Unrequited Desire

Writing a flash story is not easy, I have tried but it’s very difficult. However, the more the difficult the art is the more I need to practice. My friend, Alice Audrey always writes great flash every week…I envy her talent.

My first flash was a less than 300 word piece called Looking For a Better Life which is one of my favorite story (a write is allowed to chose her/his favorite, right?). My latest one is a less than 100 word piece called A Gold for my country.

I came across Red‘s blog called M3. She posted a flash challenge where we have to write a story with desire as its theme and not more than 100 words. You can check her Flash here. The challenge is called Flash in Pan.

When I saw this week’s Creative Ink’s Writing Prompt…an idea came to me. Probably not a good story but I quite like it because I had a lot of fun writing it. It only has 66 words.

Unrequited Desire


The red bench near the blue sea creates a nice contrast color, I think.

A yellow swimmer in blue sea can also be a good combination, I suppose.

Alas, the beautiful blue sea is corrupted with the cursed white grain.

The cursed white grains drown the desire of the yellow swimmer to be one with the blue sea.

Ah…if only I am not a fresh water turtle.





I made that flash for my dear golden turtle, Kroten 🙂

What do you think? I need all the critics I can get 🙂

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