Ramadan is Here : Ramadhan Mubarak To All Muslim Around The World

Welcome the holy month of Ramadan, the month where all Muslim around the world have to do fasting before the sun rises till the time the sun sets for a whole month.

This song by Native Deen can give you insight on Ramadan

I heard in some countries, they put their school on holidays for the whole month so that the children can do fasting without having to put their brain busy with school work. Here in Indonesia, everything runs normally. School has a three days holiday in the beginning of Ramadan but then they have to go to school again…they will have another holiday a week before and after EĪd ul-Fitr (Idhul Fitri in Indonesia). But school hours become shorter than usual.

As for us, working people, we work as normal as always. Fasting or not, it doesn’t matter 😉

Maybe you have never heard about this month before, so…I will give a brief explanation of this fasting month. For a whole month, we have to wake up around 3-4 am and do Sahur, eating as if we are having a lunch in the early morning…at Subuh time (a moment before the sun rises) we have to stop all eating and drinking activities (also smoking for smokers). We are not allowed to eat and drink till Magrib (sun sets). Lucky I live in Indonesia where Subuh usually starts around 4.30 am and Magrib is around 6.00 pm which means I have about 13 hour fasting. But other part of the world can have over 15 hour fasting time.

As we have to start this month with a pure heart, to all my blogger friends:

Please forgive all the wrong words I have written to you that might have hurt your feeling.

22 thoughts on “Ramadan is Here : Ramadhan Mubarak To All Muslim Around The World

  1. Ramadhan Mubarak Novroz. I am fasting too, unluckily for me it is 18 hours for us. Sohor at 3:13am and Maghrib at 9:09pm. You must check on me if I’m still alive after this! 😀 Alhamdulilah.

    1. Ramadhan Mubarak Jo 🙂

      I8 hours?? wow!! You need to have a lot of faith to be a Muslim there. Hope you are strong enough to do it for a whole month…well not an exact whole month as you are a woman 😉

    1. The drinking is always the major issue in fasting…especially at very hot day.

      I am used to fasting because I have started doing it since 7 year old…but some Mualaf (person who converted to Islam) can also do it even though he just started doing fasting as grown ups.

  2. Hi, your days are shorter than us, we are fasting 17 hours here 🙂 working and studying doesn’t change, okay, but isn’t there any differences between normal times and Ramadan?

      1. I didn’t mean differences like that. I mean differences in social life, for example here, there is special events for Ramadan, people went each other for iftars, nights in city like festive, there is lots of attractions, bakeries sell special breads for Ramadan… Otherwise, work hours etc. (normal life) didn’t change here too…

        1. Ah!! now I get it 😉
          I don’t think we have many things different here…many people start selling Kolak is one of the differences I saw, I wrote about kolak here. And there are many places which suddenly sell things for people to eat.
          Friends and schools have Buka Bersama, breaking their fasting together. Buka bersama always been the most fun activity to gather with old friends.

          Some people have pesantren kilat, I don’t know what’s pesantern in English, it’s like study place that only learns about things related to Islam.

  3. Allah subhanahu wata’la blessed us to experience many months of Ramadan, and today we should ask ourselves, “When was the last time we paused for a moment to analyze our intention? Before fasting, have we ever paused and thought about pleasing Allah subhanahu wata’la and getting reward from Him?” So, be mindful of your intentions this Ramadan. Pause and reflect on your intention.

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