Miyavi, Live @ Hard Rock Café Jakarta

Miyavi used to be a visual kei rock musician, I said used to because last night he no longer looked like visual kei musician. Miyavi has unusual songs, fun and hard rock at the same time…but his striking point is in his ability to play guitar. Miyavi was born under the name Takamasa Ishihara (石原 貴雅). His stage name used the last kanji in his name, 雅- MIYAVI.

To be honest…I am not a huge fan of Miyavi…I like his music but I don’t follow his career much. I haven’t heard his latest album yet. I like his music because he has different style compared to other J-Rock musicians.

When I first heard he was going to come to Jakarta, I was determined to come (although I still had a bit of money problem)…fortunately the ticket was very cheap because he came here under the invitation by Hard Rock Café. It was Hard Rock Café 20th anniversary.


I came to hear his music but music was not the only thing I got, I never expected him to be THAT handsome!! My God, he is soooo handsome. His charisma was oozing everywhere as he played his guitar.

I never considered Miyavi as a handsome musician before because he used to look like this>>

This is how he look now

But his current look shows his true handsomeness…behind all his make up, he looks stunning…I wish he never put make up so I could discover his stunning look since the first time I heard his music 😉

Now, let’s talk about last night’s amazing concert

The set list (Thank you Renji Blues for the set list)

  1. What’s My Name?
  2. Survive
  3. No No No
  4. Ossann Ossann
  5. Ganryu


  1. Chillin Chillin
  2. Please Please
  3. Jibun Kakumei (akogi)
  4. Selfish Love
  5. We Love You


  1. Universe
  2. Day1
  3. Strong


  1. Subarashiki kana, kono sekai
  2. Futuristic Love(R U Ready to Rock)

I only know Selfish Love!!!

Even though I never heard the other songs, but I enjoyed the concert a lot. It doesn’t take much effort to enjoy his explosive performance. There were only 2 musicians on stage, Miyavi and Bobo-san (the drummer)…Miyavi both sang and played guitar. He was full of energy and very friendly.

When he stepped down from the stair (he was on second floor), everyone in the café shouted as loud as they could…Gyaaaa I couldn’t believe how close he was. The fun of watching a performance in café is the fact that we could be so close to the musician. He started the show with a solo guitar. He didn’t use any guitar pick because he used his nails and his hand. He was banging the guitar like a bass player rather than a guitar player. It was awesome! Two people on the stage but sounded like a full band.

He was really handsome! I couldn’t believe my eyes…I kept thinking “man, he wasn’t this handsome before!” or “God, how could he be this handsome!

I totally enjoyed the show. His musicality was mesmerizing as well as his look. Last night was a treat to both my ears and my eyes.

I was also surprised by how good his English was…he speaks English fluently. Because of his ability to speak English, he could easily pronounce Indonesian language (unlike Laruku’s member). And somehow, MANTAP has become official word for ALL Japanese musicians who performed here 😉 … First, Ken (Laruku) mentioned it and then my Japanese friend told me it became an instant hit among Laruku fans in Japan and now everyone who came to Indonesia said the word. Mantap means awesome.

How about the audience?

Well…you really have to give thousand thumbs up for J-Community. We have been waiting for these Japanese musicians for ages and now one after another kept showing up here…Laruku had opened the way, then followed by Alice Nine and MUCC (I didn’t see their performance because I am not a fan), and last night was – of course – the amazing MIYAVI. The wait has somehow created amazing hype. Everyone jumped and shout and followed whatever Meev told us to sing…it was another fun experience (again I was remembered by David Cook’s lame audience…how not fun that was).

I forgot after which song, everyone was shouting “Miyavi…miyavi…miyavi…miyavi…” he was at first a bit shocked but then he enjoyed the calling. In that small café, we managed to rock out the venue by jumping and raising our hands together.

I love the way everyone sang “We Love You…We Love You…Sekai wa kimi wo aishiteru.” … when the song was over I shouted as loud as I can “WE LOVE YOU MIYAVI” … so happy that he replied to us all that he loves us too 🙂 . We also sang together in other songs. I just love how united J-Community is!!

Here’s a photo by Bobo-san

The show of MIYAVI@ Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, Indonesia just done!! And crazy audience…Thanks!!

I stood so close to the stage and able to touch his hand when he reached out the the audience 😉 From that photo, I was on the other side of the stage.

After the show, I met a lot of J-Music lovers whom I haven’t met in ages! The after show had turned into a small reunion of the people who had been J-Music lovers for over 10 years. It was a lovely night.

Here are photos and video from the show

Miyavi’s message to Indonesian fans>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afi9g2YqBKI&feature=youtu.be

Thank you for coming to Jakarta, MIYAVI…please keep your promise to come back here again 🙂


  1. Yes-yes-yes…He was freaking amazing!
    Gila, malam ntu bnr2 gila, dah lama ga liat vid2 live die, skalinya liat lg langsung live pula nontonnya…..Aaaarrrrggghhhh…ga bisa diungkapin lewat kata2 ky apa prasaan gw malam itu. Worthed bgt dh, cuma dg 350k, gw bisa ntn pertunjukan dr Miyavi yg super-super qeren boq!!! Gw mao laghe d klo beneran Miyavi bakal kJakarta lg ssuai kata2nyaaaa….
    Miyaviiiii…we love you and terima kasih very much thank you so much for your great performance dah!!!

    1. IYAAAA!!!! Harga itu ga sebanding dengan apa yang kita dapat…kita dapat lebih bgt 😀

      Dia kereeeeeen banget!! ga nyangka bakal sekeren itu. kalo datang lagi, kita langsung nonton lagi ya Wid…ini juga kalo punya duit lebih pengen nyusul ke Bali 😉

  2. thanks for the review!!! i really envy to the people who attend the concerts. because of money problem and long distance i can’t attend to the show, but i’ll keep his promise to come back here! and shout as loud as i can in there! XDD Hidup J-Community!!!!!! Are You Ready To Rock???Yeah!! (> 0 <)/

    1. Ah…too bad…it was a blast, but I understand your condition. I almost didn’t see it too.
      You better make sure you’ll come when he comes again 😉

    1. He is cute and amazing!!1 I love how he moves around the stage.

      That’s right!! I miss my old friends and the great thing about friends in community is that it never felt like we haven’t met for years, it’s as if we last saw each other last week 😉

        1. I do believe that that’s how you define good friends…because there were times when I met someone I havent seen in years and then I didn’t know what to talk about, for that kinda people, I kinda think of them as just someone I know.

  3. Nice, Novia!! 😉

    As always, it’s soooo much fun to read about the things you are so passionate about, and always makes me feel like I was right there too. I hope you get the chance for even more J-rock concerts in Jakarta, you obviously have super fun with them!

    1. Thank you, Miyuki.
      …but I wish they dont come one after another, they emptied my saving account 😉

      We have been waiting for ages to hear those Japanese musicians, the waiting makes us all so passionate.

  4. Miyavi’s music is not really my style, but boy he is a guitar virtuoso! I’m excited for the Indonesian J-Rock community, with all these wonderful Japanese musicians visiting for concerts lately, it bodes well for the future 🙂

    Hah, I totally agree, the first photo of how he looked before scared me (like a really creepy Boy George?), but now he is more manly 😉

    1. In my opinion, his music is quite experimental and not easy to like. Yup, agree, he was amazing with guitar…I like the way he slaps it like a bass.

      I am really happy with all these musicians showing up, the success of Laruku’s concert really opened the eyes of J-music industry on their fans in Indonesia…but I hope the bands won’t come to close to each other.

      Almost everyone I know who came was quite surprise with his difference look…he looks much better now.

    1. Yaaiii…glad you also think he is handsome 🙂
      It was really a surprise to find him that handsome.

      Yup…he is indeed one of the best guitarists. I like the way he slaps his guitar.

      1. I actually plays it often like a bass. That’s the slapping you mention. Some elements are from Flamenco (I played the guitar for over ten years but I wasn’t very good.) ), I think, you play with all the parts of the guitar in Flamenco.

        1. you can play guitar? THAT is so cool!! I struggle just to try playing do re mi.

          I always admire people who can play instrument. Do you have a band?

  5. I don’t know who these musicians are Nov, but he kind of look like actor Ezra Miller a bit. This post brings back so many memories as I used to hang out at Hard Rock Cafe with my friends on weekends, we’d split a drink amongst 4-5 of us as we could only afford one, ahah. I might pay a visit when I go home in December.

    1. I think I like a lot of musicians you don’t know, Ruth 😉
      I have high appreciation toward Japanese Musicians.

      I never been to Hard Rock before…that was my first time. I should let you know that hard rock has moved to EX, it is no longer in Sarinah.

  6. An interesting review, I must admit that
    i didn’t read every single part of this one
    but your photographs are all good, he did
    look like a bit of a girl before didn’t her? 😦

    Have a lovely Monday Miss. Novia 🙂

    Andro xxx

    1. Well..thank you Andro 🙂
      I try to get good photos and enjoying the show at the same time…it was quite difficult, the enjoying part mostly wins 😉
      I don’t mind men looking like women (in fact most my fav male celebrities are pretty men) but not one that tried hard to look like one…in this case, the old Miyavi seemed like he was trying hard to look like a girl. I like him now more than before.

      Have a nice Monday too, Andro 🙂

      1. Some men that dress as women are hard to tell apart from the real woman, so that could be a bit confusing 😦 lol I hope that you are enjoying your day Miss. Novia 😉 🙂

        Andro xxx

      1. I didn’t like mainstream music a few years ago but now I enjoy a good pop tune 🙂 I think it’s the dance in the video is one of the reasons the song is so popular!

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