aunty


    • Hi Kathleen. Yeah, I was really close to her…she understood me better than my dad.
      It’s not like she had no flaws, she was still annoying sometimes (like most mothers) but most of the time she was my friend.

  1. I see nothing wrong with being sentimental on a day like this. Must grief be private. It’s not like you are rubbing my nose in it or anything. It is simply how you feel, which is something i want to know.

  2. Your mama is a lovely woman. Allah keep her and I’m sure she is in a better place. It must be very hard for you but there is always a reason for everything.

    • Thank you Jo.
      It was and still is hard, but when she passed away, I felt relief because she could finally be in peace and the disease couldn’t hurt her anymore. She was struggling against the pain for years and it always broke my heart seeing her in pain.

  3. It is always important to remember those we love even when they are no longer with us. There’s no need to worry about being “too personal” here at your blog… Just know that all your many friends share your feelings and hope that you can take a little of our good wishes to help you keep the memories alive.

    My warmest **hug** for you dear Novia. 🙂

    • Thank you Steph ((hug))
      I accept her leaving us as it was God’s will, but no matter what, I can’t escape the feeling of how I miss her so much.

  4. Such a moving post. Novia.
    I hope you will together again, one day. I can imagine how it must feel. I wasn’t close to my mother and still I miss her. How much more intense must it be for you.

  5. This is a lovely posting Miss. Novia and of course you miss your mum this
    is really natural, she is and always will be your best-est friend as there are no
    boundaries when a heart loves as much as yours clearly does and I believe
    your prayers and reached her my sweet friend 🙂 It is an open blog but hey you
    love your mum and so that is okay to post and it does not matter who sees it
    as it just shows how much you care, and how much love still flows between
    you both, which is really beautiful Miss. Novia 🙂

    Have a very nice rest of week and a lovely weekend 🙂

    Andro xxx

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