13 Authors I Often Read or Wanting to Read More

It’s been a while since my last Thursday Thirteen. I think I am going to do this list once a month…just for fun 🙂

It won’t have long explanation like my Top-5 list.

Caroline @ Beauty is a Sleeping Cat told me once that I tend to repeat same author and I have to admit that she spoke the truth 😉 I have tendency to repeat the same author because reading a book is not like watching a movie. We can choose random movies as we pleased and ditch it when it wasn’t our cup of tea, but to choose random book is like high class gambling…and it’s not fun spending lots of hours just to finally ditch the book.

I only chose authors I don’t know when I have strong feeling from the book’s blurb and when I am in the mood for gambling…but when I want to enjoy my self, I avoid gambling and pick the authors I always enjoy.

In no particular order, here are 13 authors I often read or wish to read more by them.

(Click their names to see reviews of their books)

1. Stephen King

He is my favorite authors and I always try to read at least 3 books by him each year. You can see all the books I have read in this post called Counting Down Stephen King Books

2. Eiichiro Oda

I re-read his manga, One Piece, EVERY year for over 5 years now.

3. Haruki Murakami

I wish to read ALL his books, but all in good time

4. Miyuki Miyabe

I have only read 2 books and 1 manga by her, … and …, but I am eager to read more from her.

5. Chie Watari

She can be considered as the Female Stephen King of Manga world. I love his thriller and Horror manga so much.

6. Michael Crichton

Just like Murakami, I am trying to read his entire book. One waiting to be read from my shelf is State of Fear

7. J.R.R Tolkien

Actually, I have only read The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit, but each book has been reread at least three times.

8. Akira Toriyama

Toriyama-sensei is one of Manga genius. He had inspired many shonen-mangaka (manga artist for boys). His Dragon Ball has spread throughout the world. And his Dr.Slump manga is also fun to read.

9. Kyoko Hikawa

She is the only Shoujo Mangaka (manga artist for girls) I like. I am not really into girls manga or shoujo manga but Hikawa has a nice way to share her story

10. Andrea Hirata

He is my favorite Indonesian author. I really enjoy his writing style and his light but meaningful story.

11. Trinity

She is an Indonesian backpacker who had visited a lot of countries. I like the way she tells her backpacking experience

12. Natsuo Kirino

Her book called Out had captured my attention and how I wish to read her other work

13. J.K Rowling

Well, she deserved to be in this list despite the fact that I probably won’t read her books anymore because the way she ended Harry Potter. Book 6 and 7 were too disappointing.

Happy Thursday Thirteen 🙂 I am going to close this post with the poster of my most anticipated movie of 2012


    1. Horaaayyy…it’s always nice to meet others with same opinion on Harry Potter’s ending. It was like a great journey with terrible ending.

      Let’s hope The Hobbit will be as great as The Lord of The Rings movie.

  1. I’m looking forward to the Hobbbit film, too – I’ve loved Martin Freeman since I first saw him on The Office, years ago!

    And I’m glad that you’re a Stephen King and a J. K. Rowling fan. At least we have that in common. 😉

  2. Haven’t heard of most of them 😛 but Chricton’s KONGO was the fastest read book in my life (three hours for the whole book) 🙂 Adore Tolkien, and I read a number of King’s books, but always forget them ten minutes after I close the last page. Murakami is popular in my country too.

  3. I can understand your way of picking books… I tend to do the same thing for movies. I’ll be more likely to watch one done by a director or actor that I enjoyed in an earlier film than one featuring nobody I recognize. I don’t think it’s unusual at all to do it that way. 😉

    1. For movie…I can still gamble because it only takes 3 minutes for me to push the stop button 😉
      But I do tend to watch movies by my favorite actors more than random actors

  4. I started a Stephen King novel the other night and I thought of you. I’m reading ‘salem’s Lot and so far I’m loving it. I’m about 150 pages in. I think you said this wasn’t a favorite of yours, I’m not positive you said that, but I think you did. J. K. Rowling’s first adult novel was released in the UK yesterday. I’m tempted to buy it to see if she can continue her success. I don’t know though, there was something so special about the Potter books.

    1. Yaaiii…looking forward to your review, TBM 🙂
      Yes, Salem’s Lot was not one of my favorites maybe because I didn’t like vampire thingy that much.

      I will read reviews first before deciding to read JK’s news book.

  5. I agree: finding a new author to read takes some thorough investigating first 😉 I don’t dare to plunge into the deep without a few good (and trustworthy) reviews and ratings.

    Stephen King yay! And I also like Haruki Murakami & Michael Crichton. We’ll probably never agree on One Piece, but I just prefer a different manga drawing and story style.

    1. Hahaha…well One Piece is not easy to love, I admit that. I was a bit of mocking it the first time I saw it (anime) but then it grew into me and I unashamedly shouting to everyone that One Piece is the best manga ever written 🙂 …but I can understand why some people can’t enjoy it.

  6. I’m the same. If i like an author I tend to look for their backlist. In that way, I’m risk adverse, but if I look back at my reading list, I fear that I sacrifice the diversity! 😦 but I have got no regrets. 😉

    1. Same here Jo 😉
      No regret for having less diversity in my reading list…For me, reading in for fun not for challenge…I don’t care if other book lover look me down for my reading list as long as I have fun with what I read

  7. That comment made you think. 🙂
    maybe I’m more of a gambler when it comes to books than you.
    I was puzzled to see so many names I didn’t know but I have never read a Manga, so it’s normal.
    I’d like to read more of Murakami as well.
    A great idea for a list. I will have to borrow it some day. 😉

  8. Ah, Chie Watari! I also love her works 🙂 I used to buy ‘Serial Misteri’ comics when I was a kid, and most of my favorites were hers. It’s a nice surprise you included her too in this list, Miss 🙂

    1. She is brilliant!! I love her horror manga very much because they are really well done. They aren’t just silly horrors, her stories always has complexity.

      I wonder why there aren’t more books by her in the market 😦

      1. I think I saw the repackaged ‘Serial Misteri’ comics in Gramedia a few weeks ago but I forgot were there any Chie Watari’s among them. Comic’s price is too expensive nowadays anyway 😦 Btw, I once bought dozens of second-hand ‘Serial Misteri’ books in a very low price from Kaskus, Miss. The conditions were not perfect, but still okay. If you want to, just try hunting them in Kaskus 🙂

        1. I am talking about her new manga, not the old ones 😉
          I have read all her old manga, my best friend collects them and I can borrow it anytime I want.

    1. Thank you, Jason.
      I don’t know whether Chie Watari’s manga has been translated to English or not…but I think you can find it online.

      I never heard of Ito before, as far as I know I haven’t seen her/his books being translated into Indonesian. I will look for Ito and maybe I will hike hir/her too 🙂

      1. Junji Ito’s work has been translated into English. His stories have been subject to live-action film adaptations and one anime. They are really spine-chilling!

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