Japanese Literature Challenge 6

Japanese Literature Challenge has started again 🙂

I have joined in the challenge since two or three years ago. Last year, I only submitted one review. I am not sure I will do a lot of J-lit this year just like last year. The reason is very simple, I don’t have free weekdays anymore and the library only opens from Monday to Friday 😦

This year, Bellezza asked us to join Japanese Literature 6, she included such a beautiful button (see it above). She also prepared separate blog for review (just like previous JLC)

I have finished one book on June, the book was my friend’s book. The second book I will read for this challenge is also going to be my friend’s book. If I can, I want to find time to go to the library and borrow some mystery books.

I don’t know how many books I will read this time….but even if only one, I will still join in 🙂

The Book I have read:

Click on the cover to read my review

The Book I will read next:

Click the cover to read about it in Goodreads

I will also read and reviewed at least one Manga…which one, I am not sure yet 🙂

If you like Japanese literature…come and join the fun 🙂

14 thoughts on “Japanese Literature Challenge 6

    1. It’s a great painting, isn’t it? 😉

      You should try reading Japanese Lit, Audrey…they are really good. there are some I love soooo much and I considered them as my all time favorite books.
      So happy to know you also love Manga 🙂

    1. Classic painting is always beautiful 🙂

      I will try visiting the library again, but after fasting month because they ussualy do inventory during that month

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