Cillian Murphy on Port : A Humble Interview

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Cillian had interview on Port recently and I like that interview so much and eager to share it for my Monthly Murphy.

I know that NOT everyone wants to read the whole article because it was quite long and somehow I feel that some people might only skim the article.

I am going to highlight the part/quotes of the interview that I like the most and how that parts make me love him even more…I thought I could not love this man more than I already have, but he surprises me all the time 🙂

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I’m a vegetarian who occasionally eats meat and fish,” he says. “I like a drink too, but I won’t just now. I’ll stick with water.” I order the Kobe beef and ask the waiter to bring out a glass of red wine with it.

And here I thought you were a pure vegetarian! I guess I was wrong 😉

“I’m getting less hung about it, but when I started, the whole promotion aspect was an ordeal to be endured,” he says. “I just don’t have a great facility for it. I try to be interesting and spontaneous but it’s so hard when you get asked the question fifty or a hundred times over. You hear your little anecdotes going stale. Yes, it was fantastic to work with Robert De Niro, but you can only say it so many times, you know? I’ve always thought, just judge me on the work. What else matters? I’m an actor and that’s what I do. ”


Journalists find it hard to accept when he tells them that that the only thing he cares about is the work, and the rest of it is to be endured. But this is why he avoids celebrity parties and keeps himself out of the gossip pages.


I’ve always felt that the less the public knows about you, the more effective you can be when you go to portray someone else,” he says.


Those three quotes showed how much he loves acting as a work not as a way to make him famous and into the A-list stars. And to be honest, I rarely admired A-list stars especially ones who always show up in the tabloids.

“If your first theatre experience is a bad one, it’s unlikely you’ll go back,” he says. “But my first theatre experience was an extraordinary one. It was dangerous and sexy and electric, and just astonishing. I’ll always love music, but here was another form of live performance, just as exciting.”


“You have to go in with good faith, and believe that this is best performance you’re ever going to give,” he says. “I’ve never done a film I didn’t believe in. I’ve never done a film for the money. Fortunately, I’ve been in some big budget films that were smart, and the money has given me the freedom to do small budget films and theatre that I’ve felt passionately about. An example is this movie Broken, which is a kind of version of To Kill A Mockingbird transposed to contemporary London. It’s a tiny, tiny budget film, and I’m just so proud of it. It’s such an emotionally brave piece of film-making.”


“It’s not always the same,” he says. “Some characters are just a slight adjustment, and some are a great distance away from you. I like to do research. I was playing a professional debunker in this movie Red Lights about the supernatural, so I went and hung out with physicists and professional sceptics and magicians, to understand that community. Actors tend to know a lot superficially about a great deal of things.”


The last two quotes are something I have already known about him. He always did research for his roles out of respect for the community he was going to portray. And he never really care about the amount of money he received from a movie.

It’s most satisfying on the stage,” he says. “If it reaches the point of being transcendent, where you’re not actually conscious of being on stage performing, because you’re only aware of the character and his world and his needs, well, that’s what you’re always aiming for, that’s the moment that theatre people are always chasing. It’s the ultimate rush, if you will, for an actor, when the self disappears completely.”


“I’m also hoping to do some telly,” he says. “The smart mid-budget movie, which has been my bread and butter, has been squeezed out quite a bit. People are very reluctant to take a chance on a smart $17 million movie. They’d much rather throw everything into a dumb $250 million movie. But you don’t find that in TV where the writing just gets better and better, and you’ve the opportunity to develop a character over many hours.”

Hear hear!! I completely agree with you, Cill!! Too many dumb big budget movies nowadays.

I don’t believe you have to be a tortured person in order to make great art. It needn’t always come from a place of pain, although there seems to be a romantic view of that.”


“I can’t remember which director said it, but he said it takes 30 years to make a good actor,” he says. “Longevity matters. I’m 16 years in, just over the hump, and when I’m 50 I should know if I’ve mastered my trade, or failed gloriously.

I know that you will be the one who masters it 🙂

Here are the photos from the magazine (to see it bigger, click on the photos. It will lead you to the original source)

This is my favorite. He looks adorable

He will always be a great actor and a humble human being in my eyes.


    1. I completely agree with you Audrey! … but knowing how Cillian is, he will never admit that he has mastered the art. He will continue searching for a more challenging role.

      I am glad big budget movies haven’t corrupted him yet…and hope they will never corrupt him.

  1. Intelligent guy, really.
    I agree, you don’t have to be suffering to do great art. But he said other things I agree with. I hope he will do a mini-series or some such thing.

    1. Hear hear!!
      as much as I admired Heath Ledger, it still confuses me why he had to torture himself to be Joker that ends up in Death…I can be calm because Cillian won’t go that far.

      He will be in a gangster mini series called Peaky Binders, it’s shooting now 🙂
      it will be aired in 2013. He will be a ruthless man.

  2. I LOVE that photo of him on the cover, and the rest ain’t bad either. He’s got such a soulful look to him, I like that. Oh wow, I will search for that movie BROKEN, I mean a contemporary To Kill A Mockingbird?? That’s something I gotta see.

    “I’ve always felt that the less the public knows about you, the more effective you can be when you go to portray someone else,” Wow that sounds exactly like what Timothy Dalton said in several interviews. He’s a very private person also, and he definitely chose roles that appeal to him, not because of the money/fame. Glad to hear Cillian is that way too, but I kind of figure he’d be. Thanks for sharing this Nov.

    1. I have been waiting for Broken for months. It hasn’t been properly released yet 😦
      It had been played in some festivals but not yet released to theaters. He was a school teacher in that movie.

      I didn’t know Dalton also said that (or something similar)…now I know why you like him so much 😉

      He is a wonderful person…I admired him as an actor and as a human being. i guess that’s why I love him more than any other actors.
      Thank you for reading Ruth 🙂

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