Memento – Short Story and Film

Have you watched Memento?

Did you know that it was based on Jonathan Nolan’s short story?

I found out about that fact from the DVD. I didn’t know that the movie was based on short story when my friend lent me the DVD. The short was available on the DVD but I hate reading on TV screen…so I look for it in the net. I found it but haven’t got time to print it out till few days ago.

It was a 12 page short story and I really like it!

The short and the movie are completely different…it’s amazing how they can turned such story into an amazing movie, one of my favorite Nolan’s movies.

The short is really interesting; Jonathan manages to deliver the main character’s thought as well as his outer appearance. His way of telling the story is quite unique…it’s a very fresh short story…in my opinion. I think it’s best to read the short story before watching the movie because I am sure that the short will make you wonder what really going on with that man. I have watched the movie so I can pretty much guess where the story is heading. The movie is a good way to explain the missing part in the main character’s life.

Memento tells the story of a man named Earl who can’t remember anything after 10 minutes (he has anterograde amnesia). His was attacked by a man, the attack caused him to lose his wife and his memory. However, someone kept reminding him that he has to find that man and kill him. That someone is himself.

I really like the way Jonathan shifted the story from someone telling Earl what had happened to him and what he must do to Earl as the third party man. We can see that Earl is a confused man, he couldn’t remember anything but he tried to move on as best he can. If the ‘someone’ who kept on telling him to do stuffs didn’t exist. Earl could live his life without any burden at all…but the ‘someone’ refused to let things go so easily…Earl had to find the man who had ruined his life.

Memento – the short story – really amazed me. I wonder if Jonathan Nolan ever written another shorts, I really want to read his other works.

Jonathan’s brother, the famous Christopher Nolan turned the short into a movie.

The Nolan Brothers

Here’s my thought on the movie which I have published two years ago:

Memento is an amazing movie!! Watching memento after Inception had made me a Christopher Nolan’s fan. The story was actually very simple, about a man who has short term memory loss, just like Drew Barrymore in 50 1st dates, but the execution was brilliant!! It was made backward. The movie was based upon Jonathan Nolan’s short story. A man named Lenny Shelby (Guy Pearce) was looking for the one who killed and raped his wife. The story started with him killing a man and then took a picture of that man. From that scene, the story started moving moment by moment to the beginning of Lenny’s chase on Teddy (Joe Pantoliano). He met a woman named Natalie (Carrie Ann Moss) . Nolan made us wondering the whole time between who is the nice person here, Natalie or Teddy? Should Lenny trust Natalie or teddy? And in the end, it gives you more question then answer! I can’t write too much on the story because it’ll lose the fun if I write just a small spoiler on it.

Nolan made my eyes glued to my television set. He made the story in parts that needed to be mended to see the whole thing. It was not just a simple backward movie…it was freaking brilliant, such a great idea to make movie. I know now that Nolan can be the one to replace Stephen Spielberg, I haven’t admired any other director since Spielberg gone hiatus.  Nolan can create something original. And I also learn something from this movie, Nolan seemed to have high interest on men with sharp eyes, just look at my Cillian Murphy, Christian bale and Guy Pearce. Looking forward to see more of his works, especially those that don’t relate to superhero movies.

As I have mentioned before…the short and the movie are completely different. Nolan brothers had made 2 masterpieces at the same time. If I had read the short first, I would definitely thought that it can’t be turned into movie, it’s amazing as a written story but not as visual story…but Christopher able to change it into something visual and as great as the short. Nolan brothers are story teller geniuses, they changed the story without losing the core of the story and turned it into something unforgettable. The short moves forward while the movie moves backward.

I look forward to more movies by Christopher-Jonathan Nolan combo in the future 🙂

Have you read or watched Memento?

Here’s the link for the short if you are interested to read it > HERE, and I close this post with Memento’s trailer:

21 thoughts on “Memento – Short Story and Film

  1. Great review – My Mum hadn’t heard of this one, so she’s gonna look out for it 🙂

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  2. This was an interesting read. I had no idea Memento was based on a short story. I’m trying to write some myself (trying being the key word :P) so I’ll have to check it out to see how it was done!

        1. Ah…I had some in my blog 🙂 mostly inspired by Stephen King.
          I am into flash fiction right now, haven’t written a short in few months. It’s a fun writing activity.
          I’d love to read yours 🙂

  3. I did watched Memento. I think it’s by far my favorite from Christopher Nolan, the recent from him felt overdone or something. I just like things to be more simpler, so his movies, as excellent as they are, sometimes are too much for me. I don’t know that it’s from a short movie, but when I saw Doodlebug (his first short movie) I think I’m not surprised with that fact.

    1. Not short movie but SHORT STORY which was written by his brother, Jonathan.

      I like all his non-batman movie way more than his batman movies. Inception was the best 2010 movie for me. He is brilliant.

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