FITP: Little Black Book

When Martha was cleaning her son’s bed, she found a little black book underneath his bed. She had to fight the urge not to peek what’s inside the book. It was her son’s secret and she didn’t want to pry. John is a nice lad, she thought, and it’s his privacy.

…but her curiosity was burning inside her.

She dropped the book in fright

Sally, 29, secretary, it was a lovely view seeing her struggle while I squeezed her beautiful neck.

Georgia, 23, undergraduate student, gorgeously splashing around as I drowned her head in her bathtub

Total: 95 words

John The Serial Killer (Model: Noel Fielding)

This is my sixth entry for Flash in The Pan \(^^)/ can’t believe I manage to write something each week…I hope I can keep it up. This flash is for Book with 125 words limit.

Flash in The Pan is hosted by Red at Mommy’s Money Matter.

I hope I can come up with new flash fiction every week, there are 13 words in Flash in The Pan, I have done 3 so far :) you can see all the flashes at Red’s Blog.

The bold ones mean that I have made a story out of that word.

  1. Pepper (75)
  2. Squeak (75)
  3. Ripple (75)
  4. Drug (75)
  5. Wake (125)
  6. Corner (125)
  7. Book (125)
  8. Fire (125)
  9. Ring (100)
  10. Fish (100)
  11. Mark (100)
  12. Flash (100)
  13. Trace (50)

Hot Flash

  1. Trace (50)
  2. Dance (50)

I can’t include this in Flash 55 as it has way too many words 😉


  1. I love serial killer stories!! Awesome entry! I have to check, but I think you are the first person to kill anyone in the books! *giggles* That is definitely not a bad thing 😉 ❤

  2. I”m fascinated by serial killers and watch way too many movies and shows on them. Last night someone rang my front door. When I answered no one was there and I was convinced a serial killer was lurking in the hallway. Scared me to death.

    • Me too!!! I think they are perfect for a story…tho I am not sure I want to meet one in real life.
      Be careful TBM, he might still lurk there 😉

  3. That was another great story. I tries to imagine what it would be like to mke such a discovery. I think you manage to say something that has been said about many serial killers. Nobody would have suspected them. One small thing – it should say her son. Probably a typo.

    • Thank you for noticing that typo 🙂 I have corrected it.
      Such discovery will break any mother’s heart. I am now thinking of what will she do after finding the book.

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