Flash In the Pan and Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Ripples on Rose

A glimpse of sunlight fell down on Nala’s face and woke him up. He felt excited and flew as fast as he could to the park. He longed to swim and created ripples on the morning dew of the first spring day. His favorite was always the dew on the white rose, it felt like swimming in milk.

As he got there, he cried and cried. The park was no longer there, only tall building.

Total: 75 words.

Nala is a character I have created a year ago. I thought it would be fun to have him once again. He is a little fairy from my short story called A Fairy Tale, this is a story before he met Katie.

This is part of Red at Mommy’s Money Matter’s Flash in The Pan for Ripple with 75 words limit.

I Mix two blog challenges into one because the story sort of connected…well actually, I made the story by looking at the photo I wanted to share for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge 😉

Her theme for this week is One Single Flower.

This is the White Rose I used in my flash fiction:

And here’s another one, a pink rose.

Both photos were taken early in the morning where the dew was still on the flowers.

16 thoughts on “Flash In the Pan and Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Ripples on Rose

  1. Oh! Those are such lovely flowers! I adore the idea of the fairy dancing on the dew. Very inventive. I am certain Mantra would approve. When you get a moment, stop by the forum 🙂
    Red. ❤ xxx

  2. Great flash in the pan entry, Novia 🙂 I also love your photos of flowers. They look so fresh and fragrant with those drops of dew on them! All I can see when I look outside my window is tree with leaves that are steadily turning yellow in colour. No pretty pinks for me!

    1. Thank you Tze Wen 🙂
      Actually, the flowers weren’t taken near my house…I shot it when I went to my In Law’s village. There’s no flower near my house 😦

    1. yup, he is very small…his grown self can be cupped in children’s hand and this story took place when Nala was a kid 🙂

      I Jakarta, such dew is hard to find…I took it when I was in my In-law’s village….plus we, Indonesian, are early waker…so we can still see the dex.

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