The Sport Party Is Finally Over – See You Again in 2016

So…the party is finally over. I am going to miss seeing all those sports. It had been such a great fun seeing them competing for their countries.

I am not a sporty girl in a sense that I do a lot of sport…but growing up with all boys in the family shapes my watching preference a bit. I enjoy watching sport since childhood. I have been following Olympic since Atlanta and was captivated by how amazing the moment was. Sport units all nations into one and every athletes are giving their best to make their country proud….I just love seeing that kind of spirit.

Throughout 2012 Olympic, I didn’t exclude any sport at all…I greedily watched whatever TVRI showed us. From wrestle to weightlifting, from swimming to gymnastic, and I even watched the sport I don’t usually watch on daily basis even though it’s on TV all the time…I am talking about football.

Congratulation to Mexico for their gold, Brazil for their silver and Korea for their bronze in men’s football. Japan didn’t get anything there but the lades gave their country silver.

During the last week of Olympic, I was hoping to see more Synchronize swimming…too bad TVRI didn’t show much of it 😦 . I only saw 2 performances.

But I enjoy a lot of athletic games. Those high jumper athletes always amazed me. They could jump over 2 meters…it was amazing. I didn’t get to see the 3 Jamaicans winning the sprint but I read about it…I wish I had seen it.

Apart from all the sports…Of course I watch the sport I enjoy the most…BASKETBALL!!

The team I admired the most, because they gave great fight against USA dream team, the Lithuanian team,  was defeated by Russian team. When Russia tried to advance to final, I was cheering for them. they were playing against Spain. Spain defeated them on second half. But then I cheered Spain in the final against USA.

Spain this year was a lot better than 4 years ago…they gave USA such hard time. Although I was cheering for Spain but I really didn’t care who would win…what’s more important was how the exciting the game was.

The final was how a final supposed to be 🙂

So happy to see such great match in the end of the Olympic. Spain was not an easy match for USA….great battle was delivered to us by both teams…I enjoyed every second of that game!!

And then the Closing ceremony marked the end of Olympic 2012.

have I told you that I like British musicians more than any country in this world? It was such a treat seeing the closing ceremony. John Lennon, The Who, Queen and my second favorite band MUSE were on the stage…they, and the also other musicians, were the jewels of England. Love them deeply.

Love seeing how happy the athletes were…their smile radiated at me…I also smile seeing them smile. What a beautiful event The Olympic is. Love and Competition united as one 🙂

Here is Muse singing the 2012 Olympic theme song (I will change the video once I found a better one or download it here)

And now…the flame has been extinguish.

…time to wait for another 4 years, we will see it again in 2016 at Rio de Jainero, Brazil (^_^)/

Ps. look at these lovely photos of the games at

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