Doctor Who series 2 (2006)

As I have said before in my review of Doctor Who 2005, I can’t wait to see the 2006 series with the cute Tenth Doctor, David Tennant 🙂

The tenth doctor was first introducing in the 2005 Christmas special. The ninth doctor saved Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and causing his incarnation. He changed in front of rose from the ninth doctor played by Christopher Eccleston to the tenth doctor played by David Tennant. The tenth doctor was nothing like the ninth doctor, the tenth doctor was chattier and more expressive. He was more fun than the ninth doctor. In comparison, apart from his cute face, I like the tenth doctor’s personality more than the ninth doctor.

The 2006 series started with New Earth where the doctor took Rose Tyler (Rose remains as his companion after his incarnation) to the new planet earth billion years away from now, the old earth exploded in the 2005 series. In this episode, the doctor and Rose arrived at a hospital ran by cat-like nuns. Rose was possessed by Cassandra, the last human at that time. The nuns were doing experiments with some sort of human clones.

In the second episode, Tooth and Claw, they went to the past when Queen Victoria was still the queen of England. We got to hear David Tennant’s Scottish accent in this episode. The Queen along with Rose and The doctor stayed on Torchwood Estate which belonged to Sir Robert. In that place, they were attacked by werewolf. The Queen then established Torchwood Institute as a way to help England fight the non-human enemy.

In School Reunion, we (the new fans of Doctor Who) were introduced to Sarah Jane Smith. She was the companion of the third and fourth doctor. They were investigating something in a school. Rose realized she was a bit jealous with Sarah Jane Smith. Sarah refused to join the doctor again but Rose’s boyfriend, Mickey Smith volunteered to come along.

The Girl in The Fire Place was one of the most complicated stories in the 2006 series. They were in a spaceship with many gates to the life of Madam Pompadour.

Rise of The Cybermen and The Age of Steel were 2 episodes with one story. Something went wrong with The Tardis (the doctor’s spaceship) and causing them to land on a parallel world, almost exactly the same with Rose and Mickey’s world. The main different was the existence of many zeppelin on the sky. They came in the right time when a billionaire trying to built an army of Cybermen. In these two episodes, we got to see the conflict between Mickey, Rose and the doctor. Mickey felt like stranger amongst Rose and The doctor.

The Idiot’s Lantern was about a creature inside TV set who sucked faces and soul energy of people who were watching TV at that time.

The next episodes were very useful, The Impossible Planet told the story of a buch of scientist trying to figure out why a small planet wasn’t sucked by a black hole nearby, the planet was orbiting around the black hole. They dug into the core of the planet and discovered The Satan Pit. The doctor refused to acknowledge the existence of Satan despite the fact he had seen and fought him.

Love and Monsters can be considered as an intermezzo episode. It was focusing on a man with a group of people trying to figure out about the doctor, Tardis and his companion. The group’s peace was disturbed by a bossy newcomer.

I had great laugh seeing how a 2006 TVSeries trying to portrayed the 2012 Olympic…which had just finished recently. It was a laugh because it didn’t look like the current Olympic at all 😉 Fear Her was focusing on an alien called Isolus, the kind that went traveling with billions siblings. The Isolus possessed a little girl and tried to keep as many people as possible inside her drawing.

Army of Ghost and Doomsday were another two episodes with one story. It took us back to the Torchwood Institute. They found a void that could project ghost and a golden sphere. The doctor warned them not to mess with it. The ghost was actually Cybermen from the parallel world which tried to get into this world. Everything went wrong as the experiment not only brought Cybermen but also the Daleks.
Spoiler: The Doomsday was the day the doctor was forced to separate with Rose Tyler.

Images From Series 2

It wasn’t a big surprised when Rose said she loves the doctor because the tenth doctor is indeed loveable. He can be a bit cruel and heartless but he is fun and chatty. His quirkiness is in fact his string appeal.

Plus…the tenth doctor is played by a very cute actor by the name of David Tennant 😉

Isn’t he so darn cute?

I really really really like Doctor Who, where has this series been my whole life?? I was paying too much attention toward US TVSeries and ignored the British ones, I regrets that decision a lot. Doctor Who is the second best sci-fi TV series I have ever encountered in my whole life…I should have watched this series a long time ago. I want to watch it from the beginning (the 1963 Doctor Who series) but it might be a bit difficult to find it 😦 … well, at least I can enjoy the series from 2005 till 2012 (hopely).

I have the 2007 and 2008 series in my collection, but I am going to control myself not to watch them straight away. I am going to calm myself and watch another series or movies before finally watching the 2007 series.

Have you ever watched Doctor Who? If you like sci-fi like I do, you should definitely watch it 😉

Rose and the tenth Doctor

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19 thoughts on “Doctor Who series 2 (2006)

  1. I had no idea Billie Piper (British singer, right?) was in this series 🙂 I have to admit that I haven’t watched any Dr. Who episode with David Tennant, only the ones with the new doctor (who is definitely not as cute as…). Thanks for the synopsis, sounds like the 2006 series is just as brilliant as the other Dr. Whos!

    1. Yup…she is a British Singer, but I haven’t heard her songs yet 😉
      You’re talking about Matt Smith, right? I am biding my time to get to his time. David Tennant’s doctor is a better character Ecclenston in my opinion, but many people told me that Matt Smith is also good.

      If you can find it, do check Tennant as the doctor 😉

      By the way, Billie Piper played Rose Tyler for 2 doctors.

  2. I’m glad you are liking these Novia… this is one of the few TV series I actually watch and I like it a lot too. David Tennant was a very good choice for the Doctor and I know you be happy that he stayed with the role for so long, much longer than Chris Eccelson.

    Matt Smith, the latest Doctor is odd…. but even though he is not as cute as David Tennant, I think that you will like his quirkiness when you reach those stories. His relationship with his companion Amy Pond is as fun as the Rose/Doctor one…. (although it certainly gets a bit more complicated at times…. ;))

    1. It’s so easy to fall in love with this series, Miyuki 🙂
      Strong characters and fun stories are a great combination to enjoy.
      I know 🙂 Tennant played for 3 series and I have them all. I haven’t got the one with Matt Smith yet, but I will one day.
      I am not going to watch them all continuously…so it might need some times before reaching Matt Smitt as the eleventh doctor 😉
      You made me curious with your last line … how complicated is it? 😉

      I have seen Smith photos and he indeed looks a bit odd, but I will not judge him from his appearance…not yet!

      1. Hahaha!! I don’t want to spoil it for you… but I can say that he meets Amy first as a little girl of 10 and then when she is all grown up in her twenties while he is the same age…. it makes for an odd feeling between them since young Amy has both a “father figure feeling” for him along with a very romantic attraction towards him when she is older. Then her human boyfriend comes along for the ride to really complicate their relationship. Time travel can certainly mess with your head….

        But that isn’t anything compared to how messed up things get when Amy has a baby…. 😉

        (Hehehehe!!! Nope…. not saying anymore…. you’ll just have to watch and find out…. 😉 )

        1. Hohoho that sounds like a lot of fun!! Can’t wait to see all that mess.

          You know, I sort of wish the doctor is real and I could travel with him….it would be amazing. Too bad it’s only in movie.

          By the way, how long have you seen Doctor Who, Miyuki? I am curious with the old ones.

          1. I have seen them all the way from the first ones that were all back & white. They used to show them on Public Television here in the US when I was a little girl. The quality of those old shows was sooooo primitive, but the stories were also really good and I watched them all the way through High-school when the original series ended. The new series looks so much more polished and professional. But the old ones had their own charm.

            My favorite Doctor back then was the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker. He was like a cross between David Tennant and Matt Smith. Very wild and fun and so over-the-top. One of his companions was Sarah Jane Smith… the one who has her own spin off series now. Have you seen those?

          2. Ow…how lucky you are!!! I want to see them all too…but it might look a bit weird as I see the new ones before the old ones…but I still want to see it. I am starting the 2007 series now 🙂 David Tennant is soooo cute.

            I haven’t seen any of Dr.Who Spin off yet, one day perhaps 🙂

  3. I love Dr. Who, especially the 10th doctor. And yes, David Tennant is completely adorable (and sexy). Rose was a terrific companion, though I liked Donna (who comes later) even better. Donna’s older and edgier, and she doesn’t fall in love with the doctor, which I found kind of refreshing. My favorite companion of all time is Rory Williams (who shows up after the appearance of the 11th doctor).

    1. ow yes…he is skinny but sexy 😉
      I have seen Donna in the Christmas special and I quite like her too…she is so independent. I thought she refuse joining him.

      I still have many episodes before reaching Rory Williams. So far, I like captain John (in the ninth doctor) the best.

    1. It’s not massively popular here 😦
      There is hardly any TV series shown in local Tv nowadays.
      Don’t feel shame…I haven’t seen many famous TV series myself…I enjoy this because I simply love sci-fi

  4. I still haven’t watched it and knowing me I will not do it any day soon or I will get hooked and want to watch it all. Watching a whole series is so time consuming. But fun.

    1. if you do finally decide to watch it, better start from the tenth doctor, David Tennant. Many said he was the best doctor. I still need to compare it with the elevent doctor, but so far I really like this doctor

  5. I used to watch Doctor Who when I was younger
    but I hardly ever watch the modern one’s, perhaps
    I should? 🙂

    I hope you are having fun my good friend 🙂

    ♫ *´”)
    , ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ♫ ♪
    (¸.•´ (¸.• ♫ ♪Androgoth XXx

    1. I think you should 😉
      For me, it’s a fresh movie. The stories are always great, they never wrote similar stories. If only I have 24hours free time, I would have watch 24episoddes continuously 😉

      Thank you Andro…having a blast…especially with stock of dr.who episodes 😉

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