Doctor Who Specials

As I have said in my review of Doctor Who 2008…this post will be my last post of Doctor Who for THIS YEAR!!

I am going to avoid myself from being bored by one of my favorite TV Series by giving it time to cool down for a while. My plan is to watch the new Doctor early next year. I am going to control myself by watching other movies and TV series.

These five Specials are the last of David Tennant’s time as the Doctor. I am going to miss him as the Doctor. Many said that Matt Smith is also good but I am not sure I will like him as much as I like Tennant.

The Voyage of The Damned (Christmas Special 2007)

The Voyage of The Damned is actually a special before the 2008 series…but I found it after I saw the series. This time, the Doctor was accompanied by a famous singer, Kyle Minogue as Astrid Peth.

The story started with Titanic crashing on the TARDIS…it was NOT the famous Titanic from the history, it was a cruise spaceship in shape of a huge ship. The Doctor decided to pop in and she what’s inside. He met a beautiful waitress, Astrid Peth. I was quite surprise to see that Kyle wasn’t bad as actress…in cast she is quite good. Things went bad when asteroids hit the ship…and then the Doctor’s adventure began!

What I like about this Christmas special is the way the Doctor and the surviving people trying to save themselves and the earth (the ship is falling to earth).

The Next Doctor (Christmas Special 2008)

The Doctor landed in 1851, it was Christmas. Unexpectedly, he met another man who claimed as the Doctor…but something was not right about him, not in the bad way…it’s just not possible that he was also the Doctor.

The real Doctor finally figured out what had happened. The new Doctor was actually Jackson Lake (David Morrissey), he claimed to be The Doctor because he was hit by Info Stamp. His memory was accidentally wiped out and replaced by the memory of The Doctor. Together they fought the Cyberman which had transported into 1851.

I really like this episode. Maybe one day the Doctor can have a male companion 😉

Planet of The Dead (2009)

The Doctor was all alone, he decided not to find other companion after what had happened to Donna.

The story started with a professional thief stealing an artifact from a museum. She got on a bus when trying to run away from the police…unfortunately, she got on the bus where the Doctor was also in it. An invisible wall swallowed the bus and took them to an inhabited desert…or so they thought. The planet was invaded by a breed of alien which ate everything on their path. Together with the thief, the Doctor tried to bring back all the people in the bus back to London.

I really like Christina (Michelle Ryan) – the thief, I think she would make a perfect companion. She wanted to be one but the Doctor refused her because of what had happened to Donna. He wanted to travel alone from then on.

The Waters of Mars (2009)

This is a very serious episode.

The Doctor arrived on Mars and found a colony which happened to be the first human colony on Mars. But the colony had unhappy ending. They all going to die, but their death, especially the captain’s death would inspired her grand daughter to explore the universe. Their death is a fixed history that would change human history.

The Doctor felt bad ditching them in panic and tried to help them…but by helping them, he might changed everything in the future. He went too far this time. No companion really messed up his mind.

Captain Brooke: I don’t care who you are! The Time Lords victorious is wrong!

The End of Time (2009 & 2010)

The End of Time was divided into two parts. These two episodes were the last episodes by David Tennant 😦

It began with a narration about Gallifrey by the Lord President (Timothy Dalton).

The Master (John Simm) was being resurrected by a group of people who admired him. The resurrection went wrong. The new Master was always hungry and he ate everything, even human…well, not in a cruel way. The Oods told the Doctor about it.

The Doctor met Donna’s grandfather, Wilfred (Benard Cribbins), again and he was sort of becoming his new companion. The Master had turned everyone on earth into him. He controlled everything through his million of changed human. The Doctor had to stop the Master for trying to bring Gallifrey out of the time lock.

This is a spoiler:

As I have said above, this is the last episode of David Tennant, before the tenth Doctor regenerated (I won’t tell you how he almost died), he visited all his former companions. He didn’t want to die, regenerating meant turning to other person which is not him and he didn’t want that. Seeing him saying silent goodbye to all his friends is so heartbreaking.

What’s interesting about these two last episodes is the appearance of Timothy Dalton. He acted as the president or the highest authority of Time Lords…but he wasn’t a wise leader, he would do anything to be out of the time lock. I think it was a great choice picking Dalton as The Lord President, he has the right charisma for that.

Well…this is the end of The Tenth Doctor, as well as my end of watching Doctor Who for 2012. I will be back with endless Doctor Who review in 2013 😉

The reason for me to stop watching (for a while) are: I don’t want to get bored and I want to wait till Series 7 is over. I just don’t like waiting for a week to see what happens next. I already have Series 5 and 6 on my computer…I am patiently waiting for series 7 now. Beside that, I also need to share my time watching other series (I am currently obsessed with other TVseries now 🙂 … you’ll know what it is soon) and movies.

Dear Doctor…see you again in 2013 🙂

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12 Comments Add yours

  1. TBM says:

    You have a lot of discipline. I’m waiting for season 5 of Madmen to be released.

    1. Novroz says:

      I have discipline because I have others to watch 😉
      I am currently crazy over a hilarious TVShow.

  2. Caroline says:

    I was going to say the same as TBM. I can never hold back, I will dash through every series.

    1. Novroz says:

      To be honest, apart from not wanting to be bored, I also have two more reasons: the main actor is no longer David Tennant so I can held back a little AND I have other show I am currently obsessed with 😉

  3. Genki Jason says:

    I saw a little bit of the filming of The Next Doctor and I managed to sneakily get a few pictures when security weren’t looking 😉 Nothing dramatic though.

    1. Novroz says:

      Oh…how cool is that!! I would love to be in Doctor Who set too…I want to be inside the TARDIS 😉

      How did you manage to get the pictures?? were they shooting near your home?

      1. Genki Jason says:

        I was walking through a cemetery to university and I noticed a lot of trucks. I walked close by and spoke to an onlooker who told me it was Doctor Who. I then told everybody I knew 😉

        1. Novroz says:

          What a fun coincidence!! Especially from a show we love…you were very lucky 🙂

  4. ruth says:

    Oooh I didn’t know David Morrissey is in Dr Who also! Man I really need to watch this show, I like him too and of course you know how I feel about Dalton. Glad you like him as Time Lord, seems like everyone likes his performance, well naturally, I’ve loved him in every single thing he’s in 😉

    1. Novroz says:

      Hahaha…you are a bit bias when it comes to Dalton 😉 …fortunately I know a person just like you who is always bias toward her favs 😉

  5. Alice Audrey says:

    That silent good bye gets me without even having seen those episodes.

    1. Novroz says:

      It was quite sad…I wish he came to them and said something. He really loves his companions.

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