5 Bands/Musicians – Concert – I Want To See Before I Die

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As I have mentioned it early this month, I will be seeing David Cook concert on July 17…and somehow that post reminds me that I haven’t written 5 concerts I want to see before I die. While the atmosphere is perfect to talk about concert, I hereby present my top 5 concert I want to see plus some honorable mentioned.

I always did a countdown for my top-5 post, but now is an exceptional because I bet you know which band I want to see so bad…They are all over my blog 😉

Here are 5 bands I want to see LIVE before I die:

#1 L’Arc~en~Ciel

I love this band above all bands ever created on earth past, present and most likely future. For the past 10 years, I life in a dream and sort of lost hope that I would ever see them live…maybe if I find a super rich husband who could take me to Japan to see them. I love all their DVD concerts which I have seen over and over again. Thank God, on the 11th year of love, my dream finally came true. Last May, they came and performed incredibly perfect.

After seeing them live…I feel like drinking salt water, the thirst has increased…I want to see them again and again and again!! I want to go to all their concerts if money is not a big issue here. But at least, I will do everything to be at their concert in Jakarta next time, even if I am heavily pregnant when they come to visit again 😉

If I find my soul mate before the next concert, he has to promise NEVER to prohibit me from coming to L’Arc~en~Ciel Concert and Live Viewing…he may prohibit me from the rest of the bands below, but not from this one!!

#2 Muse

I used to ONLY like Muse, but when I saw them live…WOW!! They were mesmerizing. I love them ever since. Their first concert in Jakarta was in 2007. I was expecting to see them again after they released …I hope they will come on their next album’s tour. I love to see their energy again and jumping up and down to their music.

They are indeed one of the best live band ever! Muse is my number one band from Britain, which is also my number one English speaking band.

#3 Radiohead

Radiohead hasn’t come to Indonesia yet 😦

There was rumour about them coming this year but rumour remains rumour. Radiohead is genius!! I know that not many people like them or even understand their music here in Jakarta…but there are a lot of people here who love to see them Live. I am one of them. I want to get lost in their songs like York did every time he sang his songs.

To show my love for this band, I once made my top 5 Radiohead songs, HERE.

#4 Green Day

I have liked this band since I was still in High school, not a huge fan but I still enjoy them a lot. They came to Jakarta at that time but being a high school student has many disadvantages…one of them is parent’s restriction. They didn’t allow me to go to ANY rock concert 😦

I am still waiting for them to come again. One of Indonesian famous promoter said that they are quite expensive…but I can still hope.

#5 Axl Rose

I used to be a Guns n Roses huge fan!! When they disbanded themselves, I was very sad.

Axl has ‘new’ GN’R now…to be honest, I really don’t care who are his entourage now, all I want to see is AXL ROSE. It would be nice to see Axl, Slash, Izzy, Steven and Duff but I can still accept only AXL. I want to head bang and sing to GNR songs. Unfortunately, Axl is very moody and not sure whether he will ever visited Indonesia or not with his unstable new band.


Beside those five bands, I also want to see other bands below…but these bands are conditional, it means when money, time and place are convenient, I will come.

Honorable mention, in no particular order:

(I give you links to their live performances if you are curious about them or never heard about them before 😉 )

  • Mika – I really like his music and energy. LIVE
  • Cranberries – They came recently but the timing and distance were not possible for me to see them. I hope they will come again. LIVE at Jakarta
  • David CookWill see him soon 🙂
  • Shakira – Despite her trashy look once she had been Americanized, I still love her songs. LIVE
  • Coldplay – they might be expensive, but if not, I would love to see them. LIVE
  • Suede – They had come but I couldn’t see it because it was a blackberry owner special event 😦 . LIVE at Jakarta      
  • Celine Dion – only if the ticket is reasonable. LIVE
  • X Japan a legendary Japanese Band. LIVE
  • Do As Infinity LIVE
  • Red Hot Chili Pepper LIVE
  • Mr Big – I have seen them once and love to see them again. LIVE at Jakarta
  • Phillip Phillips – another American Idol I like. LIVE
  • Metallica
  • Lunasea
  • Collective Soul

That’s all I can think right now 🙂

I would love to know what you think of my list and what’s on your list 😉
Maybe we have some bands in common 😉


  1. huaaaaaa~ kereen list nya…..
    gw jg ada seh huakakakaaa….*iqtan nge-share*
    1. Dir en Grey
    2. LunaSea
    3. Larc en Ciel
    4. X Japan
    5. DB5K
    ah~ ntu list yg pastinya gw bela2in d apapun yg trjadi….^^

    1. Makasih 🙂
      Hahaha list lo ga ada yang berbahasa Inggris nih 😉
      Ah iya gw lupa sama Luna Sea…ntar tambahin ah.

      Arigatou dah ngeshare 🙂

    1. Eh?? really?? Muse and Radiohead are from England and very famous. I can understand if you never heard of L’Arc~en~Ciel because they are from Japan

        1. lol…that is strange Bik 😉
          I only know Mother Jane from India. They are awesome, I saw them back in 2009. a progressive rock band. I am always into Rock music than other music.

  2. Klo buat gw kye smua jpang deh..eheheheheeee..
    #1. X Japan…smua yg knal gw pasti taolah..one of my biggest wish.. Makany pas dgr mrk mlai aktip lg,gw mpe tharu krn ngrasa msh da harapan bs ngeliat live mrk..

    #2. Dir en Grey, tp rasany tuk yg ni koq harapanny kcil bgt yaaaa.. :p

    #3. Despairs Ray, sayangny tuk yg ni bnr2 dh ga mungkin..huhuhuhuhuuuu.. T.T

    #4. L’Arc en Ciel…rasanya bahagia ga tgambarkan dg kata2 deh akherny bs ntn mrk live dJakarta..wktu ptama dgr kbr dr tmn en smpt gw kbrn kYg laen,tp yg laen msh ragu dg britany..gw pun stngah pcaya stngah ga yaqin jg pakah brita yg gw dpt dr tmn gw bnr ato ga..sampe akherny da brita resminy..gw bacany pun mpe gemeteren nih tangan..tak kn tlupakan deh momen2 ntn mrk scr live!

    #5. WaT..tuk yg ni duo jpop..smoga nanti bakal da promotor yg jg mlai mlirik kJpop sprt Kpop.. 😀

    #6. Boohwal,klo Jpang pny X Japan,mk Korea pny Boohwal..tp rasany tuk yg atu ni kmungkinanny jg sgt sgt kcil,krn gw yaqin massany amat sgt sdikit..krn tuk pens Kmusic ϑï Indo aja mgkn bs diitung jari deh yg tao en suka ma mrk..

    #7. Deathstars..susah..ga mungkin..rasany cm bs miqir en bkata bgtu klo ngarepin mrk live dJakarta..

    #8. HIM…aaaargh..smpt ngobrol ma Kyo..klopun qta pgn request tuk ngundang mrk..brapa org yg akan vote yaaaa.. 😦

    #9. Glay..kn Laruku udah tuh..smg nanti dLain wktu Glay jg ttarik tuk knser dJakarta.. 🙂

    #10. Gackt..sapa yg gamao ntn Gackt live..yg psti gw pgn liat YOU scr langsung!!

    1. Perasaan mintanya 5 deh 😉

      Huahahah gw dah tebak pasti nomor 1 lo X-Japan. Sebenarnya sebagian di list lo, gw juga pengen nntn…tapi ga bela2in bgt sih, kayak Glay, Gackt dan Diru.

      Semoga mereka pada dtg ya 🙂
      Arigatou buat share listnya Wit :hug:

      1. Ahahahahaaa…dr dulu, dr ptama kli ngepens dh bkali2 ngarepin X Japan konser dMari,scr klo kudu kluar mah gw ga sanggup deh. Sbenerny klo it jpang2an, gw usahakan sie ntn, walo cm yg diujung2 aja…tp klo tuk list yg diatas, gw usahakan bs dDepan lah…palagi X Japan, klo da VVIP jg gw ambil itu..biar kata gw kudu nguli tnp bisa jajan mpe bbrp bulan ato stahun penuh..XDDD
        Oy, Lunasea ktinggalan…en smoga th dpan bnr2 Lunasea bs konser dMari!!

        1. Hehehe gw ngerti bgt soal supaya bisa di depan 😉
          Untung gw yang utama dah kesampean akhirnya. Semoga Lunasea dan X Japan dtg ya suatu saat…pgn bgt liat mereka….tapi dtgnya pas gw punya duit mudah2an 😉

  3. Oh wow! This is an awesome one! I have tons, but here are my top 5 music acts I’d love to see live:

    #5. Coldplay

    There were rumors going around about Coldplay coming to Jakarta in early 2012. This was actually the reason why I didn’t see Katy Perry’s concert in January, because I knew this Brit band’s concert was going to cost a fortune, so I had to ‘sacrifice’ Perry for them. But the rumor (clearly) turned out to be just that. I’m hoping that one day they would really come to Jakarta. I’m sure they’re gonna have a fantastic time here because the Indonesian crowd is known to be one of the best, are we not? 🙂

    #4. Joshua Radin

    I first heard this guy when I saw him performing on The Ellen Degeneres Show, and I was hooked. He has this soft voice that can just melts your heart. And his lyrics are utterly beautiful. To make things worse (in a good way, of course), he does this incredible music covers of famous songs and he makes it completely different! You should listen to his cover of The Sesame Street’s song! One of my all time favorites! Yuli (from high school, remember?) went to one of his concerts in DC once, and she said it was one of the best concerts she’s seen! I’m green with envy!

    #3. Adele

    I was going to put Adele in the number 2 spot, but then I remembered something. Adele sings the kind of songs that makes you want to curl up in your bed, lock the door, and cry your eyes out. THAT is not the kind of concert you’d like to see when you’re single, is it? hahahaha…
    Nevertheless, this lady is one power house. It would be an absolute honor to be able to see her perform live.

    #2. Snow Patrol

    I want to see this band live so bad, it hurts!
    I’ve been in love with this band ever since I heard Chasing Cars for the first time. Gary Lightbody (yes, that’s his name) has this unique voice that you just can’t get enough of. And their song called Run broke my heart into million little pieces.

    FYI, they are coming to Singapore in August, but NOT Indonesia !!!! God, I’m so pissed off right now!

    #1. The Script

    Remember that Danny guy from my Top 5 Drool-able Men version? This is the band.
    I saw their concert November last year and I couldn’t get enough of it! I want more of them! I love this band so much, it hurts. Their songs are mostly about broken-hearted men, but they did it without making it so mushy. It’s emotional without it being cheesy, you know? Their song “For The First Time” will forever be one of the greatest love songs I’ve ever heard in my entire life, and “Breakeven” along with “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” will forever be my heartbreak anthem.

    God, when will their third album be finished?!?! Start the friggin world tour already!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing your list Lan…you are always the most passionate of all 😉

      we only have one in common and even so I can only see Coldplay if the ticket is not expensive.

      Hahaha I know how you feel about the 1st on the list….I Want to see mine again and again and again…

    2. I’m definitely not a fan of The Script. I think I read before that they are a manufactured band, which they tend not to advertise openly. Their record company seems to prefer to promote them as some sort of non-conformist band 😛

      What other Irish bands and singers do you and Novroz like? It’s always really interesting to find out which Irish musicians have gone global!

      1. I haven’t heard the Script. My fav Irish band is The Cranberries, I like U2 but not much, only like some of their songs. Cranberries is my first encounter of things Irish 🙂

      2. I don’t know that fact about The Script, but I love ’em no matter what 🙂

        I like U2 & The Cranberries as well, and I’m currently into The Fallen Drakes. The Snow Patrol, I LOVE !!!, but they’re from Belfast. Oh, and The Corrs! But wait, are they from Ireland? I forgot… 😛

  4. 5.Metallica
    They are unlikely to come here again because of that 1993 riot but when they come here, i will be one of those metal militia that will see them rocking jakarta once again

    Despite the heavy metal music they make and not everyone can listen to it, it doesn’t take away the fact that they are one of the most interesting bands live. 8 people on stage, pyro, and a really badass attitude. Metal!

    3.Rage Against The Machine
    I just want to be in the middle of the crowd, pump my fist in the air, sing along to their songs, jumping, and screaming “Fuck you i won’t do what you tell me!”

    2.Foo Fighters
    They’re one of the best live bands ever. If you look at their concerts, they always know how to send the crowd happy. Dave Grohl is one of the greatest frontmen of all time

    What i love about them is that they really passionate when they’re playing live. They rarely interact with the crowd, but they make it up with amazing performance. The way they get lost with their music is beautiful to see. I love how they can recreate the beautiful sounds on their album.

    Honorable Mention

    – Nine Inch Nails
    I never really heard of them until i bought their Live DVD titled Beside You In Time and their performance was AMAZING. They rearranged a lot of their songs so it would sound better than the album version. Very unlikely tho, cause Trent Reznor has stated numerous times that he doesn’t really interested in touring with NIN again. Bummerrrr

    – Bloc Party
    – The Strokes
    – Pink Floyd/Roger Waters’s The Wall/David Gilmour
    – Coldplay
    – Killswitch Engage
    – Gorillaz

    1. So glad you stop by Nuzul 🙂
      I forgot to let tag you on this, I know your number 1 would be Radiohead and I am 100% agree with everything you said about them. Let’s pray together they will come soon and maybe we can see them and get lost in their music together 🙂

      I must update my honorable mention soon…I forgot bout Metalica. I sure hope they come again despite that ancient riot.

      Thank you for sharing your list Nuzul 🙂

      1. Amen! I wanted to go to David Cook concert too but i still have an exam the day after that concert -___-‘ I didn’t know you like Phil Phillips too ahahah. I really like his rendition of Volcano.

        1. I always enjoy the unique ones 😉 Why do you think I like Laruku? I was so bored with all similar sound American bands and Laruku was like a fresh air. Phillip Phillips is like that, I am bored with all the ladies with big voices, he did something different and enjoys himself while singing. Me tooooo!!! That Volcano is amazing, i never get tired of listening to his version.

  5. My list, such as it is, is very different (not surprisingly, I suppose, as I’m a different generation). Though my chances of seeing the remaining people are slim as I don’t live anywhere near any venues and am not willing to travel to any as I’m too tired these days. Thankfully I’ve still got some good memories of gigs I’ve been to: The Who, Led Zeppelin, etc. These days my idea of an enjoyable gig is a small one. If there were a pub locally with Sting, I’d go! 😉

    I like Guns and Roses, but don’t think my eardrums would stand a gig!

    You might like my current post…

    1. You ARE SO LUCKY Val!!! I would love to see Led Zeppelin too. I love them! Too bad I was born at the wrong year 😉

      Was the concert amazing or amazing?? do share it Val, if you don’t mind 🙂

      I hope I can see those five bands while my ear drums are still strong 😉

      Will stop by at your blog soon Val…I like seeing your blog using computer, not mobilephone (I am using mobile now)

      1. I saw Led Zeppelin three times. Twice at the R.A.H. (Royal Albert Hall) and once at The Lyceum (both in London, England). The second time (at the Lyceum) I had to drag along a boyfriend who didn’t want to go! 😉 And I remember that i managed to sit just in front of the stage (on the floor. A lot of venues in those days didn’t have seating.) The gigs were amazing. They always improvised a lot at their own gigs so you could never be sure what you were going to get. And the gigs were used to publicise or highlight their new albums.

        At the R.A.H. I was blown away by Whole Lotta Love and How Many More Times (that’s still a fave of mine even though it’s so old!) And at the end of the Pop Proms (the first gig I went to that Zep were at) there was a jam between them and two other bands that’d been on the bill: Blodwyn Pig and Liverpool Scene. 🙂

        1. Whuaaaa so envy!!!! I still hope for a reunion but might be too expensive but it would be great to see them. I really really like them but my favorite song is Dazed and Confused. Old rocks are mostly better than the new ones. And to be honest I always more into Brit bands than American. I have written my top 5 British band but still haven’t done my American ones because the two I have mentioned above are the only ones I really really really like.

          I wish there is a time machine that can take me to the concerts you have mentioned in your comment. Thank you Val 🙂

          1. I wouldn’t mind a time machine to get back to the old gigs, either! Let me know if you find one! 😉

  6. I know you have a superb list, Novia! In fact, some of the bands you’ve mentioned are on my list as well! 😀

    Here’s my list:
    1. Radiohead
    I’d like to put Muse in the top spot but I’ve seen them live in 2007 as well. So Radiohead comes first. I ADORE this band so much I know I’ll cry if I ever get the chance to see Karma Police live 🙂

    2. Muse
    In 2007 the post gig syndrome lasted for days! I couldn’t stop listening to them, ONLY for months. Still my favourite band ever.

    3. Oasis
    I KNOW they’ve broke up. A tint of chance is still there as long as the Gallagher Bros. are still alive :p

    4. Green Day
    I think I knew them ever since I was six. I practically grew up with their music if course I’d like to see them live!

    5. Linkin Park
    I was a huge fan when I was in middle school. I didn’t get to see them live last year b/c it’s so expensive! But I got the chance to see Yellowcard, PATD, and Bad Religion the night before. It was worth it 🙂

    Honourable mentions:
    Kings of Leon, RHCP, Coldplay, Shugo Tokumaru, Rancid, Laura Marling, Regina Spektor, We Are Scientists, Foo Fighters, Lady Gaga, and Keane

    Hopefully I’ll be seeing Weezer January next year 😀 Muse have to come. If I have to go to the nearest country, I will!

    1. Thank you Kia 🙂

      Whoohoo more people eager to see Radiohead!!! I hope there is a promoter out there dares enough to bring them here. I want to be in another universe listening to them. Let’s make a petition to bring RH, Kia!!!

      Agree on Muse too!! I was a bit disappointed they didn’t come on their last world tour. We, all Indonesian musers, should pray together for them to come back here 🙂

      Have faith on Oasis, Kia…there’s a Japanese Band that reunite after disbanded years ago.

      We sure have much in common 😉 horay on Green Day, haha you like them since six…I feel old.

      Thank you for sharing your list, Kia 🙂

  7. I like old band. So I think it’s almost impossible.
    1. The police
    2. ABBA
    3. Queen (which the vocalist is still Mr. Mercury)
    4. Whitney Houston
    But okay here is the possible list haha

    1. Sting (if the police is almost impossible, I think he’s still possible to come here)
    2. Andrea Bocelli (last year I couldn’t see him, because the ticket prize is sooo expensive. I hope he would come here again)
    3. Karmin (please check them on youtube.)
    4. Eminem (I’ll do anything to see him)
    5. Coldplay (I love their lyrics)

    Actually I really love local indie band. and I saw almost of them. Like Maliq and d’essential, endahNrhesa, white shoes and the couples company, homogenic. And the number one band in my heart is Mocca ! I saw their last show (before this band vacum for almost a year because the vocalist move to USA)

    1. huahaha…Reva, that first list of yours should be called as bands I wished I had seen (it could be my future top-5 😉 ). I’d loved to see The Beatles, Zeppelin and Queen too.

      I love to see Sting too, but I know it would be impossible because I am sure it’ll be expensive 😦

      Hehe as I am more into rock than other music, the only indie Indonesian band that I like to see is THE S.I.G.I.T

      Thank you for sharing your list Reva 🙂

  8. 1. Larc~en~Ciel (again :p, being a fan for 14 yrs…and forever)
    2. Radiohead (my long time favorite band alongside L’Arc)
    3. The Gazette (started hearing them this past 2 years, they’re awesome!)
    4. Gackt (2nd most beautiful man alongside Hyde,…and that voice…)
    5. X Japan (..simple reason, I want to shout WE ARE X!)

    cuman ada 1 band bule yang nyempil di list gw hahha

    1. Hehehe band bulenya sama nih ama gw 😉 … ga nyangka kalo lo juga suka Radiohead juga Chiel!

      Kalo Larc mah ga usah ditanya…kita dah sama2 tau perasaan masing :hug:

      1. haha iya, klop bgt yak hahaha, dulu itu my no.1 most fav band, tp pas kenal Larc langsung geser ke spot no.2 xD

        I especially love their My Iron Lung album.

  9. I’ve actually seen Muse and Shakira 🙂 Muse have amazing visual aspect to their concerts, Shakira was a bit boring to me, but she did have nice choreographies.
    Guns’n’roses are playing this weekend in my country at EXIT, one of Europe’s biggest music festivals.
    I would love to see Celine Dion live.

    1. Agree!!! Muse has amazing visual aspect and mind blowing music (IMO). I saw Shakira only on DVD and quite like it but I know that DVD and real LIVE sometimes different.

      Ah!! lucky you!1 will you see the festivals? I really really want to hear Axl sings. As for Celine, I might never seen her because her concert most likely very expensive 😦

      Thank you for dropping by Dezz 🙂

  10. Green Day would be a band I’d like to watch as well. But my Top 5 is

    30 Seconds to Mars
    Kings of Leon
    The National
    Antony and the Johnsons
    Gillian Welch
    or something like that. Maybe tomomorrow it would look slightly different.

    1. Might different tomorrow? You’re not a loyal person on bands 😉
      I know someone just like you, she doesn’t have favorite band at all. i am more of a person that easily devoted to something.

      Thank you for your list Caroline. I think the chance of seeing Green Day in your part of the world is bigger than mine 😉

  11. 1. LArc – Pastinya, syukur bgt udh bsa ntn Live mereka. Brhrap klo nnti dtg lg, bsa ntn lagi..
    2. ONE OK ROCK – band rock jepang pling gw suka, sjak prtma dgr smpai skrng… Berharap sblum MATI bsa ntn mereka! Syg konser tour luar jepang kmrn bru smpe Singapur… T.T
    3. Simple Plan, 4 MCR – dr SMA udh suka bgt, syg blm bsa nntn wktu mreka dlu ke Jkrta..
    5. Daizystripper, band V-kei yg lagu2 keren2 abis… 😀

    1. Wah banyak Jepang juga ya listnya 😉 kayaknya sesama fans Larc, cuma saya yang di list utamanya ada 1 band Jepang aja…abisnya emang laruku aja sih yang saya cinta mati dari Jepang…band2 lain baru sy dengar setelah dgr Laruku.

      Makasih dah sharing listnya Ferdinand 🙂

  12. 1. John Mayer (I think you know why, miss :p my no1 favorite musician)
    2. Coldplay! (my favorite band ever, their live performances are always amazing, I HAVE to watch them live at least once in my lifetime)
    3. SNSD (lol, I know this might sound ridiculous, but I like these girls. It’s hard to explain why do I and a gazillion people like them. It’s not just about their catchy songs and beautiful legs, but also their stage presence, coordination and personalities. If you have watched enough of their variety shows, I think you would understand why they are Asia’s no.1 girl group right now)

    I can only think of those 3. I’d like to watch these singers/bands also; My Chemical Romance (already watched them in 2007), The Strokes, Jason Mraz (watched him in Java Jazz), OneRepublic, Adele, Vampire Weekend, Matchbox20, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Jack Johnson etc etc but I wouldn’t sacrifice much money for them (since I’m living in Sby and concerts are almost always held in Jkt,). I’m not really the type of guy who likes being in a crowded area anyway -.- but for those 3 above, I’ll do anything!

    1. I know Fariz 😉
      It’s always fun to know that other people also has number 1 musician even though not the same musician.

      you know, I never would have thought you like SNSD!! Not ridiculous at all just never picture you as one of their fans 😉

      I see what you meant by not wanting to sacrifice a lot of money for the second list, it goes the same way as I am, not only money but also time and distance. I almost NOT going to David Cook if the ticket is more than 300K. For me, even though I make a list of 5, but the ONLY band I am willing to spend more than 1mill or even 2 mill is ONLY Laruku.

  13. Hahaha! And as usual can’t get enough of L’Arc. 😉 I can’t imagine you preggy in a L’Arc concert.. gush! 😀 They’re on my #1 spot too. And yes, Muse. I also love to see them live.

    1. Huahaha…I mean it! If I am like at least 7 month old pregnant, I will still go to the concert, only 9 month pregnancy will make me reconsider of going to Laruku’s concert. Just the thought that Laruku is in town and something hold me back is painful. There are some people who has to cancel their tickets because of their job….for me, I would have quit my job if my boss didn’t give me permission to leave.

      Ohhh…you MUST see Muse, they are freakin awesome!!

  14. I haven’t thought about it in a while. I have no idea who I would put on my list. Coldplay, and Adelle, yes. Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns and Roses, no. The last one I attended was Micky Hart last Spring. That was a blast.

  15. mb nov,move on mb..hehe..another passionate post..bner2 deh..so colorful of u..yg g nyangka ada shakira n celine dion,hehe..kalo aq mb g muluk2..cm pngen liat dewa19..sayangnya ampe dewa dah bubar ttp blum bs nonton hehe yah mebbe one day..anyway great job mb nov..interesting topic!

    1. Liat Dani-nya aja tuh di Idol 😉

      hehehe makasih…saya emang suka banget Rock tapi ga menutup musik lain walaupun jujur saya jarang suka yang aliran R&B dan hiphop.

  16. Hey don’t forget to add
    Ozzy Osbourne to your
    list Miss. Novia 🙂

    I hope that your weekend
    was a really enjoyable one 😉

    Androgoth XXx

    1. Ah…unfortunately I only like few of his songs Andro 🙂

      I know I will have great weekend, I am going to see David Cook’s concert tomorrow 🙂

  17. I have been a big Beatles fan for about 20 years now, so Ringo and Paul would be the only ones I would list. If I had a time machine, I would choose Lennon over the other three.

    Imagine if they realised Lennon live in 3D. Or their animations in 3D would be great to watch. They could advertise Lennon in 3D using the Imagine song…! “Imagine 3D”!

    1. I also like The Beatles but as a whole not their individual project. If there is a time machine, The Beatles and Zeppelin are the only one I want to see.

  18. 1. L’Arc~en~Ciel
    – Need I say more?? I think both of us know why we love them for all the gazillion reasons out there in this world. If I have to write it here, it’s sure to be a very long essay and I’m trained to write long long essays all my junior and high school time. ==”

    2. Acid Android (FOR SURE!!!)
    – My dream right now is WHEN I can go to Japan and see this LIVE or maybe AA will someday come here. I don’t know what to do but keep wishing and hoping and praying. =D
    I started listening to AA because I love yukkie so DAMN much, and at first his industrial style is a little bit weird for me, but as I listened to it again and again and again…I have nothing but praises to our beloved yukkie-sama. His music is awesome and his lyrics are truly yukkie-style!! It’s repetitive but has a very little change, usually only a word. Those simple changes are the ones that makes me thinks he really is a genius in making his musics and writing the lyrics. Btw, have you heard some of the songs???

    Actually, this two are my most MUST SEE CONCERT before anything happens to me or them. T^T
    OK, next:

    3. Asian Kung-Fu Generation
    – Why I like Ajikan? Hmmm let me think. . . . . I think it really is because of their songs. My ears are hooked to their songs. Despite my first time seeing them on TV and judge them as ‘cupu’ looking men (I was in junior high that time) their songs are AWESOME!!!

    4. X Japan / Aqua Timez
    – OK, I listed two bands here, it’s because I HAVE to tell you that I love both of them and because my next list also consist of two names. T^T
    – I think it’s not a wonder anymore why anyone want to watch X Japan, They are LIVING LEGENDS and I respected them a lot, especially Yoshiki-sama. And their songs are catchy to my ears, I can listen to one of their song all day long repeatedly and not get bored at all. My all time favorite of their song is I.V..
    – Now, actually I forgot when I first listen to Aqua Timez, but must be from an anime. The reason is mostly the same as Ajikan. I’m the type of person who listens to music by ears and the melody. If it catches my ears, It’s going to be on my playlist and library in my laptop. =D

    5. Kokia / Yuki Kajiura-sensei
    – Kokia has a very unique voice to me. It’s very breathy and very very hard to imitate. All her songs are so beautiful for me and with her crystal voice, it’s COMPLETE!!! She can do a very soft song with a very light and breathy voice but she can also alter it to something very different. And that is why I adores her.
    – I know Kajiura-sensei’s works from anime. She is a really talented composer and her musics felt different from any other songs I heard. I Kajiura-sensei ever comes here or in any country nearby, I would like to be able to watch her and any of the FictionJuction girls she brought with her (tho I still hope the girls would be my top 4). =D

    OK, now I’m sure that you’re going to comment that my list are all Japanese. Well what can I say, I grew up listening to Japanese music, mostly anime soundtracks. =D And my ears never rejects Japanese musics. lol..But I also listen to western music and my all time favorite is Linkin Park. =)

    *I think this is long enough…==” I should have just gave you my list and click ‘Post Comment’. =p

    1. Hahaha I have no problem with long comment 🙂

      Although I love Yuki but I don’t like his solo…not my kind of music.
      Ha…I am sure X-Japan will have a full concert if they come here 😉

      I didn’t know you are all into Japan musicians 😉 I grown up with The Beatles and other English speaking rock bands…and despite the fact that Laruku remains as the best of all bands….but I still love English speaking bands…mostly British tho 😉

      Thank you for sharing your list Sheila…i enjoy reading it 🙂

      1. Acid Android is quite hard for me to accept too at first. But after listening to them repeatedly, especially the 13 tracks album, I totally fell in love with it, and discovered that not all AA songs are hard industrial. There are soft ones like ‘a lull in the wind’, ‘a lull in the rain’, ‘a moon tonight’ and quite many others. =D
        If X-Japan do come here, I wish to be a part of the history too, but I feel that I must listen to more of their songs so I can truly immerse myself during the concert.

        Actually I wasn’t into the musicians until last year where I’m really into Kokia and Kajiura-sensei. I didn’t even know that I have Laruku songs in my playlist. All I know is that I like the songs but never bother with who the artist is. ==”

        Well, thanks for asking and reading them. =D Glad you enjoyed reading my short essay. lol

        1. I started paying attention to musician after I became obsess with Guns n Roses…after that I know more bands than I ever known when I was younger (by younger meaning when I was still in elementary…my music addiction start since junior high)

          Hahaha you are one of my favorite short essay commentors 😉

          1. *am so touched by your word =D*
            I really hope we can meet each other someday..if can at Laruku’s next concert!! =P

  19. sori mbak, baru buka linknya (baru ada pulsa ;))
    wow~ saya juga mau dong nonton green day~ (meskipun g ngepens2 bgt) ;D
    klo jaman sekolah dulu, pengen banget nonton Simple Plan.. 🙂

    Konser2 yg pengen saya tonton saat ini:
    1. Paramore (ini dari dulu pengen bgt nonton, eh.. pas mereka kesini malah gak bisa nonton. buat mahasiswa, 700rb itu mahal ><)
    4. Alesana (yg ini jg udah pernah kesini, tapi kelewat juga! aduuh -,-)
    5. Jang Keun Suk (klo yg ini cukup FanMeeting aja saya mau~ ;))

    Btw, konser David Cook kemaren gmn, mbak?

    1. lho, nomer 2 & 3 nya kok ilang? o.O

      2. Hey!Say!JUMP (lagi demen bgt sama mereka /lol/jiwa abege saya kumat/plis jgn ketawa.. ;p)
      3. Secondhand Serenade (ini org udah beberapa kali kesini, tp ttp aja saya g pernah nonton. ><)

      1. Makasih akhirnya dah berbagi Whida 🙂

        Emang paramore dah pernah kesini ya? Whahaha kalo sy sih untuk band nomor 1 (baca: laruku) ga punya duit bukan halangan…utang sana sini ga masalah yg penting HARUS nntn 😉

        Jang keun Seuk? hehehe itu kan fanboy-nya Hyde 😉

        Ah gw dah nntn Secondhand Serenade, sayangnya gw ga terkesan sama sekali…maaf ya.

        Gw dah nulis ttg konser DC…kalo berminat baca disini> https://bokunosekai.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/david-cook-live-jakarta-july-17-2012/ 🙂

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