The Hobbit – The Adventure of a Big Hearted Little Creature

I have promised myself to reread The Hobbit before the movie comes out. Actually, I have read the book three times, this is my fourth time…so I basically I know well what’s going on in the book…but still, I need to refresh my memory.

The Hobbit is the prequel of The Lord of The Rings. The language and the plot in The Hobbit is not as complicated as The Lord of The rings. I love how beautiful the sentences in The Lord of The Rings, but here in the Hobbit the language is quite simple and not as beautiful as The Lord of The Rings. The Hobbit is more like children book that anyone can enjoy. It’s not as dark as TLOTR.

I find it a bit disappointed when Peter Jackson decided to turn the movie into a trilogy…it isn’t as long as TLOTR and I can’t imagine what sort of stuff they will push into the plot. I love The Hobbit so much and it will break my heart if the movie has TOO much additional scenes. I want it just as it is…just like when they did TLOTR.

Anyway, let’s not talk about the movie (yet), let’s focus on the book.

The Hobbit focused on a small rabbit-like creature who thought that adventure is a shameful story. The Hobbits were smaller than Dwarf and they could walk so swift that no one noticed them. Bilbo Baggins is the center of the story that will soon determined the course of the middle earth history when he passed on his ring to his nephew, Frodo Baggins. This book is about Bilbo’s journey to the Lonely Mountain and how he found the ring.

Bilbo who was half Baggins and half Took (Took was the most adventurous Hobbit amongst Hobbit race). For years he had been more Baggins than Took, he enjoyed his leisure time and didn’t want to involve in any kind of adventure. Out of the blue, he met Gandalf and Gandalf could see there was more than meets the eye on Bilbo. He then set Bilbo’s house to be the meeting point of thirteen Dwarves. They are Thorin, Balin, Dwalin, Kili, Fili, Óin, Glóin, Bombur, Bofur, Bifur, Nori, Ori, and Dori. You can see who played them in this post> My MOST anticipated movie of 2012: The Hobbit

The Dwarves wanted to go to the Lonely Mountain to claim back their home from Smaug, a vicious dragon who robbed them off their land. Bilbo was dragged into their adventure as the fourteenth person to avoid unlucky number and also as their burglar. Even though, at first he thought he won’t be any use to the group but he finally proved that he was one lucky Hobbit and the dwarves owned their life to the little Hobbit.

Somewhere in the journey, Bilbo got separated from the Dwarves and met Gollum. Bilbo, either by the will of the treacherous ring or simply by luck, found the ring that will save him so many times.

There is so much fun in The Hobbit. I enjoy it as much as when I first read it and no doubt I will read it again one day…in fact, after I finished The Hobbit, I had to fight the strong urge to start rereading The Lord of The Ring for either the 4th or 5th time (I forgot how many times I have read TLOTR). Bilbo is a very fun character (you won’t see that in TLOTR), he is more fun than Frodo. I think choosing Martin Freeman as Bilbo is perfect!

To be honest, the dwarves aren’t my favorite as they are a bit tricky and sometimes ungrateful. But I don’t hate them either as they still have good side. However, you’ll soon learn that the smaller creature has bigger heart. Thorin is my least favorite because he is a bit unwise to be a king…fortunately he shows a change of heart in the end.

I am not going to say much and risk giving spoilers to those who haven’t read the book (although I can’t understand why they are skipping one of the best fantasy book ever written – better than Harry Potter in my opinion) and eager to see the movie. I can’t wait for December 14 to come and hoping that Indonesia will have the movie at the same date too 🙂

Book Details:

Title: The Hobbit
Author: J.R.R Tolkien
Language: English
Pages: 276 pages
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Rating: 5 books

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