Indo Bloggers Meet Up and The Mighty Boosh DVD

If someone told me that internet will never create friendship…that person is 100% WRONG. In my life as a blogger, I have met so many nice people whom I considered as friends. They help me get through the worst days of my life (when my mom and my pet died). Yes, it’s true that we only know each other through internet but somehow, for me, this long distance friendship is as important as real life friendship. I wish I can meet all my blogger friends across the world…but it’s a difficult dream.

When Ruth @ Flixchatter told me that she will come to Jakarta in the middle of December, I was ecstatic. She has been one of my long blogger friends and to my surprise she told me that she is an Indonesian who has been living in Minnesota for more than 10 years. Most of her family is still here in Jakarta.

Last Thursday (December 13, 2012), we finally met up…along with Andina @ Inspired Ground (whom I have met earlier when we both attended What’s Next After Blogging workshop) and Cecilia Rusli (she is one of Flixchatter’s contributors). We can easily called the meeting as Female Indo-Bloggers Gathering (although gathering sounds a bit like a lot of people instead of only the four of us 😉 )

The Ladies

Ruth and I met around 6, a bit earlier before the others arrived. The only photo of Ruth I have ever seen is the one for her gravatar:

Ruth's ava

She is not far different from her ava 😉

I was quite surprised, in a pleasant way, that when she talks in Bahasa Indonesia she still has thick Javanese accent. I find that very amusing because she has been living in the State for so many years and yet still maintains her native accent. I am glad that she is as chatterbox as I am and very expressive when talking actors she finds very handsome…she reminds me so much of…me! 😉 hehehe you know how crazy I am when talking about my fav celebrities.

Andina came after me. She came to our meeting point straight from work. I was the only one who was not working at that day. Even though Andina is not as chatterbox as me and Ruth but we still connect really well. I have met her before, she is easy to get along with…and I am hoping we can watch movie together again (although our movie taste is a bit different).

Cecilia came last. She is a VERY tall girl. Well the truth is…everyone is tall but me, I feel like a hobbit among normal people 😉 I have only talked to Cecilia once through comment on one of her posts at Flixchatter. Compared to Ruth and Andina, she was (at that time) a perfect stranger for me…but even so, we started talking without any awkwardness between us.

Since the four of us are movie freaks, our talks always came back to movie related stuffs. We laughed quite a lot, people around us could easily thought that we were just having occasional girl’s night out…I bet no one thought that we all just met for the first time.

It was a blast meeting those wonderful women 🙂 too bad my friend, Wulan, couldn’t come because she had class to attend.

I sure hope we can meet up again, well probably only the three of us because it might take years for Ruth to come back to Jakarta again (when you come back again…do let us know, Ruth!).

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Thank you for the wonderful night, Gals 🙂


It’s time to share the second story of this post 🙂

Me and The Mighty Boosh DVDKnowing that Ruth is going to come to Jakarta, I instantly thought that maybe I could ask her a favor. I don’t have credit card but I REALLY want to have the original DVD of the best comedy show I have seen so far, The Mighty Boosh. I have the Boosh in form of downloaded file…and as always, when I fell in love with something, I want to have the original. I can’t even find people who know The Mighty Boosh let alone finding the DVD here.

Ruth was so kind. She replied me straight away, without any hesitation that she will buy it for me and I can repay it in Jakarta…horaaay \(^_^)/

The DVD is amazing!!!

First, look at the packaging!!

Click on the gallery/image to see it better, or see it on my tumblr.

There are 7 DVDs in it. 2 DVDs for one series and 1 DVD for extra. I have never bought DVD from another country (except for L’Arc~en~Ciel live DVD) and the ones I have (sent by Caroline and Marc) are as plain as Indonesian edition DVDs. What I mean by plain is there’s not so much extra in it.

I am still busy with my work (my school is having final exam) so I still haven’t got time to explore the whole DVD…BUT I have watched the extra DVD last night. I didn’t expect that it has so many Easter eggs!!! I couldn’t stop watching, I was searching what else could I find in this DVD. Wait for several minute at one menu…baam…suddenly new little arrow or little Boosh head shows up. Click it and I get to see another footage. I haven’t finished exploring that DVD because there are so many to explore.

I will do a proper review of this DVD once I have finished watching every bit of it.

In short, it worth every cent of my money!!!

Thank you Ruth for bringing it to Jakarta 🙂


  1. Ah, I know what you mean because I met a fellow blogger earlier this year at a film festival and we instantly connected as cinephiles. Andina is totally cool even though her taste in films is totally different to mine. I look forward to your review of the Boosh DVD. I only have the first season and a book. I should really get the rest!

    1. I think even though we never see each other but through blogging we get to know the other person a little bit…plus people with same hobby can easily connect with each other.

      Hear hear!! She totally has different taste to mine but it’s still fun hanging out with her.

      I will probably post it early next year even though I finished my journey this month…so many to post on the last week of every year. I want to buy the book too…but it can wait.

  2. 😀 Thank you for the kind words. Let’s watch a movie together 🙂 Perhaps join that Moviegoers ID thing (if we’re lucky to catch the schedule, I usually can’t match the schedule). I wish I can come earlier and talk more you know. Never occur to me that we might actually meet at the same time, since you know sometimes we plan things but never do it. I know what you mean, if people see us they might not think that that was our first meeting 🙂 Had a great time meeting you gals!

    1. You are more than welcome 🙂
      I’d loved to join that Moviegoers ID but the time and place are things to be considered. I wish I can go to The Hobbit viewing this morning…the timing was so wrong.

      We all clicked straight away. It was like meeting old friends instead of new friends 😉

  3. So nice to see you have a fun meeting with far away friends! 🙂

    You are a tiny woman too! I see you in pictures with your students and it isn’t so noticeable, but the other ladies practically tower over lil’ you in these!!

    I hope that you all will be able to get together again sometime….. but these will be great memories to last till then. 😉

    1. Hehe I am only 5 ft … maybe less because I am not sure how you converse cm to ft. I am even smaller than my highschool students 😉
      like I said, I am a hobbit among normal people.

      It’s easy to meet Andina and Cecil again…but I have to wait at least 10years to meet Ruth again.
      Maybe one day I can meet you…any plan to come to Jakarta, Miyuki? 😉

      1. Hahaha!! You are the hobbit of Jakarta? (Hmmmmm? Do you have the hairy feet too? 😉 )
        At 5′ 1″, I’m told that I’m 155cm in metric measure. You can find out the conversion by typing “XXX cm = ft.” into Google search terms (replacing the XXX with your height) and a nice lil’ calculator pops up to tell you. 😉
        I’d like to maybe visit Okinawa someday to see where my Mom and Grandma came from originally, and if I ever do I’d love to sneak in a “side trip” to Jakarta to visit…. so who knows?

        1. Fortunately I don’t have hairy feet…it would be cool to have them tho 😉
          Based on the way you told me, apparently I am not even 5 ft tall … it’s 4.92126 ft!

          Okinawa…My friend just came back from Okinawa. She do Okinawa Taiko dance and she speaks Japanese fluently. Have you ever seen Okinawa Taiko? Their uniform is Batik-ish (a bit like Indonesian traditional style called batik).
          Japan and Indonesia aren’t as far as US to Indonesia, so a “side trip” is a must ;p

          1. Oooohh!! 4′ 11″….. Finally someone is shorter than lil’ me!! You may not be a real Hobbit but you are tall enough to be the official “Queen of the Hobbits”…. 🙂

            I have seen a Taiko performance back when I was in college when a performance group played at our Music department. I don’t remember the costumes, but I do remember how loud it all was!!

          2. I am not surprise I am shorter than you 😉
            If I am the Queen…I would make Frodo my trusted royal staff 😉

            I wonder is it Okinawa Taiko that you’ve seen or just Taiko. They are quite different. Okinawa Taiko has dance in it. I uploaded the video once but youtube has deleted my account because of other videos that have copyright issues. I will upload my own videos again one day.

            Here’s what I found in youtube>

    1. Because I write my blog in English, I rarely have fellow bloggers from my country…this is my first time meeting other bloggers from outside Indonesia.

      How fun you have monthly meet-up like that.

  4. I’ve met a number of my internet friends, and have found them to be very much the same in person and online. I’m very, very grateful for the internet because of them.

    1. Me too….I met plenty internet friends from Indonesia…it was the first time from abroad.
      It’s nice to know that a lot of people I know are not faking themselves in internet.

  5. How lovely to meet fellow bloggers. And DVD really is a special treat.
    You really enjoyed yourself. I can’t converse ft to cm … I have no clue how tall I am or if you are small. Maybe Ruth is huge?:)

    1. Yeah…it was a sun and lovely night 🙂
      It’s nice how we can connect straight away without any hesitation or whatsoever.

      Oh…the DVD is AMAZING!!! it’s a show I really really like and it has so many extras. I am going to spend some of my holidays to go through ever footage in that DVD.

      I am 150cm, Indonesia uses cm and that’s why it always confuses me when reading/watching a book/movie which uses ft as a measurement. I do believe I am the small one and Ruth is average. My students are towering over me and they are much younger than me 😉

  6. How wonderful to meet some of your blogging friends. I didn’t know how many friends I would make when I started blogging. It’s one of the aspects that surprised me the most and gives me the most enjoyment from blogging.

    1. Same here 🙂
      When I started it, it was merely me sharing whatever I like…not sure I would get a reader let alone friends. So happy I have so many friends now and I found out new things everyday.

  7. Hi Novia! I’ve just started on catching up on ppl’s blogs today as I was so tired after I got back from Kauai. It was fun meeting you, Andina and Cecilia. Glad you enjoyed the dvd, it was so fun to see your huge smile as I gave it to you 😉 Hope we can see each other again soon!

    1. Welcome back Ruth 🙂
      I hope you had great fun on your holiday.

      It was really fun hanging out with you, Andina and Cecil 🙂

      I am forever grateful to you for that DVD because I wasn’t sure I can have it sent here. I love that DVD so much.

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