The 12th Doctor : Cillian Murphy – a meaningless photoshop ;)

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I like doing some photoshopping …just for fun. Not that good tho but I just like doing it.


Usually, the object of my photoshop is my baby turtles, here are some of my photoshop images: (click the image to see it bigger)




After seeing this amazing photoshop of Shirtless Cillian Murphy, I somehow wanted to do some photoshopping with Cillian’s photo (I know it won’t be as good as the shirtless image…but for the sake of fun, I still want to do it)


As you know, I am currently obsessed with Doctor Who…an idea came to me. It would be fun seeing Cillian as the 12th Doctor (although the truth is I don’t want him to be the doctor)

I did 4 photoshopped images. The first two were terrible. I cut Cillian and put it in Doctor Who’s image.


The third I did something different, I cut the TARDIS and put it in Cillian’s photo. It looked much better.


…and finally I found the perfect Cillian’s photo to match the TARDIS 🙂 I am very pleased with this last result.


What do you think? I bet, you are thinking “damn! This woman is insane!” 😉

Although I like the last one more than anything…just wondering, which one do you like more?


  1. Ahah, fun post Nov! I like the first one of him with the long, black leather coat from In Time, he’s one of the best things in that movie. I can’t imagine your reaction if Cillian has a guest stint in Dr Who, ahah, you might spontaneously combust! 😀

    1. That one is really good, the long coat kinda reminds me of the tenth doctor, my fav doctor….but the photoshop is terrible 😉

      I would die of happiness if he plays as guest in Doctor Who…especially if he plays with David Tennant (too bad he is no longer the Doctor). But I really dont want to see him as the Doctor (this photoshop is just for fun 😉 ) I don’t want too many fangirls drooling over him if he did play as the Doctor 😉

    1. I also like the first…unfortunatele, I could make it in the same tone…so you can see it clearly that they come from different photo 😦
      The last one has a more natural tone…and you’re right, he looks adorable there 😉

      1. That’s a really hard one to fix. Most of the time with Jack and Jill, I don’t try to make the figures fit in with the background. There are issues involving direction of light and shadow that get too complicated too quickly. Some that I’ve spent the most time on, no one liked.

          1. I only do it because sometimes my ideas won’t get across any other way, or sometimes it’s a lot harder to come up with a miniature beer bottle than to photoshop them in.

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