Happy 6th Gotcha Day Dear Kame :)

Happy  6th Gotcha Day my sweetest turtle, Kame.

Although you are no longer with me but you live on in my heart forever.

Thank you for spending five and a half years of your life with me.

With lots of love,
Your Mommy, Novia


    1. Thank you Tze-wen.
      Yes…that was the best 5,5 years of my life…I love her so dearly.
      I have other 3 turtles (2 new ones I bought after she died) and they sort of fill the empty space left by kame a bit.

    1. I think this will b the last gotcha day celebration, afterward it will be her death day memoriam or something like day, I don’t kno how to say it in English.

      yeah, it will be incredibly difficult to forget her.

  1. They stay with us forever Miss. Novia
    and what a lovely tribute to him, this is
    a very nice posting my sweet friend 🙂

    Andro xxx

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