Never Mind The Buzzcocks Series 26 Episode 1 to 6

BuzzcocksTitleCardMy favorite comedy panel is almost over 😦

I think it’s the perfect time to share what I think about the series. It’s impossible to put ALL 12 episode in one post, so I talk half of it now and another half next week. Next week will be the last episode…I feel sad already 😦

Never Mind The Buzzcocks has been the only show I wait every week!! Since I stop watching Local TV (the quality of Indonesian TV station has decreased to a point where I no longer care if I don’t have television set in my house anymore) I miss the excitement of waiting for a show every week…I am so happy to have found NMTB because I have something to wait for every week.

In UK, NMTB was aired on Monday at 10pm which is Tuesday morning here in Jakarta. Every Tuesday morning, I woke up searching for anyone to upload it on youtube or torrentz. I don’t have cableTV and have no intention of subscribing one as none of the TV Cable companies provide BBC….it’ll be useless to subscribe them.

Fortunately, Rikki Sixx always upload them on her youtube channel…she is an angel. Then for my collection, I downloaded them from torrentz 🙂 (no disrespect to the producers and the people involved in the show…but I have no other way to own the show…I’ll gladly buy the DVD if they released it)

Let’s look back on the whole episode in series 26 and how I feel about each episode. However, I must warn you that sometimes I am a bit one sided here …well, after all he is the main reason I started following this show 😉

Episode 1

Host : Kathy Burke.
Noel’s Team: Mark Hoppus and Greg Rutherford
Phill’s Team : Fazer and Sarah Milican

As an opening episode, I think it’s not as funny as I hope it to be. I like Sarah but she isn’t as funny as she was in previous Buzzcocks series. Fazer and Greg aren’t funny at all. Mark is quite good, he tries some jokes and I kinda like his serious way of telling jokes. I don’t know why Phill is less chatty than usual. Fortunately Noel is still chatty he doesn’t share many jokes here. I really like Kathy…she is funny in her own way. Her funny moves when they play the intro from Survival sticks in my head every time I listen to the song. The identity parade in this episode is quite fun because we got to see the Nirvana baby all grown up.
Youtube Link

S26 E01

Episode 2

Host : Example
Noel’s Team: Wretch 32 and Rufus Hound
Phill’s Team: Lianne La havas and Gareth Malone

Still not as hilarious as I expect but it still has some funny parts that I really enjoy. Example is very boring and the game of getting to know each other between Wretch and Gareth is just not fun at all. The only one being hilarious is Rufus (apart from Noel). I especially like that Horse Cock joke…but the best about this episode is the eye candies. Noel (the most good looking British I ever saw) and the cute Gareth sitting next to each other…it’s a heaven for sight.
Youtube Link

S26 E02

The eye candies:

Noel and Gareth
Noel and Gareth

Episode 3

Host : Jack Whitehall
Noel’s Team: Paul Foot and Mena Suvari
Phill’s Team : Danny Jones and Celia Pacquola

The most boring episode of all. All the jokes on American Pie are just off and meaningless. Poor Mina feels awkward. To top it off, the producer tries to make Noel doing an intro of Cold Play song, a band he genuinely hates. Paul Foot is not funny at all…for me, he tries hard to be funny and all gone flat. I really don’t get what’s so funny about him (maybe I should check his stand ups because Joey Page thinks he quite funny…maybe later). Noel is not as chatty as he used to, only at the beginning with the baby doll.
Youtube Link

S26 E03

Episode 4

Host : Nick Grimshaw
Noel’s Team: Nancy Dell’Olio and Connor Maynard
Phill’s Team : Fred McPherson and Joe Lycett

This episode is the funniest so far!that was what I said when I first saw it. Everyone seems so relax and we can see clearly that they all have fun with the quiz. It’s a DJ Special, they invite 3 well-known DJs. In the previous three episodes, Phil doesn’t talk much but here, he is a chatterbox. Everyone tries to be funny but in a natural way (unlike Paul Foot from previous episode). I like the way Nancy talks and Connor is very cooperative. Joe and Fred also contribute well in the jokes. After Grimshaw says that Noel and Nancy look like a married couple and Connor is their son, the three really act like one family…I enjoy that a lot. Funny thing is, I don’t mind seeing Nancy keeps touching Noel, I think she likes Noel 😉 (Who doesn’t?)

S26 E04

Here’s the video 🙂

Episode 5

Host : Lee Mack
Noel’s Professor Green’s Team: Lemar and Chris Ramsey
Phill’s Team :
Joe Wilkinson and Amy Macdonald

Noel wasn’t in this episode because he had gigs in Australia. Lee was asking “where’ Noel?” Lee and Noel once lived together when they are still in their early comic career. Unfortunately, Noel’s replacement was not funny at all…they should have put another comedian to fill his part. Professor Green is so NOT funny. Fortunately the rest of the panels are very funny. Lee Mack is the savior of the show (Tho I would love to see him with Noel again like in Series 24 episode 8)
Youtube Link

S26 E05

Episode 6

Host : Ne-yo
Noel’s Team: Stacey Solomon and Aiden Grimshaw
Phill’s Team : Delilah and David O’Doherty

Definitely one of my favorite episodes!! Despite the jetlag (Noel just got back from Aussie) Noel is very chatty and keeps making jokes…I love it! Even Phil looks so happy, he seems like he has the best time of his life, he keeps laughing happily. And when I know that one of the panelists is Stacey, I became so excited. I really like her since I saw how weird she could be in Series 26 episode 3. Even Noel said “you’re one of the weirdest person I have ever met, I like it”…so no surprise that she is once again in Noel’s team. Stacy is still as hilarious as before, she is not a comedian but she is really funny!! Even Noel and Phill always laugh so hard when she say something. David also makes great jokes. I don’t really like Delilah tho…too serious, Aiden is funnier than her. And Ne-Yo is so flat, there’s no element of funniness in him, I think he couldn’t get the British jokes.

S26 E06

Here’s the video 🙂


Out of all 6 episodes…or we can call it half series, 2 of them are my favorites in the wholes series. You can see the one I share in video…those are my favorites. I still get the kick out of it every time I re-watched it. Episode 4 and 6 are hilarious!!! Almost everyone in the panel is insane!! 🙂

And…from these six episodes, my favorite Noel’s outfit is in episode 4. I am going to be honest that if I saw ordinary man wearing this outfit, I would protest because it’s too bright and too many patterns…but Noel made it perfect for him….plus the pattern looks a bit like Indonesian batik 😉

Fav Noel's outfit

Can’t believe there’s only one more episode left…I am so going to miss this show and eagerly waiting for the next series (of course with Noel still in the team)

See you next week with another half of the Buzzcocks 🙂

Update: Series 26 Episode 7 – 13


  1. We stopped watching regular television when the USA went high definition. We had cable for a little while, but it got too expensive, and now an antenna doesn’t do much good.

    That’s a pretty wild shirt he has on. Fits him well.

    1. Why do you stop with high definition? is it because you have to change TV or something?

      I think everything fits him well…I mean I haven’t seen a single cloth that looks bad on him even though it probably looks bad on other person 😉

      1. We did change TV’s, but the TV only picks up two of the stations we used to watch, and it’s hard to navigate through the clicks to see them. We weren’t that big on TV to begin with.

    1. It all depends tho…I know for sure NMTB producers will not sack him because he keeps a lot of people watching the show…the problem will lie on his schedule.

      He has his comedy TVshow to make early next year…and I am still hoping for The Mighty Boosh movie. If he and Julian finally decided to work together again, the break is finally over, I am 100% sure he will leave NMTB. But I really don’t mind if that’s the case because Mighty Boosh is more important

  2. This is a fine posting, hey you have a
    true passion for this show Miss. Novia 🙂
    have a very nice day with lots of happy
    moments, hey and Santa might just call
    over to your house so be ready just in
    case 🙂 🙂

    Andro xxx

    1. Thank you Andro 🙂
      Yes I really love this show…even without Noel I will still watch it but I might not collect them anymore 😉

      Have a nice holiday Andro 🙂

  3. I watched the beginning of the episode 6 and it really is very funny. I need to take my time and watch it properly. But this wasn’t you favorite series or was it?
    I know how you feel… the end of favourite series is soo bad. But it frees up time for reading, right? 🙂

    1. yaii…glad you take your time to see it, even though only at the beginning 🙂
      Episode 6 is really funny as it gets to the middle.

      I don’t actually have fav series because each series has their own funny and not so funny episodes. I can only say which one is my fav episodes instead of fav series.

      Well…it doesn’t matter to me whether a series ends or not, my reading time won’t change bcoz I read on bus on the way to work or back to home.

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