5 Favorite TVSeries of All Time

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Time for another top 5 list 🙂

I have been glued to TV since I was very young…TV-series fascinated me in a way a 2 hour movie can’t. The fun of seeing TV-Series is the fact that we get to understand the characters more and somehow attached to them. Some TV-Series are very easy to make people become addicted while others are more like something to pass time with.

There is more passing time kind of TV-Series out there but only few remain as the addictive ones. Some are made so well but fail in the end. Take example of Supernatural, it could easily be my all time favorite but it crashed and burnt when they started playing with God and Angels, they should just stayed with the devils…really!

I want to start with the honorable mentions first and give short explanation why they aren’t in my top 5…if there is any.

  • Friday the 13th (Wikipedia/IMDB ) was a great series I enjoyed so much, cursed items totally had their charm…but charm didn’t last long.
  • The A Team (Wikipedia/IMDB )WAS actually in my top-5 before I discovered my number 3 in the list 😉
  • MacGyver (Wikipedia/IMDB ) He is one of the reason why I like chemistry 😉
  • Supernatural (Wikipedia/IMDB) as I have said above, I lost interest when they start dealing with Angels and God.
  • The IT Crowd (my own review)

Now…let’s move on to the real list 😉

These 5 TV-Series is a subject to change…it might change next year because I keep discovering good series lately. I will see Spaced (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) after I finish Doctor Who 2008…maybe Spaced can kick one of the series below out of the list 😉

Here are my favorite 5 TV-Series of all time:

#5 Mission Impossible (1966 – 1973 and 1988 – 1990)


I think I saw this series when I was still in Junior High (or maybe late elementary). The series completely glued me, I waited for it every single week. I love how great their team work is. The mission and all the impossible things they did were really amazing. The love I have for their amazing team work is the reason why I hate the movie, it focused only on one man action…I hated it.

#4 Friends (1994 – 2004)

I never grow tired of Friends no matter how many times I watch it. Every single episode is so hilarious. It’s not just about being funny but also about having great friends. Too bad I haven’t seen the final season yet 😦

#3 Doctor Who (1963 – still running )

As I have written in my review: Where has Doctor Who been my whole life?

I looooooveeee this series!!! Love it so much. I can’t stop watching it. I finished series 1 (2005) in just 3 days, series 2 and 3 even faster. I was glued to my TV set and unable to stop watching. If I didn’t have anything else to do, I could finish them all in one day…that is how much I am addicted to this series.

I have many episodes to catch on, especially the old ones…but all in good time, I am just going to enjoy the new ones first and then move on to the old ones. So far, I have only seen 2 doctors, my favorite is the tenth doctor, David Tennant.

#2 Sherlock (2010 – still waiting for next series)

Honestly…I was having tough debate (in my mind) between putting Sherlock and Doctor Who as number 2…I love them both equally. But after thinking for some times, I decided to put Sherlock in number 2 because I love Sherlock Holmes and Benedict Cumberbatch is the best Sherlock I have ever seen, the one so perfect as if I am seeing what I am reading. Can’t wait for the final installment 🙂

My reviews can be found here.

#1 The X Files (1993 – 2002)

for this one, let me just quote my old post about The X Files:

For as long as I live, I have never once seen another movie that has stronger power like The X Files. This series has stole my eyes, my heart and all of my attention the 1st minute I laid my eyes on it. It was something out of the ordinary, so mysterious and yet so smart. It turned all superstitious into belief, a pure scientific fiction that can made people wondering about it, was it real? This  series, is by far the greatest series American had ever made…up to today, none can be compared to The X files, not even close.

…but I show less love toward the series when Mulder sort left the series.


So…those are my favorite TV series…I would love to know what you think of my list and would love to read your list 🙂

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  1. Archiel says:

    Friends of course, I got a complete collection of it :). Too bad Top Gear UK wasn’t on the list, or it’ll be my fave TV Series.

    1. Archiel says:

      oh I forgot, I don’t need to choose from your list lol xD, I can make my own list haha, so..
      -Top Gear
      -Cold Case

      1. Novroz says:

        Huahaha my list is mine, of course 😉 everyone has different taste.
        Glad you finally realize your mistake 😉

        I would love to see Top Gear too…maybe it’ll be my next British series search. Each day, I have more love toward British movie industry.

        Yaaaiii…at least we have 1 same TVseries. May I borrow your last season…please *begging eyes*

        Thank you for sharing your list Archiel. I will try seeing the other 4 in your list 😉

        1. Archiel says:

          Top Gear UK is a car review show, but they did it with a funny, adventurous and crazy way, typical brits comedy. And they’re all old guys haha. they’re on 18th seasons now, can’t wait for the 19th next year.

          Hustle also a brit TV series, it’s about a group of thieves, like the Ocean’s series movie.

          just bring sizable flashdrive and I’ll let you copy my final season of Friends :))

          1. Novroz says:

            I know 🙂
            David Tennant, my fav Doctor, is in one of Top Gear episodes…so I read a bit about the show. Brit comedy is always great…have you ever seen their TVshows?? I saw some in youtube…man, they are hilarious. I wonder if Indovision has BBC or not.

            I wonder when we can meet so that I can rob your collection 😉

            eh?? Hustle is Brit series?? Then I must find that series!!!

          2. Archiel says:

            My Top Gear collection is complete up to season 18 haha, that’s why I can’t wait for the 19th season :D.

            yeah, Hustle is hilarious, I got 8 seasons of that series.

            I got almost 1,5TB collection of movies, series etc etc, you’re welcome to rob me haha

          3. Novroz says:

            huahahaha dasar pembajak! 😉

            let’s meet then…I want hustle and top gear 😉

  2. whida says:

    wah! aku baru tau lho klo Mission Impossible dulu ada series-nya o.o

    aku apa ya? bingung~ o.oa
    series disini maksudnya yg terdiri dr bbrp season gt ya mbak? uuummm…. apa yaa~
    – gokusen
    – hana yori dango
    – supernatural (saya ttp suka walopun ceritanya ngalor ngidul ;p)
    – hero
    – gossip girl (cuma nonton season 1 sih.. tapi bagus aahh~ ;))

    tapi sekarang saya lagi heboh sama drama Jepang! muahahaha ;p

    Sherlock cuma nonton ep 1 season 2, mbak~ lupa jadwal tayangnya o.o
    tapi mas Benedict cukup memikat hati~ ahahahaha xD

    1. Novroz says:

      Ada dong 🙂 keren bgt loh!! pdhl series lama.

      hehe sbenarnya dorama gw dah pernah bkin top-5nya…ntar d gw tag kl dah nyalain kompi lg.

      Ah…dulu gw jg suka Heroes tp jd ga suka gr2 season 2-nya maksa bgt.

      aih…abang Benny mah sgt mesmerizing *.*

      makasih dah share listnya Whid 🙂

  3. le0pard13 says:

    Some absolutely splendid TV series on your list. Glad to see you’re a Mission: IMPOSSIBLE fan, Novroz. Thanks.

    1. Novroz says:

      Thank you Mike 🙂
      yup…I am a huge fan. I wish I can see it again one day.

      I would love to know your top 5 Mike 😉

      1. le0pard13 says:

        Well, it’s not my all-time favorite list, but in today’s post, you’ll find my top 5 for the 80s ;-). Thanks.

        1. Novroz says:

          will be right there in a sec 🙂

  4. Great post! I really like Friends and I LOVE Dr. Who.


    1. Novroz says:

      It’s always nice to meet another Doctor Who lover 🙂

      Are Friends and Dr.who also your top-5 series of all time?

  5. Fariz says:

    Mine would be: Friends, Arrested Development, The Big Bang Theory, Lost and How I Met Your Mother. My Runner-ups: Castle, Sherlock, Psych, Modern Family.
    I used to love Supernatural too but not anymore because of the exact same reason why you lost interest in it. I actually have watched a lot of series and (kinda) love some of them but then for various reasons I stopped watching after a couple of seasons: like True Blood, Fringe, The Mentalist, Dexter, etc. I think I get bored easily :p

    And by the way, have you heard, Miss, that the creators of Sherlock just revealed the 3 keywords for the third season: ‘Rat, Wedding, Bow’. Some people assumed that the stories would be adapted from The Giant Rat Of Sumatra, The Noble Bachelor and His Last Bow. Though I haven’t read any of that stories but I’m excited that they will start shooting soon. But we have to wait until next year to watch it 😦

    1. Novroz says:

      ow…I want to see the big bang theory, they said it is very funny. How I met your mother according to my friend is not that good and since we usually have same taste, she has made me not too eager to find that series.

      I also have watched so many series and it’s not about being easily bored…it always comes back to the series itself…is it addictive or boring.

      No I haven’t heard much about The upcoming SHERLOCK…I try to avoid knowing too much about. All I know is we will see Mary -John’s wife, and it will start shooting next January.

      Thank you for sharing your list Fariz 🙂

  6. Reva Virgio says:

    Teratas pastinya the x files…
    Sampe sekarang sering bgt nonton di DVD..
    Menurut saya belom ada lagi yang sebagus Ini..

    Kedua friends
    Semua karakter di sini kuat tapi ga saling makan. Sukaaa bangets..

    Lie to me
    Ini keren banget.. Sampe saya beli Buku membaca bahasa tubuh gara gara ni TV series hahaha

    Keluarga cemara
    The best Indonesian TV Series..
    Simple, bisa diserap semua lapisan, ngajarin nilai kehidupan tapi ga berkesan preachy.

    Blue bloods
    Keren, punya main plot, tapi ada plot2 kecil di tiap episode..

    Klo boleh nambah satu heroes…
    Cuma kecewa banget mulai season 4..

    Kalo TV series Paling ga disuka ya glee..
    Ngerusak qualitas Musik hahaha

    1. Novroz says:

      SETUJU BANGET dgn nomor 1-nya…belum ada yg sebagus X Files lg. Bnr2 series spanjang massa!! Pgn nntn lg dan mereview semua season (kyk sy mereview Dr.Who).

      Iya, friends itu yg plg bagus adalah mereka ga saling makan teman…bnr2 kompak.

      Ah…lupa ma Lie To Me!!! itu sharusnya masuk honorable mention saya.

      hehehe sy sih dah ga minat ma heroes dr season 2.

      Makasih dah ngeshare list kamu, Reva 🙂
      Senang ada yg naro x files di urutan 1 slain sy.

  7. Caroline says:

    I’ve only seen Sherlock and a few episodes of friends but I never really got into it.
    Sherlock is a mini-series that’s why I wouldn’t have mentioned it. If I made a list including mini-series it would look very different from the list with longer series.
    These are my Top 5
    Six Feet Under
    Gilmore Girls
    True Blood
    The Wire

    1. Novroz says:

      I still consider Sherlock as series rather than miniseries because it has more than 1 series (or season in US), unlike say Birdsongs which only has 1 time appearance with 2episodes or Benny’s newest miniseries called Parade’s End with only 6episodes.

      Ah…I am curious with Dexter but still haven’t got time to find and see it.

      Thank you for sharing your list, Caroline 🙂

  8. DEZMOND says:

    FRIENDS are my fave show of all times too. I think I’ve seen each episode at least ten times if not more 🙂 The last season was very emotional, and I even cried while watching the last scene of the final episode 😦
    Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Ross were my fave!

    1. Novroz says:

      No matter how many times we see it…it’s still funny, right Dezz? that’s why I love friends.
      But my favs are Joey and Phoebe 🙂

  9. Chinoiseries says:

    Quite a few older ones in your list 🙂 I love Friends as well, but other than that, I keep up with a lot of contemporary series, like Grey’s Anatomy and the CSI franchise. Let’s not forget about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that is one I’d love to watch again and again.

    1. Novroz says:

      Yeah…I still find old series are better than the new ones…in fact, in my list there is only one series created in year 2000…that’s Sherlock.

      I watched Buffy till 3rd season…I think. I also watched CSI but for an investigator sort of series, I still like X Files more.

      Thank you for sharing your fav series 🙂

    1. Novroz says:

      You have a short list Tim 😉

      1. Haha, i’d find it difficult to pick because I like so many 😀

        1. Novroz says:

          I also like so many but only love so few 😉

  10. Oma_ruri says:

    ah~ postingan awal tax masuk…. *ngulang ld d* -,-…..
    1. Sherlock (menunggu yg k3)
    2. Queer as folk (yaoi)
    3. CSI
    4. supernatural
    5. ultramen…… ^,^
    sebenernya banyak tv series yg gw tongkrongin tiap jam tayangnya…..cm dah pd lupa judul2nya….. kcl yg no 1 n 2 ntu koleksi ahahahahaaa….. ga tayang d tv lokal….

    1. Novroz says:

      Lah kok bisa ga masuk??

      Horeee…sesama fans Sherlock. Itu series memang luar biasa 😉
      Hehehe ada Ultramen, tadinya gw juga mau masukin tokusatsu dan anime…tapi ga jadi, nanti aja buat top 5 list kapan2.

      Yang gw tongkrongin juga banyak tapi ini kan yang favs of all time, kalo sampe ga inget judulnya berarti bukan favs lah Rur 😉

      1. Oma_ruri says:

        fave koq…. cm y gt d…. penyakit gw pan ga peduli judul yg penting ntn…. ahahahahaaaa……. da beverly hills… trus A team…. tunderbirds *klo ga slh*….. kamen raider….trus….tour of duty *br inget krn d puter lg* byk d tvseries yg dah ga inget lg…ntu judul kesebut jg hasil googling huakakakakakaaaa……

        1. Novroz says:

          hahaha dasar oma2…jd gampang pikun 😉

          oh kalo gw c dr dulu yg namanya fav selalu ga banyak. Kalo skedar suka aja c banyak tp fav tuh sukaaaaaaaa bgt.

      2. Oma_ruri says:

        koq…. reply-an gw kaga masup lg y…. haiyah…. ysudlah ahahahahaaa….. kpn2 bqn 5 top anime y….*request*….^,^

        1. Novroz says:

          Tenang aja, pasti ada kok, malah mau ada 2jenis… 1 yg seri dan 1 lg yg movie 🙂
          Ditunggu aja, ntar pst gw tag lg.

  11. si_ulil says:

    Right, I’m assuming that reality TV shows are not allowed here, which is a good thing because I’d be having a difficult time choosing only a few. So here are my Top 5 favorite TV Series:

    #5. The Closer

    I stumbled upon this series by accident when I was going through the telly, trying to find any decent entertainment. After the first episode, I was completely hooked and tried my best not to miss an episode. For those who doesn’t know, The Closer tells the story of LAPD Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson (played brilliantly by Kyra Sedgwick) and her Homicide Division team. Now, you’d think this would be a pretty typical series (police detectives trying to solve murder cases), and you’re probably right. But to me, this series is special because of the way Brenda Johnson is portrayed. Unlike most female detectives/cops on TV who are seen as this hot, tough, and tomboy women, Brenda Johnson is motherly and extremely feminine (her clothing style is the most matronly I’ve ever seen a Deputy Chief wear). And that sweet American twang of hers is so adorable, it makes you think about grandmama and her delicious chocolate chip cookies. But behind all that, she is tough, fierce, and leads her culturally-diverse Homicide Division team (all men) like a drill sergeant. That kind of balanced character is, IMO, the niched of this show. But what I love the most about the show is the actors and actresses. When I watch shows like CSI or NCIS, I never get the feeling of the actors and actresses. I don’t believe their performance. It’s all just about fancy gadgets and (sometimes overly) complicated plot. In The Closer, the storyline may be mediocre at times, but the performances never disappoint. Every once in a while, you even sympathizes with the bad guy/girl simply because their acting is *that* good. Whoever their casting director is, I salute you.

    #4. Episodes

    Just like The Closer, I stumbled upon Episodes by accident. But after watching the first 3 episodes, I can boldly say that this is one of my favorite Comedy TV Series of ALL time. This quirky series tells the story of Beverly and Sean, a married producer-writer couple who moves to US because the Hollywood executives are planning to remake their successful British TV series in Los Angeles. With high hopes of a repeated success, they arrived in L.A., only to realize that things in Hollywood are a little bit different than in London, to say the least. The result of this culture clash is a complete and utter hilarity! This show is smart, witty, and filled with dry humor and enough sarcasm to make even the most cynical person crack a smile. Highly, HIGHLY recommended for everyone who enjoys a few laughs. Oh, and Matt LeBlanc got a Golden Globe for his over-the-top portrayal of himself in this series. Yes, Matt LeBlanc from Friends. If that doesn’t make you curious, I don’t know what will.

    #3. Modern Family

    Another comedy series. Surprise, surprise.
    This series centers around three different families, all related and weird in their own quirky way. The first family consists of a 50-something Jay who married a younger, sassy, and extremely sexy Columbian named Gloria, who has a son named Manny. So you got the multi-cultural family here. The second family consists of Claire and Phil, and their 3 children. They are what you called the traditional family, but nothing will ever be boring and plain when you’ve got the strict Claire for a Mom, the big-kid-at-heart Phil for a Dad, a clueless-yet-popular Haley for a big sister, too-smart-for-her-own-good Alex for a middle child, and the so-stupid-it’s-funny Luke as the youngest and only brother. The third and last family consists of Mitchell and Cam, a gay couple who epitomizes the saying: Opposites Attract. Watching the sarcastic and realist Mitchell with the dreamer and dramatic Cam tries to raise their adorable adopted daughter is a hoot. All three families are related, because Jay is the father of Claire and Mitchell. And watching these families deal with their weird day-to-day problems is hilarious. “Modern” is, indeed, the best word to describe them.

    #2. Friends.

    You didn’t expect me to leave this series out, did you?
    One of the best comedy series of all time, if not THE best! The fact that this show ran for 10 seasons proves just how amazing and completely funny this series is. And what I love the most about this show is the fact that all 6 casts got equal amount of screen time. Every single character has their own story every week, and no one overshadows the other. When it comes to comedy, Friends definitely has it all: the best ensemble I’ve seen in years, if not ever!

    #1. Sherlock (BBC)

    Thank you.
    Thank you.
    THANK YOU!!!
    If it hadn’t been for you, I would never have discovered this mind-blowing mini series. To say that I’m obsessed with Sherlock and everything that goes with it (Benedict, especially) is a complete understatement. I am completely blown away by how brilliant this mini series is. Everything is pitch perfect: the script, the atmosphere, the casts. Well, 99% perfect. I’m not really fond of their dramatic take on Jim Moriarty, but he slowly won me over in Reichenbach Fall. He won a BAFTA for that performance, no?
    Benedict Cumberbatch has officially become my Kryptonite. Just so you know.
    I am seriously running out of words to describe how much I love this series, so I might as well stop right here.

    Right. That’s all for my Top 5 Fav. TV Series. My honorable mentions are:
    – North & South (BBC’s mini series)
    – Shark
    – The Nanny
    – Community
    – The Simpsons
    – Castle
    – How I Met Your Mother

    1. Novroz says:

      hahaha the longest comment as always 😉

      I have never heard number 5 and 4 before. Friends turns out to be a lot of people’s fav. And yaii for Sherlock 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your list LAn.

      1. si_ulil says:

        I’m always excited to comment on your Top 5, hahaha…

        Btw, you should DEFINITELY watch Episodes (#4). It’s got this…subtle humor that is so different yet hilarious. The two main characters are British, and the writer is D. Crane, the writer from Friends! I have a feeling you’re gonna love it. Do try. Consider it the present for you for having recommended Sherlock 😉

        1. Novroz says:

          Will do if I can find it 😉
          Right now I am a bit…well more like very busy…with finding all Doctor Who’s series, at least the new ones first.

  12. Alice Audrey says:

    I got my husband hooked on X-files, and promptly lost interest. It gets so political as it goes.

    1. Novroz says:

      I Have to agree with your husband. As much as I love x files, I hate it when they have conspiracy episode. When re-viewing them, I always skip that part.

      1. Alice Audrey says:

        I misspoke. He loves the conspiracy stuff, though it got a bit much even for him toward the end and he said the last episode was totally lame. I’m the one who lost interest.

        1. Novroz says:

          Ah I see. The last seasons weren’t too interesting to me because Mulder rarely showed up 😦

          1. Alice Audrey says:

            Come to think of it, he said that too.

  13. Castor says:

    Ahaah these shows are awesome. Love that you mentioned MacGyver, such a fun series! I don’t watch much TV (since like high school) but my favorite show right now is Breaking Bad. Up there as my favorite of all-time actually.

    1. Novroz says:

      ah…you surprised me Cas!!
      I thought anyone who loves movie loves TVSeries 😉
      MacGyver is one of my early series.
      Never heard of Breaking Bad before, I have to google that one.

  14. sundryandco says:

    Love that fact that you have MacGyver in your list! 😀 And also The X Files.

    I’ll have to have a little think about my favourites.

    Do you like watching English period dramas?

    1. Novroz says:

      oh…do come back again and share your list once you have time thinking about it, Roisin 🙂

      I am not really into period drama…always more to sci-fi and friendship series.

      1. sundryandco says:

        I have to admit that I adore period dramas. You might like Sally Hawkin’s adaptation of Persuasion and also North & South (about the mills, not the American show!). Or you may even enjoy Cranford 🙂

        I used to love watching Patrick Stewart in Star Trek. It was on the telly once a week, on a Sunday, I think. Maybe it is the reason why I want to travel to space!

        I used to love Sliders too. Again, I think it was shown once a week. There were only two Irish channels at the time, so a good television show was a real treat.

        Xena was another that I followed.

        Benedict Cumberbatch has a period drama out at the moment. It started last Friday, so it will be on tonight. Rebecca Hall is in it too. I watched about 15 minutes of it and found it a little gloomy for a Friday night! Earlier in the year I went through a phase of watching at least one episode of Lark Rise to Candleford each day. It was great to become immersed in the story! It is based in the countryside , which I love!

        What period dramas have you watched so far? I think one of the reasons I like them is that they are nice and slow-paced and don’t deal with the rush of modern living. I also love the outfits, and the conventions of society from those eras are always fascinating – for the upperclasses it was all rules, rules, rules! I would love
        to see Irish period shows being made, however Irish history doesn’t really lend itself to a light-hearted screenplay!

        1. Novroz says:

          I used to watch Star Trek too…it was quite fun.

          Ah…we have different taste then, Roisin 😉
          I like series that have speed…otherwise I wouldn’t enjoy Doctor Who so much.

          I know about Benny’s Parade’s end…I am downloading it every week since I don’t have BBC.

          I have Cillian’s period miniseries but I still haven’t seen it yet. I am not really into slow drama…I like it to have tenseful pace.

          I wonder is there any period series that ran for years?

  15. withu says:

    Ni TV series mksudnya yg west aja y?! ato tmasuk yg asia jg yaaaa..
    Mungkin gw kasi yg west aja dl y, da yg sama ma lo punya lo juga.. 😀
    1. Mission Impossible, lpa dulu ptama ntn gw umur brapa tahun yaaaa…yg pasti gw suka bgt neh serial en ga pernah ktinggalan deh ntnnya. Gw dh lupa sie nama2 karakterny, tp dl gw suka bgt sama yg biasa nyamar2 gtu, pk topeng plastik en niru suara gtu…qeren bgt dl gw ngeliatny. En mmang sgt dSayangkan sie, movie-ny ga dBikin tim gtu, walo gw ttp msh suka jg ma movie-ny sie tp bkn jd fave movie jg sie.. 😀

    2. Queer as Folk…plg fave yg sisen 1 en 2..wkwkwkwkkkk… :p

    3. The Huxtables sama The Cosby Show, dr dulu gw suka bgt ma nih karakter Mr Huxtables en aktorny, kocak en seru bgt nonton kisah ttg keluargany, en byk kisah yg bisa qta ambil hikmah ato tiru koq menurut gw.. 🙂

    4. Dulu jg lmyn hobi ntn macem soap opera-ny west..en mnurut gw msuk list jg lah, walo gw jg gatao mana yg plg ter-fave dr bbrp judul ini.. Dynasty, Return to Eden, Bold and Beauty, Santa Barbara and Another World… :p

    5. Telenovela jg msuk itungan neh, da bbrp judul yg gw suka mcm Rosalia, Lupita Lopez-Sang Gadis Pemimpi (gatao judul asliny)… 😀

    Slaen itu msh ada sie yg gw suka en kye msh mao tuk ntn lg macem The Closer, Monk, Supernatural, Castle, Glee… 😀

    1. Novroz says:

      Sbnrnya series dr mana aja c, itu murid gw ada yg nulis Rumah Cemara…kbetulan aja gw cuma memfavoritkan series us ma uk krn dorama dan anime punya list sendiri.

      Iya gw jg sk sama yg sering nyamar…dia plg top d. Ah gw sk krn tim worknya sih, jd begitu di film jd individual gw jd malas.

      Whahaha ga nyangka gw lo pgemar soap opera 😉
      Gw jg suka tuh Gadis Pemimpi…menurut gw itu telenovela plg keren karena ceweknya ga lemah dan pintar.

      Thanks dah berbagi top list lo Wid 🙂

  16. Genki Jason says:

    Mission Impossible? I found that a bit boring. I’d replace that with Supernatural 😉

    I agree with the rest though. X-Files was totally brilliant when it was focussed on the supernatural stories and left the conspiracy stuff alone but as a whole it was magnificent.

    My top five live-action TV series might be…

    5. The Wire
    4. Keizoku/Early Stargate SG-1
    3. Sherlock Holmes
    2. Doctor Who
    1. The X-Files

    1. Novroz says:

      Well…Supernatural would be brilliant if they keep dealing with the devils instead of angels 😉

      I am completely agree with you….everything about the x files is amazing, except for the conspiracy stuffs. But it’s still the best series.

      Good to know that we have 3 in common 🙂
      I am searching for Doctor Who with Matt Smith right now…it’s so difficult to find.

      Thank you for sharing your list here, Jason.

      1. sundryandco says:

        If you haven’t watched Charmed or Buffy, you might like them.

        I just remembered that old The Monkees episode used to be shown on Irish television and theu were funny: The Brady Bunch and Happy Days were on a lot too!

        Oh, and Murder She Wrote!

        1. Novroz says:

          I have watched both Charmed and Buffy…I like it but not my favorites 😉

          1. sundryandco says:

            I watched a period film called “Bright Star” yesterday and today – it is about the poet, John Keats. I had been waiting to see it for a while and it was worth the wait – I really enjoyed it and would be interested some day to hear what you think of it! It also had a really good soundtrack too – packed full of feeling! Here’s a quick sample for you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvmqOUZyJqM The actor playing John Keats was in Brideshead Revisited and some other well-known films, but this film was shot in such a unique way…it was soft and slow in pace compared to most films nowadays…actually, you may not like it, since you like films with speed!

          2. Novroz says:

            Thanks for the link 🙂
            I quite like the music…but doubtful I’ll be watching the show as British series never been played here…I have to download it 😦

          3. sundryandco says:

            I think this year’s series of Downton Abbey is starting next week – Hooray!! And they’ll probably have a Christmas special too 🙂

          4. Novroz says:

            I am happy for you Roisin 🙂

            I am still waiting for Doctor Who 2012.

  17. Nekoneko says:

    I can’t believe it!! You like “Mission Impossible”!! Me too! I watched that all the time when I was little… and even now that series still is something that holds up well even today.
    My list is smaller, but has a few older series that I watched growing up… mostly I watch movies these days.
    #1 “The Walking Dead” – Zombies, zombies, zombies…. need this lil’ zombie lovin’ geek say more? Hehehe!!
    #2 “Dr Who” – Just too much fun not to watch ;)….. even Carolyn likes watching it with me….
    #3 “Mission Impossible” – Yep…. a classic and soooo darn good.
    #4 “UFO” – Only one season… a mere 26 episodes, but I just loved this one as a girl!! Alien invaders… organ hijacking… space interceptors and a super secret alien fighting army hidden under a film studio. Hahaha!! OMG…. and those swinging retro-futuristic mod 60’s fashions!! So funky!! 🙂
    #5 “The Avengers” – British spy fantasy…. so utterly fantastic and unbelievable, but my goodness how I wanted to be just like Emma Peel!!

    1. Novroz says:

      whuaaaaa so nice knowing you like MI too 🙂
      It was an amazing show, very well planned and well executed. Love it so much!!!

      Hehehe Doctor Who is indeed too fun not to watch. Such a brilliant show. I can’t stop watching it, it’s addictive.

      I have been meaning to watch Walking Dead but still havent got time yet 😦

      Thank you for sharing your top-5 here, Miyuki 🙂

  18. Muhammad Nuzul Ramadhan says:

    5. Sons Of Anarchy

    It’s about an outlaw motorcycle club. I like this series cause it didn’t turn out to be as bland and dull as i thought it would be. Although this show has a lot of characters, all of them has a personality. Making this series more interesting to watch.


    You can easily predict the end of every episodes. The patient stays alive. But they build the whole thing so intriguing it’s hard to take your eyes off the screen. Hugh Laurie’s amazing performace is also one of the reasons i watch this series

    3.Everybody Loves Raymond

    It tells a story a newlywed (Raymond & Debra) who has to live right with Frank Barone and Marie Barone, Raymond’s parents. This is the funniest tv show i’ve ever seen yet (yes it’s funnier than Friends. But then again it’s only my opinion). I recommend you to see it.

    2.How I Met Your Mother

    I guess almost everyone knows this show since it got so big these last few years. I really don’t know how to describe this one since i’m biased about it and all i can say is this is the best tv series of all time.


    Some of you might know this as that ‘Smekdon’ program. I’ve been watching this show since i was 5. I grew up watching this show. Yes of course i know it’s fake, but so does all other tv show and martial arts movies. It doesn’t make a difference. 14 Years later, i still watch the show, whenever i watch the show i would scream or yell or in some moments, shed a tear. Cause this is the only tv series that gives me that sense of escape. For me WWE is the best tv show there is, there was and the best there ever will be 😀

    Honorable mention :
    – That 70’s Show
    – The Cosby Show
    – Game Of Thrones
    – The A Team

    1. Novroz says:

      From your list, I have only seen Everybody loves Raymond. It was a fun sitcom. But I have seen all in your honorable mention 😉 Nice to see The A Team is in that list.

      It’s very interesting that you choose WWE as your number 1…I saw it ages ago and it’s a manly show 😉 How I Met your mother has been a favorite of many…I haven’t seen it yet, maybe I should try it one day.

      Thank you for sharing your list Nuzul 🙂

      1. Nuzul says:

        Watch House. Who doesn’t like The A Team? I pity the fool!

        1. Novroz says:

          I will note it down…there’s so many I want to see 🙂

          I Am glad that The A Team movie really loyal to the series…unlike mission impossible.

  19. ruth says:

    Ha..ha.. I knew this would be a popular post… and that Sherlock and Dr Who would be on your list! Btw, I might try to watch the later versions of Dr Who as my beloved Timothy Dalton has a major role in some episodes! 😀 I think my favorite TV series of all time would include North & South (BBC’s mini series), Frasier, Wings, Battlestar Galactica (the modern version) and MacGyver. I used to watch MacGyver religiously with my grandma, she LOVED the series, ahah and the hero is such a nice guy 🙂 I really miss Wings, I absolutely love that series.

    1. Novroz says:

      Hehehe…you know me well then 😉
      I love those two series sooooo much, they are really addictive. Both are fun and have great stories. Timothy Dalton is involved in Doctor Who? That’s amazing. I still need to find Matt Smith’s series (The newest Doctor), I only have David Tennant’s series right now.

      MacGyver can easily be everyone’s favorite form our time…it had charmed many viewer at that time. One of local TVchannel here is playing MacGyver again and I always watch it whenever I had time to catch it….he is still an adorable character.

      Thank you for sharing your list Ruth 🙂

      1. ruth says:

        Yes Dalton is the last season of Dr Who I believe, The End of Time. I will watch that just for him, LOVE that guy!

        1. Novroz says:

          The End of Time is the last episode by David Tennant…so it’s not as new as you think. It was a special episode in 2009, I have that episode just havent reached that yet…then you shoul wait for my review 😉

          1. ruth says:

            Awesome! Yeah that’s right, it’s David Tennant’s finale. I saw some reviews that said Dalton was brilliant, well naturally! Yes, I’ll wait for your review 🙂

          2. Novroz says:

            I will do a special screencaps just for you 😉
            But you have to be patient because my next Doctor Who review won’t have him yet. I reviewed them per series.

  20. vinnieh says:

    Great post, you have really great taste in TV shows.

    1. Novroz says:

      Thank you Vinnieh 🙂
      I would love to know your favorite too, if you don’t mind sharing it 🙂

  21. winniedp says:

    A very British taste of yours! Awesome! For me, I only interested in detective genre, and not long ago I watched sci-fiction series about a father and a son who have journey to other world. The father is a scientist and there is a female agent who was his experiment when she’s a child. Sorry, forgot the title.

    Is your short story influenced by X-Files? Not finished reading the one you recommend via twitter, but the genre, dark I should say, is giving me the same feeling when I watch X Files the first time I watched it 🙂

    Oh, btw, have you have post about the newest serial of Sherlock BBC Series? I can’t find it from the tags: Sherlock. I’m curios with the continuation. Thanks!

    1. Novroz says:

      I never limited my view as long as it’s not long and tiring love story…I’ll give it a try, like it or not that will come later. Although I admit I am leaning more and more toward British series as they have better stories than US series.

      Actually…most of my stories are influenced by Stephen King 😉

      Sherlock series 3 hasn’t been aired yet, it would be in January 2014. I wrote all the links to my fav series here > https://bokunosekai.wordpress.com/my-all-time-favs/

      1. winniedp says:

        Hooo, forgot that u’ll “eat” any story that u felt interesting in the first glance. 😛
        Ahhh, the latest series of Sherlock is the one which Sherlock faked his death. Ok, will wait for ur review!

        1. Novroz says:

          Sherlock will start on January 1st 🙂 be prepared!
          Too bad I won’t be here on that date. I will see it a week later.

          1. winniedp says:

            Noted!! Thx for the info! Usually I wait for the dvd (bajakan) cos I hate to wait for the next episode when the first one left hanging in the end. Hohohoho so, waiting for ur review (pls lot of spoilers on it 😛 )

          2. Novroz says:

            I never write spoiler 😉
            Usually…Sherlock ends episode one and two normally, the cliffhanger always on episode 3.

          3. winniedp says:

            Aaaaaa~~~ naruhodo! Enjoy ur end year trip to ur home! @-}–

  22. I love Friday the 13th too!!! I re-watched them all several years ago and I wish I had them on DVD. That show scared me when I was young but it’s a favorite now. I hated when Ryan left the show but that’s ok! I hardly hear anybody talk about this series, it’s so cool you have seen it!

    What about Tales From the Darkside? That’s another good one did you ever see it?

    1. Novroz says:

      Oh…you make me want to rewatch the series again. Maybe I should start hunting it in the net 😉

      The show was aired in my countries when I was still teenager, back then TV was a lot more fun than now. They always had US series to play…not anymore now 😦

      I have seen Tales from the Darkside but I don’t remember it that much, I guess it didn’t impress me that much

      1. I want to re-watch it too. I remember the first episode being quite freaky.

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