Cillian Murphy With Glasses (Poll); News; and Questions by Fans

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July is almost over and I can’t believe I haven’t posted my Monthly Murphy yet! I was sort confused of what to write. Bits of news of what he is been doing lately is the last I can think of…but I actually wanting to do something else as I have shared bits of his news last month.

Fortunately the movie everyone so excited about (I wasn’t that excited as I am not into superhero flicks anymore) was just been released 🙂

…And it seems that my favorite actor, Cillian Murphy has reprised his role as Dr. Jonathan Crane…therefore, it is a perfect time to write about Cillian Murphy with glasses.

NO…I am not talking about him wearing this black eye glasses that makes him looks incredibly yummy and definitely have ruined my life 😉

Aaaaaaahhhhh…fangirl screams mode on!

Hey you!!! Stop looking so damn perfect!
God…even with beard he still looks gorgeous.

Now…enough with the fangirling mode…If I don’t control myself, this Monthly Murphy can turn into my obsessive tumblr page 😉

Out of all Cillian’s movies I have seen (see the list here), as far as I can remember (I could be wrong tho) Cillian has 3 characters wearing eye-glasses, each with a different look…It’s amazing how he can look so different while still wearing the same property.

Dr. Jonathan Crane – Batman Trilogy

This is the first time I saw him in a movie…he was looking so yummy and took away my attention from Christian Bale. Dr. Jonathan Crane is a corrupt psychiatrist. Cillian came to Nolan wanting to be Batman but as we all know he was too skinny , but Nolan ‘fell’ in love with him and gave him the part as Crane which he actually had chosen other actor for that part. He said Cillian has the most amazing blue eyes, he had to keep inventing reasons to ask him to take off his glasses (hehehe…so don’t give him glasses! 😉 )

 Edward Dillinger, Jr – Tron: Legacy

Showing up for less than 2 minutes in Tron Legacy. He looks like an annoying smart-ass! But I still like him 😉

Someone on Tumblr made this but I forgot the link…sorry, please let me know if it’s yours

Mike – Broken

I haven’t seen this yet because the movie hasn’t been released to public yet. Cillian plays a teacher. From the image below, we can see that he looks just like ordinary school teacher…although if I ever had a teacher looking like him, I definitely couldn’t process the lesson he gave me because I was too busy admiring his face structure, his sexy voice and his beautiful eyes 😉

I take this pictures from this clip> Broken


Maybe…no scratch that…I am sure you haven’t seen all the movies above, just looking at the images I had uploaded…In which character do you think he looks the best?

Please vote … I love to know which Cillian is looking at his best while wearing eye-glasses 😉

As for me, I think he looks best as Dr. Crane. Nice hair style, very tidy, killer eyes and twisted personality…and his eye-glasses looks expensive 😉

As always, I will share bits of news and other things related to this gorgeous Irishman 🙂

  • Check this poster!! I don’t know whether it’s real or just a fanart…but whichever it is, it looks great. I got it from Tanya23

  • I remembered all the interview where Cillian always tried to avoid the subject of him being in The Dark Knight Rises…it was fun hearing him trying to avoid the questions. It turns out, he did show up in TDKR (review coming up on Monday)
    I think he is Nolan’s favorite Cameo 😉
This scene really cracked me up 😆
Did you see any other CAMEO there but Cillian? 😉

a Quote from Nolan in

“Michael, Morgan, Gary, Cillian, Liam, Heath, Christian . . . Bale. Names that have come to mean so much to me”

  • Cillian Murphy has revealed that he wants to star in “smaller films” in order to be closer to his family. (

The Cork-born actor, who lives in London, played Dr Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and while he reprised the role in the latest blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises, Murphy said he doesn’t want to be part of any big movies for a while.

He explained to the Chicago Tribune: “I have lots of friends that live in Los Angeles, and they love it. I just feel like I’m European, and I want to do theatre, and I want to do TV, and I want to do smaller films, and I love the big studio pictures, but I want to be near my family. It’s just a priority.”

Murphy, who spent much of the past year starring in Enda Walsh’s one-man play Misterman, said of the acting profession: “I’ve always admired the actors that do both film and telly and theatre and are just like working actors – not movie stars or film stars, but actors who just want to do the best work wherever.

“I’m interested in stories that put people under pressure. I’m interested in what pressure does to the human psyche, and I’m interested in dramas where there’s a lot at stake.”

I often enjoy his smaller film than his blockbuster ones…but the problem with smaller films is the fact that they are rarely shown in Indonesia whereas I am addicted to seeing him in big screen 😦

I love how he still refuse to be a movie star, it really shows how down to earth he is.

  • Horay….RED LIGHTS is Coming Soon. I honestly thought it won’t be played here, Today when I went to the cinema to see TDKR, I saw the poster in Coming soon area. Sooooooo happy!! I will check everyday because I don’t want to miss it like I miss Retreat in some movie festival.

  • I received an Email from Myriam saying this:
    “Check the Cilliansite! There is an interview with Ciilian in wich the interviewers are US!! (WE DID IT VIA SKYPE, they were in NYC) Now we can say that we co-starred in a video with him, ha, ha.. The  “interviewers” are: Angelica (owner of the cilliansite, me (Myriam) Shannon and Valentina all of us participant on the fan book. Oh, and Susan, who sent a written question. Enhoy the Q & A and feel free to post it on your tumblr page”

I don’t want to share it at my tumblr as my tumblr is just for fun. Here is the video…I envy them sooooo much 😉 The original post in The Cillian Site is here.

Well…that’s all for now…see you all next month 🙂


  1. I’m the only one so far to vote for Edward Dillinger.
    Unfortunateyl though I must say he isn’t such glasses guy. Sun glasses, yes but not glasses.
    I’m very interested to hear how Red Lights will be.

    1. There are 2 votes for Dillinger. I was quite surprise that Mike got more votes than him. Why do you prefer Dillinger anyway?

      I have to agree with you, he looks better without glasses, those glasses disturbing his beautiful eyes. For sun glasses he looks really cool 🙂

  2. I love people in glasses, not sure why, maybe because they look smarter. I’ve always been attracted to smart people. I voted for Mike. He looks more natural and down to earth in those pictures.

    1. Same here…I’ve always been attracted to smart people, with or without glasses.
      Thank you for voting TBM…Mike is the most normal out of three. I am looking forward to seeing that character in its full movie, not only in that short video.

      1. Btw Nov, my hubby also looks better w/ glasses. He now wears dark-rimmed glasses and with his dark, wavy hair he just looks adorable 🙂

  3. I LOVE cute guys in glasses! I prefer Cillian w/ regular glasses NOT sunglasses though, don’t want to cover up those impossibly gorgeous blue eyes! I think he looks best as Jonathan Crane as far as his look w/ glasses, somehow Nolan’s able to light him so beautifully and that glasses frames suit his face perfectly!

    1. AH…but I also like him with sunglasses, they cover his beautiful eyes but in return they make him look incredibly cool 😉

      I also like Crane the most…Nolan sure knows how to dress up his bromance 😆 and as I have said in your blog, he is adorable in TDKR

  4. I think his look in TRON is his best look ever, adore his hairdo in that one 🙂 and I also like the pic where he has glasses and a beard too 🙂
    I’m an expert on glasses since I wear them. I’m currently wearing an Emporio Armani pair and a Tom Taylor pair 🙂

    1. On contrary to you, I like his slightly wavy hair more 😉 …the kind Crane and Mike has.

      I never use glasses my whole life…Your glasses sound like an expensive brand, Dezz.

    1. He looks gorgeous in EVERYthing 😉
      Thank you for voting Dany.

      Wow..he’s at 17. I wish I can vote too but we have to go pro for that. I think his rank sises up because of his 1 minute appearance in TDKR 😉

      1. Just 1 minute ???? I’m disappointed `cause I haven’t seen this one yet…..
        Anyway I’m happy he’s up in the ranks (not in the sky, cause he’s not that kind of actor… now you know I’m talking about your Cillian dream story, btw great job that is a very sweet story, love it ) kisses and hugs:)))))

        1. …but even for 1 minute, it was memorable. To be honest, his scene is the one I remember the most from TDKR…and he looks adorable, even my friend who is not a fan admits he looks great there 🙂
          Go and see it Dany!

          I hope he will never be on the sky 😉
          He did mention that he wants to be in smaller films…he really dedicates his life for acting not money. I have so much respect toward him.

          Thank you for reading and complimenting my story :hug:

  5. Definetly Crane, he did look like star hipster in TRON. He should wear dark glassses all the time, he looks so bad ass with those!

    1. NO!!! He shouldn’t wear dark glasses all the time, he looks cool with them but they cover his gorgeous blue eyes. dark galsses should only be used in several occasions 😉

      Thank you for voting, Sati 🙂

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