Noelian (Noel and Julian) – One Sweet Bromance

I have been a fan of L’Arc~en~Ciel for almost 12 years now and yet never once I fancy the idea of Tetsuhai (Tetsu-Haido). A lot of their fans really into the love between Hyde and Tetsuya, they fancy the idea that there is something going on more than them as friends.


Since two months ago, I have been turned into Noelian fan…I really fancy the idea that Noel and Julian are actually dating and have a relationship more than just close friends. A straight woman like me loving the idea that Noel and Julian might get married one day 😉

You might be thinking who the hell is Noel and Julian?

(Unless if you are a Boosh fan stranded in my blog)

Well…Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt are the creators of one of the best comedies ever made, The Mighty Boosh. Noel and Julian met in 1997 (based on an interview I have heard), they were both stand up comedians who were doing their routines differently to most stand up comedians. They first connected when Julian acted as if he was netting Noel’s hanging words.

Julian: It was the beginning of some sort of a very early chemistry there.
Noel: It was sort of our first double act together. Things going on at the same time.

After that meeting, they created a partnership based on their similarity in jokes.

Julian: We have a similar sort of vision of what we want to do.
Noel: We have different personalities which is good.

Young Noel and Ju

What happened next was they created The Boosh out of their wildest imagination. Julian handled all the music while Noel handled all the visual. They wrote the script together.

Noel: We wrote the words together, don’t we?
Julian: Pretty much yeah
Noel: we hold the pencil together [laugh and touch Julian’s hand]
Julian: we break it down syllables. We don’t really write on our own and then bring it in.
Noel: we don’t email each other don’t we?
Julian: you don’t really email at all
Noel: I can’t go on computer at all

I have shared about The Mighty Boosh and a bit of The Boosh history before (here and here) so I am not going to write about it anymore…

...this post is dedicated purely to the beauty of their relationship.

Me and Julian were doing stuffs separately and then when start decided to do a show together and it was one of those freakiest weird coincidence or just something about it we have chemistry straight away — We just like click and we just had such good chemistry as a double act. It was quite apparent to everyone else that we should be working together. So it was quite special and then I think, I was really young and Julian wasn’t that young but he was young as well, I think we didn’t realize how special that was till we tried it toward other people. We sort of went oh right, this is sort of one in a lifetime deal. It’s a bit like falling in love, you know. ~Noel Fielding

Never in my life have I seen such great chemistry that Julian and Noel have. Within less than 2 months of being a fan, I have watched ALMOST all their interviews and I can see how amazingly beautiful their chemistry is. They are the closest public bromance I have ever seen. They aren’t ashamed of showing their affection toward each other. They often sit so close to each other and so often looking at each other. There are many interviews where the couch is big enough for the two to sit far from each other but they always end up sitting so close side by side. Even in The Mighty Boosh series they are often called as couple and they kissed once in one episode.

Noel is the chatty one while Julian is the shy one. In all TVShow interviews, Noel talks more than Julian but when they are put together without an interviewer, we can see that Julian talks as much as Noel. It’s fun seeing how Noel often ask justification of his story to Julian…he often said “Don’t we?” Julian mostly smiles to whatever Noel says.

They are very different in appearance and personality. Their differences are so visible but somehow that differences are the things that make them good together, as Noel said in one of his recent interviews “As two people we make up one person

One of the interviews I really love is when the host asked about the love between them.

Host: you guys have known each other for ten years. Obviously there is a deep love for each other, deep respect. Tell us about the love!
Noel : there’s a lot of love, isn’t there? [looking at Julian]
Julian: there’s a lot of love! [looking at Noel]
Noel: yeah a lot of love. Look we got a bit embarrassed. [Both laugh]
Noel: you know when a couple goes out for ten years, they not as touchy feeling as they used to be but every now and then we hold hands

…and They  often said things that showed as if there really is sexual tension between them 😉 I know it was just a joke.

From Impose Magazine

Julian: We thought of an idea where we went to a bar that served us this magic punch that made us get really erotic and we woke up the next day in bed and thought we made love. So we thought that would be a quite good episode to do that, you know, sort of the awkwardness between us.
Q: Was it awkward after it happened in real life?
Noel: [Trying to be as serious as possible, looking directly at me] No.
Julian: Mmmmmm [laughs].
Noel: We were both comfortable with it.

Or on another interview when Noel is asked about stalking a comedian to then be a famous double act:

People kind of say that I stalked Julian. It’s a rumour. He stalked me. No, what happened was that I went to see him a couple of times because I liked him. And he phoned me up and said, ‘D’you wanna work with me?’ Because he saw me and went, ‘Jesus Christ! He’s like a king! I’d better harness his talent somehow, I’m getting a bit old now…’ He just liked what I did and I liked what he did, so we made love, and then said ‘let’s write!’ We made love in a way that a man and a small boy make love. Sorry. It’s gone a bit sexual.

On Jonathan Ross Ross Show, when shown the picture on the left>>

Julian: Yeah, that was when we were lovers.

After their second tour (2009), they decided to have a break. They have been together for 12 years and I do think a bit of break is really good for their relationship…it will keep them from feeling bored.

“We wrote half of it and it was good. And then we did a tour, and then another tour, and then we sort of went, ‘I think we need to not see each other for a bit and do some different things and have a bit of a break.’” ~Julian Barratt

“We’re still friends, we just needed a break, we worked together for so long, felt like we were married, I think we were sick of each other faces. We have been hanging out a lot more lately. He have two beautiful kids and I have been hanging out with him and his kids a lot and they are so funny. He’s been doing a dad thing” ~Noel Fielding

Julian is now busy with theater and writing a movie together with Simon Farnaby. He was praised for his recent theatrical play. Noel is busy with Never Mind The Buzzcocks (the show that led me to him) and Luxury Comedy.

I know there’s nothing sexual going on with Julian and Noel…but still, the idea never left the head of many Noelian fans out there (me included). My friend and I (my friend loves Julian while I love Noel) sometimes jokes around saying that Julian is only living with Julia so that he can have kids because he will never have ones with Noel ;p

Julian is now living with Julia Davis and has a twin.

Noel is happy with Lliana Bird.

Well…whatever relationship they have, I love them for being together like that. Even in real life, I rarely see such close friendship.

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Julian and Noel, they just have a way of pattern about them and they just go. They start talking about something and they just go and go, it’s like Jazz really. ~ Rich Fulcher

They are yin and yang, they are the two ends of a battery, the Arctic and the Antarctic, they’re perfect duo. ~Jessica Hynes.

These two photos are my favorite of all.

There’s a lot of love in this pic
End of tour hug….such a sweet moment

I will close this full of love post with 2 videos:

This is their gig in Melbourne. I love how they hold hands when they left the stage.

You can clearly see that they are incredibly close from this interview. There are so much love between them.


22 Comments Add yours

  1. Oma_ruri says:

    I love~ bromance…. Kekekekee… Sangat menyenangkan ngeliatnya…. Sooo suittt~ >>.<<

    1. Novroz says:

      Gw cuma suka bromance yg ini 🙂
      soo suit emang!!! pgn bgt liat mereka kerja brg lg, lg break sih.

  2. TBM says:

    I think it’s great that two men can be so close, especially in public. It sets a great example for others–friendship and love are two powerful aspects in our lives.

    1. Novroz says:

      100% agree with you!! I am glad they live in the country which is not homophobic so they can express all their brotherly love without people judging them.

      And yup…friendship and love are very important in our life.

  3. Nekoneko says:

    It’s especially nice to see someone else for whom friendship and love are one and the same. I can tell you for certain that there is nothing else like it when the love of your life is also your closest and dearest friend too.
    Thanks for sharing this special lil’ idea with the world, Novia…. Here’s to hoping that someday everybody else understands it too! 🙂

    1. Novroz says:

      I understand very well of you and Carolyn’s situation 🙂 … and I always enjoy reading about you two, friends and lovers at the same time, it’s very sweet.

      …however, what Noel and Julian have is purely friendship love, both of them have their own lover. We, fans, are the one who wish for them to also be lovers 😉

  4. Caroline says:

    This is so cute and heart-warming, thank you for writing this. It’s a really lovely tribute. Friendhsip like that is very rare. I hope they will keep it forever.

    1. Novroz says:

      You’re welcome Caroline 🙂
      I am very happy you like reading it even though you don’t know who they are…my purpose of writing it doesn’t go wasted then 🙂

      Seeing them off and on set is very heartwarming, they are not faking their strong bond at all. I also hope they will be together forever. They have their break after their last tour, which was in 2009…but there was a tvshow where Julian came to help Noel with his performance in 2011…that showed even though they have a work break, they still find times to meet and hang out.

  5. Alice Audrey says:

    I kind of picked up the love vibe just from the clips on youtube. They definitely have something, but rather than just boy love, I feel like it’s a pre-life agreement to work together. They are so totally on the same wave length. It’s the kind of thing that can be intimidating for their wives because in some ways it’s stronger than a marriage.

    1. Novroz says:

      Glad I put the videos there, all this writing is nothing compared to seeing them interact directly 🙂

      yes, it’s not boylove it’s a strong friendship love. Pre-life agreement to work together is a perfect term for them. I agree with you, being their wives and lovers is going to be tough, they at least have to understand and try to get close to Julian and Noel at the same time.

      Julian once said It’s like we’re twins. We’re kind of symbiotically linked – if he drinks I get drunk. Like E.T and Elliot

      1. Alice Audrey says:

        Reminds me a bit of the album: Twin Sons of Different Mothers.

        1. Novroz says:

          I never heard of that album before…but they do sound like that, don’t they 😉

  6. Val says:

    Yeah, I think this thing of straight women being into men being gay and couples… is fairly normal! 😉

    1. Novroz says:

      hahaha…that’s funny Val!!
      But seriously, Noel and Julian are perfect together 😉

  7. ruth says:

    Hey Nov, so ini dvd yg kamu mau kan? We’ll see if it’s available in Amazon as that’s the only place that might have it. If you have a link as to where the dvd is sold just send it to me 🙂

    1. Novroz says:

      Actually, not this DVD as this post is about the love between the creators of that series 😉 ….but you are right, I love to have the original version of The Mighty Boosh. Actually, I already have the downloaded version but I love the series so much and must have the original.

      I haven’t checked amazon yet…because I don’t have credit card to buy anything online. If you are the one who order it, will you get it on time before you get here?

      1. ruth says:

        Yeah that shouldn’t be a problem. The thing is, I don’t know exactly which dvd you want as there are so many so could you just pick which one you want and make sure it’s playable in Indo, there are different regions dvd and I don’t know which one is which. Here’s the link: Sorry but I’ve got a ton of stuff to buy so I don’t have time to research this out.

        1. Novroz says:

          The first one on the list, the complete season 1 to 3, it’s around $56. It has plenty of extra that I wanted to see.

          Region is not a problem because I have free region dvdplayer.

          Thank you so much Ruth 🙂

  8. Androgoth says:

    This posting is definitely Mighty 🙂
    I hope that your weekend has been
    a very nice one so far Miss. Novia 🙂

    Andro xxx

    1. Novroz says:

      Of course it’s a mighty post because they are Mighty Boosh 😉
      Thank you Andro, I hope for the same to you.

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