London Olympic 2012 Is About to Start

Although this blog of mine rarely publish post about sport…but you can still see SPORTS in my category. Writing about sport is not as easy as writing about books, movies and music…but it doesn’t mean that I have forgotten that category.

I don’t remember since when I became an Olympic fan, all I remember is that 4 years ago, I did some short posts on Beijing Olympic. I enjoy watching almost ALL sports in Olympic…whatever sport the TV showed us and if I wasn’t busy, I watched it all…I even watched man wrestling match…I don’t understand the rule at all but watch it nevertheless.

Here are the posts I made 4 years ago:

There’s something about Olympic that I found magical, I think the spirit of togetherness and glory is one of the reasons I enjoyed Olympic.

Take a look at this song by my favorite band, Muse.

Survival sounds like Queen’s song…even as a fan I have to admit that…but I think there is a reason to it, the song is perfect for the clip above. The first time I saw the video, chill ran down my spine…it was sooo perfect and made me more eager to see the Olympic.

Matt, Dom and Chris were in charge with the Torch as they parade through their hometown, Teignmouth.

Looking forward to seeing them at the opening ceremony 🙂

The Olympic will start today, July 27 and ends on August 12. I wonder how the Muslim athletes are handling this Olympic as this month is Ramadan and they have to do fasting 😉

I have mentioned that I want to watch almost ALL the sport but I have major problem this year…RCTI is going to be the TV that will show Olympic, but I saw in their ads that they will only show some major sports like Badminton and Football 😦 I hope the ads is wrong…I hope they show most of the sports. 4 years ago, TVRI aired the games from 9am to 12 am and from 3 to 7 pm.

Updated: Just found out that TVRI is still the official broadcaster and will show the games 3 times a day, 15.00-17.00; 21.00-23.00; and 01.00-03.00 …Yaiiii thank you TVRI 🙂 plus they will show the semifinal and final of Basketball…the sport I love the most :big hug to TVRI:

I want to see basketball (Of course!) I love seeing Dirk Nowitzki (my current favorite NBA player) defending his country, Germany.

I want to see synchronize swimming, swimming, athletic, weight lifting, cycling…okay basically almost all sports!! So please RCTI…show them all!!!

The mascots
The medals

Are you as excited as I am? 🙂


Updated after seeing the Opening Ceremony.

First, check out this video where one of British sexiest voices delivered Opening of the BBC Coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games.

I love how they choose Benny to do this honour. He is both handsome and has sexy voice. Perfect choice.

The opening Ceremony was Breathtaking….it was beautiful!!

Taken from

Stephen Daldry, the Billy Elliot director who is overseeing all four ceremonies, said the ceremony was Boyle’s “singular vision” rather than being developed by committee. In all, the ceremonies will cost £81m – a figure that doubled from the original budget. (Fro,

I love everything that were happening at the opening ceremony. The changing of England, love how those industrial towers suddenly rising up. The appearance of the Queen with James Bond, such a creative way to let everyone knows that the Queen has arrived. The way they honoured children literature and their amazing music and mucisians throughout their modern history. I always have more love toward British Musicians than any other countries in this world…I grew up with The Beatles. Even though my number one band is from Japan but the best country that always produce awesome musicians is still England.

…and then, this funniest man on earth showed up 🙂

The most spectacular moment of all was how the light up the flame.

Too bad Muse didn’t play their song there 😦
I wonder why they didn’t play as their song is the official theme for the Olympic. I am guessing they will be on the closing Ceremony…They have to play!! It’s weird if they don’t.

Overall…it was an amazing Opening Ceremony. Did you see it too?

13 Comments Add yours

  1. Nekoneko says:

    Hahaha…. You and my sweet Carolyn both get a kick out of the Olympics. She’s already excited to watch…. even if lil’ ol me is less than enthused. Me… I never was a “sporty” girl… Oh well…. 😉

    1. Novroz says:

      I am not a sporty girl at all…but I am a sporty watcher girl 😉 hehehe meaning I love watching sport.
      Every time TVRI showed the game and I wasn’t working, I dedidacte my time to see ALL sport they are showing at the moment. I have seen archery, weight lifting, beach volley ball, cycling and Badminton. I am still waiting for TVRI to show swimming.

  2. Alice Audrey says:

    Alas, it looks like I will miss the Olympics this year as I don’t have cable.

    1. Novroz says:

      oh…that’s too bad. fortunately my national tv station is the one who shows the olympic.
      not much but quite enough

      1. aliceaudrey says:

        Used to be we could pick up broadcast TV for stuff like this, but they re-regulated everything a while back and now if you don’t have cable it’s hard to get anything at all. Oh wait. I might be able to pick something up on the new TV. Will have to try.

        1. Alice Audrey says:

          Gah! I hate the way WordPress does comments now. Drives me nuts getting signed in correctly.

        2. Novroz says:

          oh…that’s terrible 😦
          Here, we don’t get as much as using cable but for some special events, local TV are still kind enough to show it to us. Although I am thinking of having a cable for better access but Indonesian cable don’t have BBC and I rethink it over. I really want to have BBC.

          1. Alice Audrey says:

            Last time I plugged in, BBC went through Public Broadcasting, which is a different thing but would cherry pick and show various things from BBC.

  3. Jane says:

    Anyone else think Paul McCartney sounded awful in the opening ceremony performance? I was almost embarassed for him. Kind of shocking that Elton John was left out. Not that he needed to perform, but you play songs by Annie Lennox and not Elton John in the part of the ceremony paying tribute to British musicians?

    1. Novroz says:

      I didn’t see Paul McCartney’s performance because it was cut off by my local TV station. Well if he sounds awful, I think age plays some role there.

      I was wondering the same too…where is Elton John? after all he is already knighted.

  4. Mickey says:

    Opening ceremonies were pretty cool. Tough to top Beijing, but the Chinese had a huge advantage in being able to contract inexpensive workers. London would have had to spend a fortune to put on the same show. Surprised they left out Elton John in their tribute to British musicians. Seemed to be intentional to me to leave him out. Wonder why…

    1. Novroz says:

      I like London Opening more than Beijing. Beijing was also great but somehow London has heart in its opening.

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