Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King

It’s October 30…the perfect date to post my last review for R.I.P VI and Stephen King Project. (Review page> SK & R.I.P VI)

Everything’s Eventual is a collection of short stories by the brilliant Stephen King. There are 14 stories in total. It takes longer time to finish the book because it’s a hard cover book and quite heavy to carry it around. I often read on bus because I have limited time at home and I mostly used my time at home to do my other hobby, watching movie/TVSeries.

Before talking about the stories, let’s talk about the introduction first. I always read SK’s introduction (I often didn’t read other author’s introduction because they sometimes wrote it in a boring way…King always wrote it in a way as if he was talking to us). The title of the introduction is Practicing the (almost) Lost Art. He mentioned that short story is almost forgotten in the state. When he was much younger, there were so many magazines for short stories, he could live his life writing it. But now (2001), the magazine for such art has decreased massively.

What makes me questioning his introduction is not about short story, he also mentioned that theater and radio play also decreased in the state. He hardly heard radio play in any radio anymore and theater/play has become rarity except in some places. It makes me wonder why such thing happens in US? I mean, I know in UK, radio Play is still going strong. I know that David Tennant did some Radio Plays, My recent favorite TVSeries (The Mighty Boosh) also started as a Radio Play…even How To Train Your Dragon has a radio play in UK. As for theater/play, Enda Walsh doesn’t even want to write a script other than for theater. I just found it a bit odd that theatrical play and radio play is almost extinct in US.

That is just something that makes me think…now. Let’s talk about the stories 🙂

Just like Full Dark No Stars, SK writes how the idea of the stories came to him and that’s as fun as reading the stories.

It begins with Autopsy Room Four. I had watched it in Nightmares and Landscapes miniseries…so I pretty much know what’s going on in the story and how it ends. A man found himself lying on an autopsy room. He was pronounced dead and about to be cut for autopsy. The man listens to every conversation the two doctors have and trying to let them know that he isn’t dead. The story is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock series.

The Man In The Black Suit won the first prize in the O. Henry Best Short Story Competition in 1996. SK didn’t expect it to be received so well, he then mentioned that writers are often the worst judges of what they have written. The story is about a boy who is visited by a creature from another world when he goes fishing farther than the safe zone.

All That You Love Will Be Carried Away is more like a battle of mind. A man is about to do suicide. He has a strange hobby of collecting weird graffiti like “Poopie doopie you so loopy” on his note book. He is afraid that when he dies someone might find his note book and thinks that he is crazy. He has to find the right place to hide the notebook before he shoots himself. The funny thing is SK is the one who likes collecting weird graffiti, he then imagines if a lonely man has his kind of notebook.

The next story, The Death of Jack Hamilton, is another non-horror story. SK used to love the tales of Depression-era outlaw. He liked the story about the Dillinger Days. He imagine what happened on the day when Jack “Red” Hamilton died. It is a story of friendship. I really like this one…outlaws as they might be but the friendship is still beautiful.

In The Deathroom is a story I have heard before, it was the first audio book I have ever heard. It was read by SK himself. You can read my full review >> here. In summary, it was about a man who is being interrogated and tries to find his way out.

The Little Sisters of Eluria is connected to The Dark Tower series…and since I am still stuck in book one (not sure when I will continue to book two because book one didn’t impress me much) I decided to skip this story for later read.

Everything’s Eventual is another audio-book read by Justin Long. This is one of my favorite stories in the book. A young man has a power to make other people do what he tells them to do simply by sending them letter fills with symbols. He thinks he has good life but then realizes he was wrong.

Another non horrific story about how pets can get a married couple into problem that leads into separation is shared in L.T.’s Theory of Pets. L.T  is left by his wife, Lulubelle because of their pets…or so he thinks. She gave her a dog which then loved her more than him and L.T. gave her cat which the loved him more than her. The dog and cat make the two couple argue all the time. I like what SK wrote about where the idea came from, Abby from Dear Abby column said that a pet is just about the worst sort of present one can give anyone. SK contradicted it by saying his wife gave him a dog and he loves his dog.

Lunch at Gotham Café is a bid odd but I quite like it. A couple who are dealing with their divorce is suddenly attacked by a maitre of the café they are visiting to do some settling down on their divorce matter. Too bad I still can’t understand why the wife hates her husband so much and the ending is hanging, it lets us wonder to our own conclusion.

1408 is another story I have seen before (like Autopsy Room 4), the movie was played by John Cussack. The movie and the book have some differences but I can deal with the differences because it is still in the same context as the book (unlike The Shining). It is about a writer who wrote about haunted places without him believing on his own stories. He visits Hotel Dolphin with its famous haunted room 1408 for his next book. Many people had died in that room. He is about to see the real evil he never believes before.

Riding The Bullets is a story of a young man given a choice between his life or his mother’s life. I can’t write much about this one because it can give major spoiler, all I can say is that this is a very interesting story.

Too bad SK doesn’t close his book with the most amazing story in this book, Luckey Quarters is fun but not powerful enough. A maid received a tip that can change her life and her two children…the fun thing is how SK lets us figure out whether she really makes it or not.

I love Stephen King…that’s all I have to say as a closing sentence 🙂 he still has failed to entertain me. I will read another King’s book next year…this is the last for this year.

Have you read Everything’s Eventual? What do you think?

You can check all King’s books I have read>> here 🙂

Book Details:

Title: Everything’s Eventual
Author: Stephen King
Language: English
Pages: 459 pages (Hard Cover Edition)


  1. It is sad that short stories are almost extinct in the States. And the theater isn’t as popular that’s for sure. Newspapers are also declining. It seems that all there is, is reality TV. I know that’s an exaggeration, but it feels that way sometimes. Another King to add to my list 🙂

    1. ah…that’s indeed a sad news. I am not saying that my country is better but we never did have the rise of theatre … but I do remember that Radio Play used to big here, but I can’t find any now.
      I think you better enjoy the theatre while you are still in London.

      I hope you will like this one too 🙂

  2. I have about 3 or 4 books in my loft from stephen king .. but sadly havenot read them , I have even forgotten the titles i have bought .. reminds me I need to start reading again ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. They sound excellent. I love it when authors write about the ideas for stories. I don’t know many who do it though. Neil Gaiman and SK are the only ones I know.

    1. They are colorful, SK didn’t stay in only 1 genre. That’s the fun of reading his short story/ novella.

      Koushun Takami (the writer of Battle Royale) also writes about his inspiration for BR in the newest print.

  4. I like to think I keep up with the markets, but I hadn’t realized how much the magazine market has shrunk. I lost interest both in reading and writing for it years ago.

  5. I came across your blog while looking for Stephen King adaptations, and while I haven’t read his stories, I’ve seen a couple of the movies. A friend I work with at DISH mentioned that I should see 1408, which is on your list of short stories. I’m planning to rent it from Blockbuster @Home, and since they ship quickly I should be able to watch the movie next weekend. If it’s good I might have to try reading it. Books are always better than movies, short stories included.

    1. Hi Kayla…
      I think 1408 is a good adaptation, better than some of his adaptation. It’s a bit different with the short but the changes are still understandable.

  6. I like a good horror read, a ghoulish movie or ten
    and lots of bloody gore 🙂 I hope that you enjoyed
    your Halloween Miss. Novia and that you also had
    many wickedly enjoyable treats 😉 🙂

    Andro xxx

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