My First Reblog : A Photo Exhibition by The Talented Dave Brown

I really love this Interview. It shows how wonderful Dave Brown is. I usually give links to an interview but this time, I feel that I need to reblog it and let people see the actual post without reading unnecessary words from me.

I love his art works (I have to admit that My favorite is still photographs of Noel Fielding). Seeing comedian looking so serious and dark is a great combination.

The Velvet Onion

Tough Crowd – the new photo exhibition by Dave Brown, is currently wowing art-lovers at The Strand Gallery in central London.

TVO caught up with the man behind the lens to talk about putting together a series of comedian portraits with a difference…

“It’s not all panel shows, fat cheques & giggles. Comedians are tough. They have to be.”

So says Dave Brown, one fifth of The Mighty Boosh, graphic designer by trade and photographer whenever time has allowed. Over the years, he has documented the madcap adventures of the quintet he is a vital part of, recently hosting an exhibition of his favourite shots culled from a decade of Boosh history. Tough Crowd, in aid of Afrikids, however, is an entirely different beast.

“It came from trying to think of a different angle to shoot comedians,” he explains to TVO in the midst of final preparations for the…

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  1. I thought I recognized one of your faves in the lineup.

    I never thought comedians had it easy. I was the family clown when I was a kid, and even when it’s an easy audience, it’s still a tough balance. Get it wrong, and instead of being funny you’ll get condemned for cold heartedness.

    I want to see the picture taken in the toilet! The one with the shaving? I think it would be great. And I think showing a comedian’s sorrow is fresh and interesting just because there is so much of the chirpiness thing.

    1. Dave shot a lot of my favs 🙂 but you’re right, Noel Fielding is in the lineup.
      Dave and Noel went to college together and Noel always ask Dave to be in his show. They have been friend for years. All the people in The Mighty Boosh are more like brother than friends, I think.

      I once read that Comedians are often condemned as mean people. Funny enough, I found more Noel’s hatters than Cillian’s hatters…comedians sure have more hatters than actors

      Lee Mack’s photo in the toilet doesn’t look like he was shot in toilet 😉 here’s the photo>

      1. Wow, you really can’t tell that the photo was taken in the bathroom. Pity. I’d visualized something like leaning over the sink with suds on his face. That would have been a good one.

        I had no idea comedians were considered mean, although I have run across one or two whose jokes were mean spirited. Most of the funny people I hang out with can be a bit sharp, but don’t come across as mean.

        1. Maybe that kind of pose will not be perfect for the whole collection…we can only guess what the artist intention.

          I haven’t found mean comedian either…it’s either not funny or funny. But others might think differently

    1. The photos are amazing and have dark edge to it. But the article is the one that interest me the most. Dave’s perspective as a photographer and how he sometimes finds it hard to shot comedian he wants to shot. He, of course, has no problem with Noel and Julian.

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