Monday Movies: Love Is In the Air

Monday Movies

The title kinda gives impression it’s  SO NOT ME!! ;)

Apparently, in attempt to try watching all kind of movies, I ended up with 4 movies with love as it main theme. 3 of them are musical. HOWEVER, since the other three didn’t give good impression on me…I will just share a bit why I don’t like those movies.

In the past couple of weeks I watched The Decoy Bride (a romantic comedy starring the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant), Once, Little Shop of Horrors and Beloved. I only do full review on The Decoy Bride, the rest is more like why I don’t like them that much.

Once (2006) is something I watch because Cillian was offered to play in the movie but turned it down because he chose to be in an independent movie called The Wind That Shakes The Barley. I have to give big round of applause to Cillian as he clearly knew perfectly well which one is a better movie. Once is terribly BORING!!! The only thing that kept me from watching it is the soundtrack. The music in this movie is really beautiful and easy listening. I basically left the movie half through by twitting and replying comments on my blog. There isn’t any ups and downs moment in the movie that can keep me interested. You can read the story in wikipedia as I don’t even remember the leading characters’ names anymore. Rating: 1 star

Little Shop of Horrors (1986) is something I picked out of my friend’s movie collection because it sounds fun. I didn’t know it was a musical movie till I watched it 2 weeks ago. To be honest, I like this one better than Once. LSOH is a dark comedy and it has a fun side story beside the love related one…and I really enjoy it. An alien plant lived on eating human is really interesting. The music is also fun…in the spirit of rock and roll. Although I quite enjoy it, but I don’t think I will see it again. Review in Wikipedia. Rating: 2 stars

Beloved – Les Bien-aimés (2011) is something I watched because I though I can use it for my French movie for World Cinema Series…but I find it difficult to write a full review as I really don’t understand where the movie is going….plus, I am not a fan of infidelity movies. The story is just full of women (mother and daughter) acting as an easy lay. Other people might see it differently but for me the only good part about the movie which happens to be a musical is listening to them speaking in French. It’s a free movie so I don’t have anything to lose ;). You can read a better review on Inspired Ground. Rating: 2 stars (I think this movie is better than Once because it still has ups and downs moments which can make me interested once in a while)

I watched Beloved as part of ‘What’s Next After Blogging‘ workshop in Kineforum TIM, held by It was a workshop about people who success in movie industry because of blogging. One of the speakers was my student who graduated in 2008 😉 I wish I have more time to chat with him. The movie came right after the workshop…so I couldn’t chat much with him. I went to the workshop with Andina @ Inspired Ground .. it was fun meeting her 🙂 You can read bits of the workshop at her blog, Inspired Ground.


Now…let’s move on to the only movie I am going to review fully 🙂

The Decoy Bride (2011)

Decoy Bride

Director: Sheree Folkson
Starring: David Tennant, Kelly Macdonald, Alice Eve
Rating: 3,5 stars

Aw…the cute David Tennant is adorable in this movie. He is so tall and skinny and something about him made me want to put him in my pocket 😉 . I also like Kelly MacDonald, I first saw her in Intermission as Cillian’s girlfriend. She has an interesting beautiful face.

You know, I never been able to watch serious romantic movie because it always bored me (yeah I know, I am a weird woman who enjoys serial killer more than serial lover) however I made an exception toward romantic comedy…mostly because I love its comedy (..and that’s why I love Sandra Bullock!). When I found out that David Tennant is staring in a romantic comedy…I know I have to watch it!

James Arber (David Tennant) is a not so good writer who is loved by Lara Tyler (Alice Eve). Lara is claimed to be the most famous and beautiful actress in Hollywood. Paparazzi are swarming around her wedding. I feel that they way paparazzi hawk over her wedding are just a bit too exaggerated, but since it is a rom-com, I can accept that part a little. Lara decided to hold her wedding in a remote Scottish Island called Hegg. But even in Hegg, one determined paparazzi still able to find it. Lara runs away and her assistant makes his own decision to continue the wedding by bribing a local girl named Katie (Kelly Macdonald) to pretend to be Lara. Now that James married Kelly by mistake, will James still believe that Lara is his true love?

I believe you can easily guess the ending 😉 … we can easily guess the ending of all rom-com…what differentiate enjoyable rom-com with boring rom-com is the process that leads to the common happy ending.

I like how the couple, James and Katie, is not heaven and earth couple (like that too much of a fairy tale, Maid in Manhattan)…they are just ordinary people stuck in someone’s stardom. I love Kelly’s character, Katie, she is so funny and her accent is really cute. The chemistry between James and Katie is really fun to watch, Katie with her slightly in love feeling and James with his denial…they make such cute couple. Too bad David Tennant doesn’t use his Scottish Accent even though the movie is set in Scotland.

Katie and Jame


Those are the movies I watched recently…it seems that romance is still not my favorite genre, except for romantic comedy (not a favorite but I can still enjoy it).

You know…I quite enjoy watching movies in theme. My previous reviews were also in specific theme, like All Movies by Benedict Cumberbatch and Movies From the Great Britain. For the next review, I already have a perfect theme for it 😉

So…have you watched any of those movies above? What do you think…I bet you like it better than me 😉


  1. I actually really liked Once but amybe it was the Soundtrack. I haven’t seen any of the others and it’s a bit unlikely I will. I sometimes like romantic comedies as well. Or even romantic drama.
    I watched Becoming Jane yesterday and liked it a lot but it’s very sad.

    1. I can imagine Once being someone’s favorite movie…but not me, it’s just too plain. The soundtrack saves the movie, in my opinion.

      I have enough romance for months now…eager to see other more likeable genres now.

  2. Hahaha!! I feel better not to be the only woman for whom ordinary romance films can be sooooo boring. Not that I don’t like a good love story… but I like mine to have plenty of fantasy, action, comedy, or horror elements in them to spice them up for me.

    Probably why I cry every time I watch “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”…. now that is a romance.

    1. I know from your movie taste that you are somewhat like me, Miyuki 😉
      I just think plain love story is just too damn boring. I can take friendship story without any action scenes easier than love story. A family related movie is also better than total romance movie.

      I like Crouching Tiger…but it’s been so long ago, I am a bit vague with the detail now

      1. OMG!! I sooooo cried at the ending of that one when Chow Yun Fat’s character Master Li Mu Bai dies by poison just when he finally breaks his silence and tells Michele Yeoh’s Shu Lien that he loves her and always has. Carolyn teases me about how much of a weepy lil’ doofus I can be while watching Wuxia swordplay stories…

        For me…. the romantic elements of a story are so much better when they are part of such grand melodrama rather than the boring way modern stories tell us about love.

        But then… I’m an oddly emotional lil’ kitten and I like most of my stories to be painted with broad brushstrokes. 😉

        1. Ah!! now I remember…it was sad but I think I don’t cry like you 😉

          I completely agree with you!! romantic elements should be part of something bigger not the main focus of the story. It’s just plain boring if it only talks about love. It’s safe to say we are both odd movie viewers 😉

  3. I enjoyed Once, but I can see your point. It is a slow movie and I think that’s one of the things I enjoyed about it. For me, it was a refreshing break from overly complicated films that I can’t piece together. And I enjoyed the music. I haven’t seen Little Shop in years, but I do remember liking it–much different from Once. I hope you have been well!

    1. ah…on contrary, I enjoy complicated movies more…that’s why Matrix is one of my all time fav movies. Even for drama, I like the one with ups and downs emotion in it.

      The soundtrack is fun, that I admit!

      I have been well, just a bit tired 🙂

  4. I tried watching Once once, but I stopped 15 minutes in because – like you said – it felt flat. And this is coming from a romantic-movie fanatic! But I’m still curious about how the movie actually ends, so maybe one day I’ll give it another shot. And I completely agree, the soundtrack’s beautiful! No wonder they won an Oscar for Falling Slowly!

    As for The Decoy Bride, I would really love to watch this! Tennant is seriously starting to grow on me ever since I saw him in NMTB 🙂
    McDonald is actually Scottish and she did an amazing job in Disney’s Brave. It would’ve been a treat if both main characters used their native accents, right? Oh well. Maybe next time.

    1. Just like you, I was also curious about the ending, that’s why I kept the movie going while I was busy twitting and blogging 😉
      Let me tell you!! the ending is as flat as the movie!

      If you really want it, I can give you the file 😉
      If the Buzzcocks made you like Tennant…you’ll go crazy watching Doctor Who…the most charming doctor!
      Yeah, it would be great if both used Scottish.

  5. Sorry that you hated Once. I too hated the story when I first watched it. But I still listen to the soundtrack until now. One of the best soundtrack ever to me.
    On Beloved review; mother and daughter acting as an easy lay 😀 haha, I guess that’s another word for it. Well, children will copy their parents!

    1. I am just glad Cillian is not in that movie 😉 so I can move on and never see it again.
      I like the soundtrack but it hasn’t made it to my top5 fav soundtrack (just realized I haven’t made that kind of list before…will do it next year).

      Hehe all through the movie, that’s all I think about…they are such easy women.

  6. Once…
    Once, I want to watch Once and review it.
    Then, yeah… It`s boring.
    It`s a slice of life movie, the theme that I usually like, yes, but how their feelings expressed by singing is not my kind of movie.
    My favorite romance movie is the one that Martin Scorcese directed: The Age of Innocence, with Michelle Pfeifer (I hope I spelled that right -.-) and Winona Ryder ‘manipulating’ Daniel Day Lewis’ heart. Forget about the movie poster, the movie is heartwrenching enough to make me patiently sit watching it on Metro TV World Cinema… hehehehe…

    1. My favorite romance would be…hmmm…hmmm…hmmm…Can’t think of anything!! sorry!

      ah…I remember, The Proposal (and yes, it’s a Rom-com 😉 )

      Nice to see you here again dhitz 🙂

  7. Wait. All I see is the review for The Decoy Bride, which I haven’t seen yet, but will probably pick up on video sometime. I’d rather read something from the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

    1. What do you mean? did you mean you only read The Decoy Bride review?
      I didn’t write review for the rest of the movies…only why I didn’t like them.

      I always enjoy juggling books and movies…it’s a balance in my hobbies/activities 😉

  8. Ahhh The Little Shop of Horrors
    I rememeber watching that ages ago
    and it is a very good one 🙂 Okay so
    I prefer a nice Vampire movie but still
    it was a fun film nonetheless 🙂

    I have not see the others that you have
    mentioned here but you never know, one
    day I might and now I have an insight
    thanks to you my wickedly nice friend 🙂

    Andro xxx

    1. Little Shop of Horrors is really fun…I enjoy it a lot when I watched it, but will probably not going to see it again.

      Ah…I hope you like the others better than me, especially Once. I just couldn’t like it despite its great soundtrack.

      Thank you Andro 🙂

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