David Cook Live @ Jakarta, July 17 – 2012 : You Trully Have Amazing Voice

David Cook’s performance at Jakarta on July 17 was AWESOME … I couldn’t say that the whole concert was awesome but at least I was having a blast with his awesome performance.

I am a bit unsure how to best share this live report, the disappointing part first or the best part first. I don’t want to give impression that I didn’t like David Cook’s concert but I am in a way disappointed with the promoter and the audience. Since the first time I received the confirmation of my ticket (you can read it here) I was not convinced that this new promoter will do great things toward my favorite American Idol.

When I arrived at the venue I was shocked with so lack of David Cook’s attribute around the venue…It was the opposite of L’arc~en~Ciel’s concert where the banner can be seen 200 meters before the venue. The promoter is so damn stingy. It was the first time I went to a concert that felt so quite. They didn’t promote David Cook’s concert enough. They almost had no sponsor.

I knew that there will be an opening act by Indonesian Idol top-6 but what I was expecting to see was different with what I saw. I thought it was only going to be like 30 minutes performance but it extended to almost 2 freakin hours!! IT WAS TERRIBLY BORING!! I DIDN’T COME THERE TO SEE THEM!! I was quite happy with some of Regina’s performances, she was the winner of this year’s Indonesian Idol, and also with Judika’s performance (I think he was from second season)…the two were worth seeing…but somehow the runner up sang more than the winner and I really don’t like her voice which is nothing special at all. I WAS SO BORED AND SCREAMED WE WANT DAVID COOK!!

Fortunately…when I was almost losing my mind, the opening act finally over. Thank God!!

Sadly…I have to report that the venue was not full 😦 . Festival class (standing) was only 1/3 full, Tribune also had many empty seats and so did VIP class. I guess David hasn’t got many fans in Indonesia yet. But I met a man who came from Bandung just to see him. There were also fans from Malaysia and Philippine. To my surprise, when David had started singing, no one in Tribune class even bothered to stand up…it was a rock concert for crying out loud!!! What are you guys doing sitting??? I couldn’t just sit seeing a rock concert. I asked my friend, Anggy, to stand up near the edge or the Tribune class. I remembered when I saw Muse in 2007, almost half of audience in tribune class stood up and jumped along the song. I really am disappointed with the audience last night. I didn’t even care if they thought I was weird or overreact when I decided to stand up, dancing, jumping and sang along with David Cook. I wanted to enjoy a ROCK concert like it was supposed to be. The audience in the festival near the barrier were also as hysteric as I am…I was happy to see them.

I had this moment where I wanted to move down to festival class by flirting at the security to let me get inside but I thought it would be too much hassle and decided to just enjoy myself on tribune class. Good thing did come from this decision, my friend and I are so sure that David Cook often looked at us as we were the only one standing and dancing along to his songs. At the last song, he even looked at our direction for a long time…maybe we are just being a bit too satisfied with ourselves but the truth remains that DC rarely looked at the other side of tribune class (we were on his right side tribune)

Let’s move on to the concert now 😉

DC opened the show with Circadian. I really like this song and sang as loud as I could even though I know my voice is not good and I am a terrible singer. He then sang Heroes and I began recording…however I didn’t record it while looking at the camera, my hand was holding the camera but my eyes are on him all the time…that’s why my recording is shaky 😉 He continued Heroes with Champagne Supernova, a song by Oasis.

Mr. Sensitive came next. Although it wasn’t one of my favorite I was still singing along with him. He said hi and talked a bit with us before he started singing The Last Goodbye…I love this song!! The tune is really catchy. He took his acoustic guitar to sing another song I like, From Here To Zero. Hard to Believe and I Did It For You followed afterward. During I did it for you, I always directed my hands at him and sang on top of my lung.

David reminded us of a song he sang on American Idol recently, The Last Song I’ll Write For You…which I hope doesn’t have literal meaning cause I still want to hear more songs by him 😉 When he sang Paper Heart, I was so sure I recorded it even though the recording is most definitely would be terribly shaky because I was jumping along is some parts of the song but I couldn’t find the record. I probably forgot to push the button. I really like Paper Heart. I was somehow in dilemma whether to record or to dance and jump. The same thing happened to Come Back To Me. I finally didn’t record the whole song because I wanted to sing along with him.

David #DavidCookJakarta on Twitpic
Photo Belongs to @imogenPH

Then he grabbed the microphone and started telling his story during Idol moment when he had to sing Mariah Carey’s song. To be honest, I like his version better than Mariah’s (well after all I always like Rock more than Pop 😉 ). I quoted him a bit here:

“My Management told me that David you know that Mariah Carey song you did and I was yeah. It’s kinda a big deal over in Asia. So I said then we should do it. It was an excuse to go around the world. But still, 4 years later, we still made the loudest respond out of this song. We gonna sing it”

We sang Always Be My Baby as a duet with the winner of Indonesian Idol, Regina Ivanova. I am glad she is the winner (tho I don’t follow Indonesian Idol at all) because she can keep up with DC…tho DC still outshone her.

David once again chose to sing a song I love so much for both its lyric and music… also his amazing voice was shown bet here. The song I meant was Light On.

Try to leave a light on when I’m gone
Something I rely on to get home
One I can feel at night, a naked light
A fire to keep me warm

Try to leave a light on when I’m gone
Even in the daylight, shine on
And when it’s late at night you can look inside
You won’t feel so alone

DC was truly spoiling me when he continued with songs which who wished he had played in Idol…songs by my favorite bands which was disbanded before I was even born, songs by the amazing Led Zeppelin. He sang Rock and Roll and Whole Lotta Love with great high voice…not as amazing as Robert Plant but it was still great and because I will never going to see Zeppelin Live, I enjoyed it as if it was Zeppelin show…and DC really delivered it well. I was ecstatic…jumping, dancing, waving, singing throughout the songs.

I was just telling my friend before the Zeppelin hype started that I wanted to hear him sing Bar Ba Sol, another favorite of mine from his first album, and right after Whole Lotta Love, without taking any break, he gave me Bar Ba Sol…whuaaaaaaaaa THANK YOU DAVID COOK!!! Was I ecstatic or was I???? Loving every seconds of this song.

David went inside and we started shouting “We Want More!

He came out carrying an acoustic guitar and telling us story of where the video of his next song was taken. He sang Fade Into Me beautifully. We could see that he really has amazing voice, the best American Idol ever produce.

When he said that the next song would be the last…I was so not willing to let the night ended…but still, he sang Rapid Eye Movement as the closing song.

I couldn’t believe it was over so soon…his performance was shorter than the boring opening act. It was about one and a half hour…but it was an amazing one and a half an hour.

As a whole, David Cook was amazing but throughout the concert I was –again- disappointed with the audience on both tribune and VIP class and some who were just sitting on the floor on Festival class…but glad to see those who were letting them self loose down there at the festival class. I think it was much better if the venue was smaller than Tennis Indoor, the audience could have been a lot livelier. When I saw Life House, the venue was small but everyone was standing and jumping along the songs. I hope when DC comes back, it would be a smaller venue that can make both singer and audience enjoy the show to the fullest.

“It took long enough to finally get here. Thanks so much for comin’ out, thanks for having us.”

Thank you for coming DC…and please come back again. I enjoyed last night very much, you are amazing!

Photo Belongs to Bambang E Ros/Kapanlagi

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39 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheilla (Tachikoma) says:

    Konbanwa Nov-san =D

    Well, I’m not really a fan of David Cook, but one of his song, ‘Always Be My Baby’ really got me when I first heard it. I even sang it earlier during my shower, how coincidence. LOL.

    OK, to your report. I felt kinda down while reading about the audiences. It’s really like what you said, sitting and a rock concert…HOW CAN THAT BE??!! O.o
    If it were me and my friends, we would’ve already said, “There must be something wrong with those people.”

    About the fullness of the venue, I can say the lack of promotion played a part in it. I don’t even know that he is coming here until I read your post about it. I only saw it like 2 days ago and that is by chance.

    But I’m sure you and your friend had a great time watching him, with him looking at your side almost continuously..=D…It’s good that he knows he had 2 very enthusiast fans came to see him and cheering him on.

    Maybe the next time he come to Jakarta, he will get a way better promoter so both sides can have an all out and satisfied night. =D

    1. Novroz says:

      I agree with you!!! What is wrong with those people?? Just sitting while David gave his best to perform was like crazy!! I feel bad for David, maybe he was at that thinking why are those people just sitting down? don’t they enjoy my music? … poor David should get something better than that.

      And about the promotion…a lot of people also found out just in the morning. I was lucky I followed @davidcookindo so I got the news early…if I didn’t just see Laruku on May, I would have bought festival class…but you know how they had sucked up all our saving 😉
      They next time David come, I want to be in festival, singing and jumping at my heart content…just like in Laruku’s concert.

      I sure hope he realize some fans aren’t fortunate enough with enough money on their saving account but enjoyed his show the most 🙂

      I am hoping his next show will be in a place like epicentrum or hard rock cafe with smaller loyal audience.

      1. Sheilla (Tachikoma) says:

        I too fell bad for David. It’s really heartbreaking just reading from your post. ‘Just so you know David, you have many loving fans spread out somewhere out there yesterday and you saw two of them on the right tribune =D’

        What?? That sucks man… D: following a fanbase is really an advantage! HAHAHAAA.. I know..All my money had been sucked down the Laruku drain after I fell in love with them, but it’s worthed!! =D

        I’m sure your and the other’s love and warmth reached him even from far away. =D

        If the next show is like that, I can’t even imagine what a total blast it will be! ^^

        1. Novroz says:

          Your words are so encouranging 🙂
          I sure hope he will come again like what he did with Manila…he came to that city twice.
          But I hope he won’t come near other bands I just saw 😉

          btw, you should check my latest top-5 post about bands I want to see b4 I die…I love to know your list of musicians 🙂

          1. Sheilla (Tachikoma) says:

            *Hoping and praying that David will come to Jakarta again and with a better promoter* =D
            I’m sure if he gets the chance to come here again, he’ll come, and you just have to make him look at your side again, better yet, make him look at YOU! =D

            Oh I read that post when you posted it, but haven’t comment it, I have to go somewhere after reading it. ^^ I’ll post it now.

          2. Novroz says:

            AMIIIIIN 🙂

  2. Alice Audrey says:

    LOL. Funny you should mention people not standing up. I’ve been to a lot of rock concerts where the audience didn’t stand up. There were some where I stood up anyway, and had security come and tell me to sit down. The last one my dh and I went to, he said he was going to stand and dance no matter what. We ended up in the mosh-pit area in front of the stage, but only so we could claim more room. Everyone in the theater was dancing.

    1. Novroz says:

      You know I once became a manager of a cover band, it was just for fun…but still we did few gigs, and I know for sure how as a band it’s heartbreaking to see people are still sitting while we were performing. We felt so happy when the audience started standing up and singing along and dancing to the music.

      It’s a different thing when watching musician like Celine Dion or other diva.

      Glad to know you had a blast with your dh 🙂

      1. Alice Audrey says:

        I never did the full manager thing, but I helped promote a few garage bands. They lived for the feedback. As to Celine Dion etc – not my thing.

        1. Novroz says:

          …and that’s why I always try to show the bands that I was having a great time and appreciate their effort by not just sitting down. I think that is a better feedback than sit nicely.

          1. Alice Audrey says:

            I’m totally selfish about it. I sing and dance because I like to sing and dance. 🙂

  3. DEZMOND says:

    I’ve never heard of him before, but he seems very cute and I’m glad you had a nice time at the concert 🙂

    1. Novroz says:

      You mentioned Archuletta once, Archie was the runner up while DC here is the winner.
      He is cuter when he won the Idol, he is a bit fat now but still sexy 😉

      Thank you Dezzy.

  4. dela regar says:

    Heiii thanks for your posting!! i was there,too and you know what? i’m in the front row of festival class i was standing in front of Andy Skib position!! hihihiii sorry guys to make all of you envy ;p
    but i’m so agree with you, it feels like RCTI with their Indonesian Idol ‘nebeng’ in this show.. i felt so boring and angry when i keep waiting for almost 2 hours just to see their performance and i tweeted “better they move in to Balai Sarbini and do this Concert by themself, not in David Cook Moment”

    i hope he’ll comeback here with Javamusikindo as his promotour so he and us as his fans could get a better momment

    1. Novroz says:

      Hi Della 🙂

      Aw lucky you!! DC came at the wrong money time for me…if he came later this year, I could afford festival too. I am happy for you…I know how great it is to be so close to the stage…and DC probably looks sexier 😉

      I know!! it sucks!!! I kept twitting of anger during that 2hours of Indo Idol…why do they have to mix our DC with them. If I knew it would b that long, I would have come to the venue at 9pm.

      Let’s pray he wants to come back again with much better promotour than what he had recently.

      1. dela regar says:

        hahahaa, you know what, i’ve got the pre sale price actually (i guess it’s cheaper than tribune ticket for normal price, cmiiw), because i bought it on the first day of ticket sale open, and i made a transaction online on the train heading to another town.. means i’ve been waiting for him for a loooong time agooo… since the first time he sang on IDOL hehehehee…

        Aamiin.. i hope he wouldnt dissapointed and still theres a good promotour to convince him back here..

        DC.. we’re your fans in Indonesia have this huge love to shared for you.. when you’ll find you.. comeback to me (Jakarta,Indonesia) ^ ^

        1. Novroz says:

          I also bought mine on presale 😉
          If it was higher than the price I have bought, I wouldn’t be able to buy it at all. I practically had no money after my favorite band came on May. DC really came at the wrong time for me.

          Me too…I have been a fan since his idol moment. I downloaded ALL his performance in Idol so that I can see it again and again.

          Yes DAVID…please come back again 🙂

  5. Hanny says:

    Hey.. Thanx for sharing ur report..
    I was there too on the VIP.. But I swear to God, I sang along at the top of my lung the whole concert 🙂 dancing, jumping, screaming, pointing.. Literally anything to show him how I enjoy his show sooo much. But then again, I think I was the only one doing it 😦
    It’s true.. The Idol show were somewhat boring and unnecessary. I mean, what’s the f**kin’ point?! (sorry for the harsh word)
    It’s also true.. The promotor somehow didn’t seem to care enough to promote this show. It’s sucks..badly..
    Well, I hope DC wouldn’t disappoint too much and care enough to come again next year *fingercrossed* Cause I noticed he didn’t tweet ANYTHING regarding his concert in Jakarta, unlike when he visited Manila or Cebu.

    1. Novroz says:

      Hi Hanny 🙂 you are welcome and thank you for sharing your opinion here.

      Ah I think I saw you!! when the light was bright I looked around to find other people who stand like me…no one on DC’s left side tribune (I was on his right) and saw some females standing on VIP…maybe that was you 😉

      Agree on everything you have said!! I thought, and really don’t mind, it would be half an hour…but 2 hours is f@**in annoying. I only want to see DC.

      Ding…ding…ding!! finally someone else notices his twitter!!! I kept checking his timeline to know a bit about his feeling toward Jakarta…but there is none!!! 😦
      It is the first time I went to a concert where the singer is not happy with Jakarta 😦 I hope DC can still appreciate his loyal fans and wants to come back despite his unpleasant experience on his 1st tour in Jakarta…I really want to see him again.

  6. usber says:

    Boleh donk ya komen pake bahasa Indonesia.. Hehe
    Walaupun saya sadar ga semua teriak dan lompat” di konser itu tapi saya fokus sama DC dan band-nya.
    Lucu sih ngeliat penonton yg begitu.. Malahan ada yg lebih parah, perempuan disebelah saya malah ngantuk dan telungkupin tangan dan kepalanya di barrier stage.. Hahah sumpah oon banget !

    1. Novroz says:

      boleh bgt 🙂 komen boleh pk bahasa mana aja.

      Iya kan penonton pd ga semangat…tp kita2 yg emang suka DC ga pduli dan tetap menggila 😀

      wah kok bs bgitu ya??? ya ampun kasian bgt DC kl liat si ce oon itu…dia psti kecewa d sama Jakarta 😦 merasa ga dinikmati. Jadi tmbh cemas dia ga kembali lg nih…pdhl dah niat kl dtg pgn di festival.

  7. usber says:

    kayanya David liat cewe itu, karna waktu dia keliling panggung dia sempet eye contact sama saya..
    Ya semoga dia dateng lagi dan ga terpengaruh sama kegilaan promotor kemarin.

    1. Novroz says:

      Ah!!! kasian sekali David harus liat ada org yang ngatuk di tengah konsernya 😦
      DC semangat dtg lagi ya!!!! *ikut doa*

  8. Caroline says:

    Too bad the beginning was so boring. But then at least you’ve got to see him.
    I didn’t know him before you mentioned him but he really has a great voice.

    1. Novroz says:

      I hope the other bands/musician I want to see never have opening act again.

      He is the only American Idol that I follow after his Idol moment. His voice captivated me since his first audition. And also his humble personality.

  9. Ria says:

    Were you wearing white t-shirt? I think you were sitting in front of my friend 😉 I have to admit, I also didn’t stand up all through the performance. Perhaps too embarrased since I am unable to memorize all the lyrics. But doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it. I am also a bit dissapointed with the sound system, and I think the show lack of promotion. But, my friends and I love his voice. Really looking forward to see him again if he is really come to Jakarta again

    1. Novroz says:

      Hi Ria, thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Aha!! but I have mentioned above that I didn’t sit all through the concert…so I am most definitely NOT that white tshirt girl 😉

      I didn’t remember all his lyric as well…never been good in remembering all lyrics. But nevertheless I just couldn’t sit down in a rock concert. I know how it feels for the band seeing the audience only sitting during their performance. So I wanted to let DC knows that I enjoy him a lot.

      Yup…totally not good promoter. I hope he still wants to visit Jakarta..I really do 🙂

      1. Ria says:

        Yes, but there was a girl in front of me and my friend screaming that she wanted David Cook! and when the show started, she left her seat 🙂 That is why I thought ohh…was that you? But anyway, I love reading your report on the concert and link this post to my blog… Hope David really back for another concert and yes, probably smaller area like Hard Rock Cafe 🙂

        1. Novroz says:

          Well…I was wearing a jeans jacket…now I wonder who that girl is 😉
          Thank you for reading and liking it 🙂
          Not only I hope he will come back, I also hope it won’t be mixed with Indonesian Idol again.

  10. TBM says:

    Thanks for sending me the link. I like his voice. Too bad about the venue. We went to a few Pearl Jam concerts this summer and some of the venues weren’t that great. We both love Pearl Jam and enjoyed all of the shows. But it was our first time seeing them in Europe. In Manchester, England and Oslo, Norway the audience sat during the entire show. It was bizarre. I’ve never sat through a concert before. I heard in Oslo that the audience has to sit. Must be a safety thing. The shows were still good, but it affected the mood somewhat. I’ll have to keep on eye on this singer. Music is important in our house–so good for the soul. Thanks!

    1. Novroz says:

      You’re welcome 🙂
      I’d love to see Pearl Jam too…I like some of their songs.
      Ow…I don’t want to see concert in Oslo then…forcing us to sit in a concert is just terrible.

      Glad you like his voice 🙂
      Same here…I don’t think I can spend a day without listening to music.

  11. ratna says:

    Yay, been there too 😀

  12. Kathleen says:

    Still some Filipino fans came to Indonesia just to watch him?I can’t blame them though. I don’t think they’ve had enough. 😀
    Well as for the promotion here in the country, I guess the promoters are really hyper with this concert. Cause it was like everywhere you’ll see a tarp, banner and will hear about it from the radio and see it on tv. I guess too much David-love because he performed in Manila and in Cebu (one of the biggest metro’s..second to manila). And too lucky for a Filipino artist who sang Always be my baby with him. Soooo jealous! 😀 I wasn’t able to watch the concert cause all the tix are sold out when I checked it online.. and I was so busy with training then.

    1. Novroz says:

      Wow…it seems that DC was promoted really well there! Here, I didn’t even see small poster for his concert. The only ads I know is in Radio but not in many radio…poor DC, he really got a wrong promoter. MAny just found out bout his concert when he showed up in a TVShow.

      He also sang with the winner of Indonesian Idol and even kissed her….gyaaaa full of envy 😉

      I am glad that many Fillipinos love him, at least he knows that he is still loved here in South East Asia…and I hope he can recognized those who love him in Indonesia…not as much as in Phillipine but he still has fans here.

      You should see him if he comes again…he really has beautiful voice 🙂

      1. Kathleen says:

        Well that’s a reverse part for L’Arc here in the Philippines… 🙂
        Hands up to his super sexy voice! 🙂

  13. Devi says:

    I really love to read this post. Thanks again for making such a wonderful review. Feels like i’m there again that night :). And since i am enjoying my front row standing and gazes at him much, i feel like the crowd pretty amazing back there, at least they sing along all the songs he playing. Just hoping he’ll come back soon and more appreciable crowd that come to listen his wonderful voice.

    1. Novroz says:

      Hi Devi, thank you for reading 🙂
      Yup, I did see that the crowd near him was great but the crowd far from him was only quiet 😦
      I hope he will come back again.

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