My Top-5 Most Favorite British Entertainers

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I didn’t do a top-5 list last month because I was so eager to share my top-5 British entertainers but at the same time, I want to share the people on my top list before making the list because I know for sure that not many people know them. They are awesome but a bit odd, a combination not many people risk to find out.

I have shared about them throughout November and I am now ready with my top-5 entertainers from The Great Britain. These entertainers will exclude musician as I have already shared my top-5 British Musician 2 years ago.

Great Britain consists of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland…which means that my dearest Cillian Murphy can’t be included as he is from Ireland (Republic). If he is included, he will – of course – be in number one position 😉

Ever since I fell in love with Cillian Murphy, I have been into UK and Ireland movies more than I have ever been in my life. I have always loved British music more than American music since I was a kid but Hollywood movies pretty much rules my life, and then Japanese movies creeping into my taste…and now, I am so happy that Cillian has opened my eyes and realized that movies from Great Britain and Ireland are as fascinating (sometimes even more) as the Hollywood ones.

As I watch more movies and telly, I grow to like more British entertainers than ever before.

Now…Let’s just move on to the list 😉

#5 Paul Bettany

I have been his fan since he mesmerized me as Silas in The DaVinci Code…and despite his bad movies such as Legion and Priest, I still have a lot of love for this man. I love seeing how he can change from one fragile man in Master and Commanders to a tough man in Priest, or from the chatty man in a Knight’s Tale to a serious man in Creation. I try to watch ALL his movies if I can find them. Not many people see him as a talented actor, but I do. I’ll watch a super crappy movie (read: Legion) ONLY because he was in it…that shows how much I like Paul Bettany.

#4 Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright

This threesome have got to be the coolest and funniest duo+director combo ever exist on this planet! They got great Chemistry together…I hope after The World’s End they will still work together and create masterpieces. I also try to find ALL movies by Pegg, Frost and Wright (individually) but the threesome is still the best, nothing can beat Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. I am dying to see The World’s End now!

#3 Benedict Cumberbatch

It’s impossible to make a British related list without including the amazing Sherlock, Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch. His mind-blowing performance as Sherlock has secured his position as one of my favorite actors. I am glad his career seems to soar and shine now but I hope he won’t let himself fall into the trap of big budget crappy movies.

#2 The Boosh: Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt

I regret the fact that I have just found this amazing duo now!!! I wish I had seen their show back then in 2004. I am 8 year late 😦 . I hate the fact that my local TVchannels only showed American TVSeries, we are missing one of the best comedy series ever made!!  Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding are amazing…I want to peek into their brain or live with them to see how they work together. They have fascinating imaginations, they are loveable lunatic. I have so much love for them.

And as I have written before, I love Noelian (Noel-Julian) Bromance a lot!! They are the cutest couple in the world. Their friendship is so transparent and beautiful. They have strong chemistry stronger than any public duo. I never get tired seeing their interview because every interview shows how they love each other so much.

A special post on the love between Noel and Julian> Here
The Mighty Boosh review > Here

#1 Noel Fielding

Although I love Julian…but I love Noel Fielding more. Noel is the one who led me to The Boosh (not the other way around). He is freakin hilarious in Never Mind The Buzzcocks. His jokes are similar to my daily jokes…a series of silly imaginations. After seeing so many episodes of the Buzzcocks, I am glued to Noel. Then I saw The Mighty Boosh and am forever hooked with Noel.

I can easily say that he is the second celebrity I am obsessed with, right after Cillian Murphy. Only he and Cillian can make me lost track of time.

Noel Fielding is a surrealist comedian and painter. I want to be inside his head for a day and explore his crazy imagination which seems to span edgeless.

My first post about him> Introducing The Hilarious Noel Fielding.


I REALLY REALLY wish that one of these days, my two favorite Duos: Noel-Julian and Simon-Nick can play in a movie with Edgar Wright as the director 🙂 … It would be a dream comedy come true!!

Apart from those people in my top-5, I still have many entertainers I enjoy almost as much as them…here are my honorable mention:

  1. The rest of the Mighty Boosh : David Brown, Mike Fielding, (Rich Fulcher is not included because he is American … sorry Rich)
  2. David Tennant (actor)
  3. Catherine Tate (Actress/Comedian)
  4. Richard Ayoade (Comedian/Actor/Director)
  5. Christopher Nolan (Director)
  6. Rowan Atkinson (Actor/Comedian)
  7. Ralph Fiennes (Actor)
  8. Steven Moffat (Writer/producer)
  9. Martin Freeman (Actor)
  10. Prof Brian Cox (can I include him as entertainer?)
  11. Jeremy Irons (Actor)

Well…Those are the British I love so much…who are yours? Do share it with me :)

I am going to close this post with a music video where 3 of my favorite British are in the same car…the onl,y ones missing is Simon Pegg.

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