Three Liebster Awards

Happy September everyone 🙂

I want to begin my September by answering questions given to me through Liebster Award.

First of all…thank you for Michael at It Rains…You Get Wet, Andina at Inspired Ground, and Caroline at Beauty Is A Sleeping Cat for nominating me this award. I have received something similar months ago. You can read their interesting questions and my not so interesting answers here 😉

I think Liebster is one of the most creative blog awards because it makes people think…thinking about writing the questions and about answering questions given to the nominees. I will answer the question but will not create any questions at all because I can’t choose so few out of so many great blogger friends I have…and I am terribly with making questions 😉

First the set of questions from my dear fellow movie lover, Michael at It Rains…you get wet.

Here then are his questions…

  1. What is your favorite book about cinema (whichever type of book, covering any kind of film genre)?

Although I am a book worm but I don’t like reading non-fiction. The only non-fiction I am interested with is Science Book…you know books about stars or Science encyclopedias. I like movies A LOT but I don’t like reading books about movies or cinemas.

  1. What is your favorite piece of music or song (score or the needle-dropped variety) used in a movie?

I really really like John Murphy’s scoring in 28 Days Later and Sunshine. Both movies have more depth with his music. I also really really like The Raid – Redemption score, the original Indonesian score by Aria Prayogi and Fajar Yuskemal, NOT the one by Mike Shinoda…please don’t mix that up!!

  1. Charles Bronson or James Coburn?

None, don’t really like Bronson and don’t even know Coburn.

  1. What is your favorite foreign film (one made outside your country)?

Oh wow!!! There are sooooo many!!! I can’t just choose one. The Matrix, Inception, Breakfast On Pluto, Departure (Okuribito), Ringu, Alien, Terminator, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, Amazing Grace, Saving Private Ryan, etc.

  1. When watching a movie at home, what food stuff do you almost always have nearby?

Whatever available at home! I am not a must eat something kind of person when watching movie. In fact, I rarely eat something while watching at home.

  1. Vincent Hanna or Neil McCauley (reference this film if the characters don’t ring a bell)?

None…sorry, haven’t seen the movie.

  1. What movie cliché are you so tired of seeing in film?

Forced happy ending. It happens so often in Hollywood movies….you know, some stories are actually better without happy ending. And easy to guess plot.

  1. What’s the scariest scene or image your ever saw on film (and it doesn’t have to be from a horror movie)?

Sadako (Ringu) coming out of the TV set. That scene was very scary but it made me love that movie so much. Non-Scary movie would be the opening war scene in Saving Private Ryan…it looked so real.

  1. The Howling or An American Werewolf in London?

None…not much of a werewolf fan. I like ghost stories more.

  1. Ever read the source book of a film adaptation that intrigued you? If so, what’s your favorite?

Usually, it’s the other way around…I read the book then watch the movie. However, after being fascinated by Breakfast on Pluto…I have this urge to find the book and read it, but I still haven’t found the book yet.

  1. Have you ever fast-forwarded a movie just to get to the good part?

If the movie is REALLY boring…yes I have!! The last one I remember was The Boring Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The movie is terribly boring and I hate Brad Pitt but I love Cate Blanchet…so I fast-forwarded the movie just to see her scenes and to know how it ends…you know, how Benjamin Button died

PS. Not very important tho…I tried re-watching In Time by fast-forwarding it and only see the scenes with Cillian Murphy in it…and Oh dear God, that movie is amazingly bad!!! Even watching the fast-forward version bored me. For the first time in my Cillian Murphy Addiction Years…I don’t feel even Cillian can make me watch that movie more than once.


My second batch of questions came from a fellow Indonesian Movie Blogger, Andina at Inspired Ground

Her Questions :

  1. If you could replace one movie that’s not in the Top 250 IMDB with another, what movie is it?

How to check TOP 250 in IMDB?

  • Do you have any TV series that you wish to be adapted to a screenplay?

Do check my TOP 5 TV series post>> here. The X Files – Done; Sherlock – I love to see it being adapted to a screenplay, of course still with Benny and Martin as the main characters (not that US version of Sherlock…incredibly wrong to turn the famous John Watson into a female named Joan Watson…ow please shoot me!!); Doctor Who – Please make a new movie out this amazing series!!!; Friends – there were rumours about it but nothing happened :(; Mission Impossible – well, they have made it but I want something that stays true to the series just like what The A Team did…not that silly one man show…Mission Impossible is about TEAM WORK.

  • Which superhero in a movie you’d like to date and why?

Not into superheroes…sorry! Or can I choose the Villain? Love to date Scarecrow for reasons you know why 😉

  • What is your favorite ’80s soundtrack?

Pass. Too lazy to search. Sorry.

  • What movie that you always see on a rainy day/unwell?

Breakfast on Pluto. Such a fun movie.

  • What is your most played soundtrack in your playlist/ipod/player?

Finale by L’Arc~en~Ciel, the soundtrack for Ring 0 (the prologue of Ringu) and Shinsoku by L’Arc~en~Ciel, special soundtrack for Japan from Godzilla…the reason those songs are most played is because my mp3 player is 70% filled with L’Arc~en~Ciel songs.

  • What 2011 movie that you thought was underrated?

I didn’t watch many 2011 movies…probably Buried. Not many people watched that movie around me but I think Buried was really well done.

  • What classic movie that you wish you could see them in cinema?

Alien, Terminator and Star Wars.

  • What is your favorite animated character?

The crew of Mugiwara Kaizoku (The Strawhat Pirate) from the One Piece anime

  • What is you least favorite animated character?

Hmmm…let’s see. Is the blue avatar can be considered as animation? If it can…then those blue creatures.

  • What movie icon (director/actor/actress) that you think he/she should have a biopic movie in the future?

Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan


Although these last sets of Questions were actually given to my Turtle’s blog, Underneath The Shell but I had done a lot of thinking and those are questions that couldn’t be answered by Kroten and Papoe so easily. I hope Caroline at Beauty Is A Sleeping Cat doesn’t mind their mommy answering her questions 😉

  • Which is your favourite painting or photograph? (Add it or link to it)

Favorite painting would be a painting of Kroten done by my dear friend, Debbie Adams. You can see it here.

  • If you could stay in another city for a year, which one would it be?

LONDON!!! Great city with so many amazing actors and string British tradition. If you have asked a country, the answer would be Japan.

  • Which language would you like to speak and why?

Nihongo (Japanese)…I always love Japanese more than English but it’s so hard to master it 😦 Reason: simply because I love things Japanese and would love to read Japanese novel in Japanese (so far, I can only read Manga)

  • Which is your favourite book cover?

Tough Question!! Really tough!! Hmmm….hmmm…I think I’ll pass. Next!!

  • What craft would you like to be great at?

Making dolls. I would love to make replica doll of my turtles.

  • Which is your favourite dish. Recipe included!

Rendang. Recipe can be read here.

Photo belongs to No Recipes
  • If you could design a garden what would it look like?

One with an out door pond to keep my baby turtles in it…I will put them back inside at night and back to the pond during the day. I want a Japanese style garden.

Photo belongs to Home Design Ideas
  • Which is your favourite song or piece of music? It can be one you just like at the moment or one you always loved.

Niji by L’Arc~en~Ciel … such a powerful song with great lyric.

  • If you could wake up in a movie (or book) – which one and why?

Not a movie, but a TVSeries…I would love to be in Doctor Who series and travel with the Doctor through time and space.

  • What is your favourite piece of clothing or accessory?

T-Shirt and jeans…no accessory needed.

  • What book are you reading at the moment?

Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King.

Thank you Michael, Andina and Caroline for thinking of me 🙂

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