David Cook – See You on July 17 :)

I know many people who say that they don’t listen to American Idol or X-Factor because those singers aren’t real singer.

Well…I have different set of mind compared to them. In my opinion, those singers who took their chances in Idol are as great as any singer who found their luck without joining any TV reality shows. Some even better than the ones who are lucky enough to have father in the same industry.

I am not going to name names…but I bet you know some singers who aren’t THAT good but have record just because they have money or their father used to be a musician too. For someone who isn’t so fortunate with money, joining Idol is one of their ways.

David Cook is the best Idol EVER, in my opinion. I have never followed Idol season like I followed his season. When I first saw him singing Livin’ On A Prayer, I was hooked instantly…great voice! He kept on shining the whole season. I love his voice and his way or rearranging the songs to fit his voice. His daring performance by choosing The World I Know by Collective Soul when he supposed to sing songs he had sung before is an inspiration…that song is really beautiful and I love Collective Soul.

When he finally released his album (I wrote a bit about it here), I wasn’t too keen about it. He made songs so typical American Hard Rock music, the songs somehow similar with those from Creed and Chris Daugherty or other hard rock band. My type of rock music is a bit different. But along the years, I finally enjoy his music more. His amazing voice is the best part of it.

About three months ago, I heard rumour that he will come to Jakarta…Horay!! I finally have chance to hear his beautiful voice Live!

Back then, I wished the concert won’t be anytime soon because I was in the middle of L’Arc~en~Ciel hype.

Early June, I found out that he will come on July 17…gyaaa so close!!!

I was facing one important problem : money (L’Arc~en~Ciel had sucked up all my saving)

I finally bought the cheapest ticket available, around $30 (I am rounding up $1 equals 10.000 Rupiah). I really don’t mind being far as long as I can hear his voice 🙂

The truth is, there is only 1 band in this world that I want to see up close no matter how expensive the ticket is…and I have seen them last May 🙂

Other bands, I am content just to be there and hear them sing.

The promoter that brought DC to Jakarta is very new to me…I hope everything will run well.

Look at the comparison of these vouchers, one is from L’Arc~en~Ciel concert (I didn’t edit it because it’s already in the past) and the other is from the upcoming DC concert (I have to edit it to avoid being copied by others).

Larc Voucher
DC Voucher

Larc Voucher was specially customized for the concert while DC voucher is a kind of receipt for any concert available. I was really disappointed when I received it in my email. Well…I sure hope the promoter knows what best for both the artist and the audience.

See you on July 17 David Cook 🙂

Apart from his own songs, I wish he would sing this cover too in Jakarta 🙂

Ps. Unlike when watching L’Arc~en~Ciel, I refused to record anything because I didn’t want to miss anything during the concert, I will bring my camera to DC concert and record some songs 😉


  1. So happy you get to see him!!!! I used to follow Idol but have gotten away from it the past couple of years for some reason and just watch the last shows when it gets narrowed down a bit. How wonderful for you to get to see him!!!! Full report, please!

    1. Thank you Beth 🙂
      I am picky idol follower, if the top 12 didn’t sound good, I would leave the show…like 2011, all the contestants were not interesting. I love 2012 because they have the unigue Phillip.

      I am sure I will enjoy the show and full report is coming up afterward 😉

  2. That is awesome for you. To be able to see one of your favorite singers live. Whoo Hoo! I have never watched Idol simply because I’m not that into singing contests. I am an American Hard Rock girl all the way. So my play list always includes Aerosmith, Black Crowes, Black Keys, etc.

    Have a wonderful, wonderful time. And you know, David Cook was one of the first Idols I ever listened to, the other being Daughtry. You’d think I would have watched it more since Steven Tyler came on board, but I haven’t. 🙂

    1. I have the best time of my life last May when I watch my most fav band in the world, this will be an extra joy 😉

      I like singing contest because sometimes there was a jewel inside. But same as you, I love the old bands more. I am thinking of writing top5 band I am dying to see.

      DC is the first idol I listen to after his idol moment.

  3. I think it is so cool that you live so far away and you follow American Idol! I love it! I just tweeted this and I am hoping that David Cook sees it! my husband and I are going to the American Idol tour July 6 it kicks off in Detroit!
    Enjoy David and send him my love, I love him too!

    1. Glad to know you also enjoy AI 🙂
      We have Indonesian Idol and that’s why they also show American Idol. Lucky you, I’d love to see and hear Phillip Phillips, he is my 2nd fav idol now. Have fun in Detroit, Caren 🙂

      I don’t think there is anyone who can hate David…he has amazing voice.

      Thank you for the twit Caren.

  4. mb,nanti hbs konser DC,move on nya gak pake lama ya..jgn kyk hbs laruku,hahaha,just kidding mb..enjoy th show!

    1. hahaha ga pake lama lah, sy suka DC tp sy cinta mati laruku…jd bedalah. Abis nntn DC jg belum tntu bs bkin move on dr konser larc 😉

      ….Tapi, sy YAKIN bakal menikmati konser DC 🙂

  5. Haha! So L’Arc really sucks up money… But they’re worth of it. Anyways, I like Cook too. But remembering back Idol, I was with Archuleta then. But gotta admit that Cook’s voice is sexier and manly and it rocks. I’ve also seen posters about his visit in the Philippines this July too. I could not remember how many times did he visited the Phil. I think he’s loving it here too. But I won’t be watching his concert. The better tickets are sold out already. 😉 Maybe next time.

    1. They worth every cent of my money and more 🙂
      Well I always into rock more than pop since I was little, so it was an instant love toward DC voice 😉
      I haven’t seen his poster yet, maybe later, a week before the concert. I saw in his list that he is going to play 2 shows in Philippine…I guess he really likes your country 😉
      It’s his first timed to Indonesia.

    1. He does have great voice 🙂
      Like I said in the post, I might not really into his songs, at first, but his voice wins me all the time. You should check his idol moment, especially singing Billy Jean…whuaaa his voice is amazing.

  6. I am not a fan of reality type shows but I have to agree with you my sweet friend, there is lots of talent out there, indeed many just do not get those chances of making the big time, but with this show it can all be realised so a very good programme I think 🙂

    Have a very nice Monday and thank you for asking
    about my Space on Wombania Miss. Novia 🙂 You
    can now get inside from this comment or on any others
    from Peter’s Space in Wombania 🙂 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    1. You need to change my link
      in your blogroll to andro53 🙂 😉

      Have a fun Monday 🙂

      Androgoth XXx

        1. No not exactly, it was part of all the hassle I had on my Space so needed to change my username, but in doing so it gave the impression that I had closed my Space when really, I had not 🙂 😉

          The new andro53 works perfectly my sweet friend 🙂

          Androgoth XXx

    2. Hi Andro 🙂
      Well…I am only a fan of this kind of program when there is someone worth to be seen 😉
      I am not a blind follower. Last year’s American Idol was sooo bad, I didn’t even want to see who ends up in the final. I stopped watching at top-10.

      At David Cook time…that was special. He was actually had recorded an album but it was self released and didn’t get noticed much.

      Horay…I will visited your blog later after work 🙂

      1. Great I will look forward to your visit, I was going to send you an e mail about it but I thought it might seem a little too forward so decided to call directly on your Space, I would have been sooner but had already replied to you on Wombania so I knew that you were aware of my hassles over the weekend with my Space 😦 Thank you for replying on Peter’s Wombania Miss. Novia that was nice to see 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  7. I’ve never been much of a fan of American Idol, but there’s no way I would denigrate it. It reminds me of such things as Star Search. There’s a place in the world for such shows.

  8. I don’t watch AMERICAN IDOL, since we don’t have it in my country, but my fave faces from that competition would be Jordin Sparks, whose all songs I love and I can’t believe she isn’t a huge star, and this year’s Phillip Phillips is not just adorable and gorgeous, but also had that amazing story around him…. love him to death….. I also loved some of David Archuleta songs….

    1. You like Phillip too? yaaiii….he is my second favorite idol. Love his uniqueness!
      As for Jordin and Archuleta, I don’t follow them at all…I never been much of a pop music listener since I was a kid.

    1. Ah yes!! That was an amazing cover. I also like his version of Little Sparrow.
      I have just found out that He will be doing a duet with whoever wins Indonesian Idol. i don’t follow Indonesian Idol, but out of two finalist, I hope Regina will win because she can keep up with DC…not the other one.

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