Never Mind The Buzzcocks – Prepare to laugh!!!

From wikipedia:

Never Mind the Buzzcocks is a comedy panel game television show with a pop music theme, currently without a permanent presenter. It stars Phill Jupitus and Noel Fielding (from 2009) as team captains. The show is produced by Talkback for the BBC, and is usually aired on BBC Two. The title plays on the names of punk rock band Sex Pistols’ Never Mind the Bollocks album, and the pop punk band Buzzcocks.

The show is noted and known for its dry, sarcastic humour and scathing, provocative attacks on the music industry. It has also had some controversial guests throughout its 15-year run.

I don’t want to quote everything…I only need to share the basic of what Never Mind The Buzzcock is…for more detail, please go to 😉

I discovered this hilarious comedy panel when I was really into David Tennant (I love him as the tenth Doctor in Doctor Who). I was laughing so loud in the middle of the night when I saw Never Mind The Buzzcocks – Doctor Who special.

At that time, the host was the handsome doctor, David Tennant and the panelist are (on Phil’s team) Benard Cribbins and Jo Whiley; (On Noel’s team) Jamie Cullum and Catherine Tate. It was freakin hilarious and I completely forgot that it was midnight and I laughed so loud and causing my father to shout at me 😉

Here’s series 23 episode 12…Doctor Who special:

After seeing that episode, I was intrigued and searched for more…mostly of celebrities I knew well acted as the host, like John Barrowman, Catherine Tate and Martin Freeman. Seeing 4 episodes made me an instant fan of the show…and of Noel Fielding!! So far I have seen more than 20 episodes in less than a month. Right now, I am aiming for ALL episodes with Noel in it but later, I will try to see them all.

There are basically 4 rounds in the show, but sometimes they inserted various guest themed quiz (like in Doctor Who special, they have Doctor Who related quiz for few minutes), the rounds are:

  • First round basically has no name because it changed a lot in different episodes. Basically it’s a funny trivia of many musicians. As far as I can remember, I have seen one with 2 musician faces mix into one face, a connection between two bands, which items related to specific musician. This round is usually the part when they make jokes of the musician or anything else in between…this is the craziest part 😉
  • Intros Round is also as crazy as the first round. The team’s captain and one of the panelist try to hum or make sound of a song intro while the other one tries to guess the title of the song. Some episodes, usually Christmas special, provided help for the panelist. To be honest, Phil often did great job in intro while Noel often made it worst 😉

  • Identity Parade. They line up 5 people for each team to guess. They usually lined up musicians from the past…or people related to music, like the latest episode (series 26 episode 2), they asked which one is the Nirvana baby (the baby on Nirvana’s album’s cover)

  • Next Lines. The contestants have to continue lines given by the host. Mostly of songs but sometimes they also did something else like quotes from books or from youtube comment.

People or celebrities/comedians who had and have been involved in the show are:


Simon Amstell (Series 19–22)
Guest presenters (Series 18, 23–present)

Team’s Captain:

Phill Jupitus (Series 1 – present)
Sean Hughes (Series 1–10)
Bill Bailey (Series 11–21)
Guest captains (Series 22)
Noel Fielding (Series 21, 23–present)

What I like the most about this show is how the jokes are so similar to Indonesian daily jokes…I mean my friends and I often make such jokes. I can totally relate to their joke even when they are just making comment. Sometimes it was too sarcastic but still let’s just enjoy it as joke, like in real life we often make jokes of certain musicians. Some episodes are not as hilarious as others while some are too hilarious that make me laugh out loud, lol in literal meaning.

I haven’t felt bored with the show yet and will continue watching it excessively 🙂

Noel Fielding and Phill Jupitus

As I have mentioned earlier, watching 4 episodes of the Buzzcocks have made me a fan of the show and of Noel Fielding…so, let’s talk a bit of Noel Fielding…just a bit, I’ll talk more about him on his own special post (if I have time to write it).

I first saw Noel in The IT Crowd as Richmond Avenal and he was one of my favorite characters in the series…but that was it. When I saw him again in Buzzcocks, his hilarity and shy smile won me over. I tweeted “I think I am beginning to fall in love with Noel” and if you follow my twitter, you know how often I twitted about him. He is my current obsession (apart from my dear Cillian). I love his jokes, his unusual dress and his smile.

You’ll be seeing a lot of him in my blog from now on 😉

Noel at Series 25 Episode 12

Have you seen Never Mind the Buzzcocks? If you haven’t, do see it!!


    1. He is the one on the right, no.5. Everyone thought it was no.2 🙂

      It might not be a routine post like Cillian…yet, but only time can tell because each day I become more amazed at him and his talent.

          1. I should probably mention that I got it from G-man, who is the hub for Fiction Friday 55. I’ve only seen it done by that community, but got so excited when I saw I was first that I didn’t think about it. *blush*

    1. Do watch it TBM 🙂

      You live in England, a country with so many great shows on their telly. I would have subscribe to cableTV if it has BBC, too bad it doesn’t have BBC.

      If you don’t go anywhere on October 15, you can catch episode 4 of series 25 on telly 😉

  1. Yes I have seen some of these Miss. Novia
    hey have you had a lovely weekend with your
    sweet little turtle friends? 🙂 I hope it was very
    nice and of course with Monday already here
    for you I hope that this too is a wonderful day 🙂

    Andro xxx

    1. How do you like it Andro?
      My favorite team captain is a goth like you 😉

      We had great time and I about to upload their photo, how was yours?

  2. Oh yes, Never Mind the Buzzcocks is a wonderful show that I should watch more often. Noel Fielding is really funny (but I love Simon Amstell, as presenter, best!) 🙂

    1. Horay…another person who knows NWTB…you know, I am all alone here among my friend. To find friends to talk to I show NWTB to my students 😉

      I have only seen 4 episodes with AMstell in it, I am now focusing on ALL Noel’s episodes and there are only 4 episodes with him and Amstell. I will see more once I am done with Noel’s. Too bad Amstell left when Noel becomes permanent team captain

        1. Most my friends are TOO into Hollywood stuffs while I am drifting away from Hollywood the more I get into the British.

          NO!! Simon wanted to focus on his stand up tour. They were great together, I love seeing Simon and Noel’s trying to outwit one another….better than seeing Noel with guest hosts.

          Here’s a video of the of them together…see how great the chemistry between them. I wish Simon would come back for at least as guest host

          And Simon once did an interview on Noel and Julian, here’s a quote:

          Simon: I remember coming to see you in your solo show, Noel, in Edinburgh.
          Simon: What happened was that I came and I’m laughing and laughing, and then I notice… You’re in quite tight trousers. And then I’m not laughing. For about half an hour I’m done. I’m just looking at your bottom.
          Noel & Julian: *laughs*
          Simon: That’s not good for you, is it? ‘Cause you want to bring laughter to the world.
          Noel: I know… I don’t mind though.

          1. Pity, nothing wrong with Hollywood, but there are so many kinds of stand-up, variety shows, tv-shows and movies to enjoy 🙂 I loved that compilation (too bad the sound quality was a bit off). I need to catch up on quite a lot though, we’ve only watched those whenever we happen to see it on the BBC.
            Did you ever see Grandma’s House? Simon Amstell did a few episodes of that, but I didn’t like it much…

          2. Hear hear!! BBC shows are so funny…I really like it.

            That’s the best compilation I can get 😉 There are so many of Buzzcocks episodes in Youtube, I watch it all from there because I have no BBC. I once wanted to subscribe CableTV but they don’t have BBC so I changed my mind.

            No, not yet. Why didn’t you like it?

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